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Fizz Build Guide by FryTheSly

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author FryTheSly

Let your FISH get FED (Daily Updates)

FryTheSly Last updated on December 2, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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As I play Fizz i will update this guide (expect everyday updates because I play a game a day at least)
Be sure to check the UPDATES section

So you want to play fizz huh? Well let me tell you first off he is a very fun character to play.
This guide is geared at giving you immense damage mid to late game while giving you a strong early game as well!

This guide WILL get you fed and destroying people, just play smart and remember timing is everything when playing fizz.

AP Total after playing a full game with this exact build is: 717! Almost got my first penta with Fizz today!

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11/29/11 UPDATE: Removed dodge runes replaced with attack speed runes due to announcement by Riot that they will be removing dodge as a main stat

12/1/11 UPDATE: Removed Will Of Ancients due to it not healing as much as I would have liked. Added Abyssal Septer

12/2/11 UPDATES: Cleaned up things such as full removes of the two above. Also added AP total

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Tips and tricks to getting your feed on (What to really read)

-Playful/trickster can be used in many ways, learn to master it (and its timing) and you will have Fizz 70% learned
*!Playful/trickster at full level with this rune set up has about a 6 second cool down. This lets you use it a LOT and tank a lot of damage, you wont this in other guides
-Your Q move will leave you in places you dont want to be if you use it too close to an enemy, take in the fact that it has a set distance you go before using it
-Your ultimate is the only real debuff you have, be sure to hit the target
-You ult can also control a pretty large area (about the size of brands pillar of flame attack), use it to force enemies to go around it


Early game, Levels 3-5:
*W -> Q -> E
-This little combo gives you some good harass and damage.
*To escape, E -> Q (to an enemy unit, if you still need to get away after E)
-Using this has saved me many times, tanking a turret hit with E then jumping to a minion.
Later early game, Levels 6-10:
*W -> Q -> (if enemy runes use E to them) -> R -> Auto attack
-This is my main attacking sequence when I am against a single target
*R (on squishyest target) -> W -> Q (Onto the target you used R on) -> Ignite -> Go to next enemy
-The ult at the beginning is to separate the enemies so you can focus on the weakest one.
Mid game, Levels 11-15
*W -> Q -> Auto attack (your lichbane will be procced) -> E (to get away or to follow enemy)
-Now that you have lichbane it will be important to attack them at least once before using the next ability to get maximum damage output.

Of course you can add flash and ignite where needed, this is just my main way of attacking at this level.
Late game, Levels 16-18
-I use most of the previous combos during this, there is one special one however that uses the hourglass to ALWAYS get away [alive].
*W -> Q (oh no they started focusing you!) -> Hourglass (to figure out what way to go) -> E ->
Q (I think it's off cool down) -> Flash (if needed)

Once again all of these combos are just the main way I attack, you don't have to use any of them it just works best for me

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Why so much magic penetration?
-Easy, this will help you do MORE damage to your target

Why didn't you focus on armor/magic resist runes?
-As Fizz you will find that you WILL be avoiding a lot of damage and taking out people very quickly

Dodge runes are being removed, instead i have added attack speed runes.
-The reason i chose these over armor or health is that Fizz will be able to dodge a LOT of damage with his E and the active of the hourglass. The extra attack speed will be thanked when using his W to deal lots of damage to champions

Wtf? Why are there cool down reduction runes??!?!?!?
-Easy, relax, they really do work. It's a matter of getting your skills off faster that i personally love to have. You really don't have a mana problem once you get RoA

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These are set to give you a lot of offensive power which is what this guide is all about! Nothing too special here

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Skill Sequence

A lot of people say to get W first instead of playful/trickster. I strongly disagree with this. Fizz is a very fragile champion no matter what runes you put on him. Chances are you are not going to be going up to enemies early game and hitting them.

This is where play/trickster comes in. It helps you in so many ways, here are just a few:
-Avoiding attacks
-Jumping over walls (yes it does go that far)
-Catching up to enemies
There are many other useful ways to use this skill.

Also i decide to max this second because it lowers the cool down which is great.

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These are pretty simple, just a typical AP build.

I have added abyssal septer due to it's better synergy with ap, also it will give you a lot higher damage out-put.

Finally, having the hourglass gives you a total of THREE seconds of where no one can target you or harm you. This is perfect for run in, do a lot of damage and then shaking enemies off. I know it doesn't seem like a lot of time but it gives your team mates the chance to fire in an ult or for your other spells to come off cool down.

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Summoner Spells

The best choices i have seen so far are ignite and flash

-Ignite is great to finish off any enemy foolish enough to try and run from you, plus it gives you some AP/AD when it's on cool down which is cool

-Flash is perfect for just about any situation, and has saved me many times.

HOWEVER, there are a few other spells you can use instead of flash that work:

-Exhaust works well since your E is sort of like a flash and so is your Q, so you can exhaust someone and get away from them easier. Or use it the opposite way and easily get a kill.

-Ghost works alright. I don't really like to use it however because he doesn't need the extra movement speed since he already has two skills that get him around.

I suggest not removing ignite because it really does help you get kills since fizz doesn't really have any ranged attacks besides his ult

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Fizz's Story

Gotta get up to 5,000 characters :P
Centuries ago, an ancient water-dwelling race built a hidden city beneath a mountain in the sea. Though these creatures had their enemies, the city was an impenetrable fortress, and, in the safety it provided, they grew complacent. Fizz, however, harbored a curious spirit that could not be satisfied living so cushioned a life. Unable to resist the allure of danger, Fizz had a habit of sneaking out of the city to look for trouble. In his many adventures he grew to be a powerful fighter with a keen resourcefulness that let him skirt danger with clever ease. One day, Fizz returned to find the city abandoned: his people had vanished, leaving Fizz without a clue to explain their disappearance. With nothing left in the city to keep him, Fizz salvaged an enchanted trident from the ruins and set out alone.

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Please try this out and leave me some feedback before you vote down (or up)
Happy getting fed!