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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Intelton

Lethal Injection {Hybrid Teemo}

Intelton Last updated on February 27, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Hello there, as you already know, this is a Hybrid Teemo build. This is a altered version of my first DPS build but better. I found this build to be a SUPPORT I've gotten about 3 times more assists than kills. This is my first build made on Mobafire so I hope you enjoy my build with Teemo.

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My runes my seem strange for Teemo but have good reason. Attack Speed: (Quintessence and Marks) are used so you can keep dealing that poison to keep racking up damage and the enemy champion will keep taking massive damage. Dodge: (Seals) This is VERY useful, When my boots (Ninja Tabi) is bought the dodge is about 20%, which can dodge more than you expect. These runes are great when an Ashe or Twitch focus/chase you. Ability Power: (Glyphs) It's a hybrid guide so there needs AP. AP can make Teemo a nuke. I've played Teemo enough to learn AP is such a good thing when you have high AS.

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My masteries are 21 in offense, 9 in defense, and 0 in utility. The 21 offense gives me more AP more AS and more damage altogether. The defense helps with the dodge mainly. The 2% might now seem much, but it helps. The main thing is the 10% movement when you dodge. This is good for escaping DPS champs and for chasing because if you dodge a minions attack you will get closer to your target.

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To begin with is the Doran's Blade. This is a good first item because of its life steal and hp. Ninja Tabi- Gives you dodge, armor, and 70 movement. This helps with Nimbleness (10% movement speed when you dodge). Stark's Fervor- This reduces nearby enemies armor, give you lots of attack speed, and life steal. This item has 1 setback, when you are stealthed it gives the enemy the effect (which tells them you are there). This also comes into effect when they are going to run into a bush with a gank in it. At this time sell the Doran's Blade, it doesn't help much and gives you some gold for your next item. Nashor's Tooth- This gives mana regeneration, AS, AP, and CDR. Helps on every aspect of the main stats of this guide. Malady- AP and AS this is the same reason as Nashor's. This item is quite cheap and its effect is amazing (Every time a target that has been damaged by malady is hurt, it damages them by about 30). Abyssal Scepter- AP

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Skill Sequence

Toxic Shot- 1,3,5,8,9.
I use this so I can deal lots of damage early game.
Blinding Dart- 2,7,12,14,17.
I get this later because my AP comes at the later items.
Move Quick- 4,10,13,15,18
I get this the latest because at rank 2 or 3 the bonus is good enough.
(Ult) Noxious Trap-6,11,16. What Teemo doesn't like these. They are your opponents worst enemy. They will probably dream about dieing by these shrooms when they sleep. Visit the 1 is a Death,
3 is a Kill section for more shroom info/tips.

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Summoner Spells

Ignite: Very common spell for Teemo, I use this to build stacks of malady's passive and deal damage. Very simple spell, helps take down tanks and enemies that are too weak to fight you and flee.
Flash: Again very self explanatory, very good spell for a quick escape. This gives you time to activate Move Quick and flee from chasing enemies. Also good for chasing.
Alternative- If you don't like flash use Ghost. I think flash is better because if you pop ghost, you don't teleport through a wall. Although this is a good spell, move quick is the exact same thing.

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1 is a Death, 3 is a Kill.

As every Teemo knows, shrooms are one of your best allies. They give you kills slow your chaser, and can start a gank. Shrooms can easily be avoided, this can be easily solved. In the middle lane in a 5vs5, the 2 bushes are key spots for a team to be for a gank. Even if you have 1 shroom in the bush it still can be avoided. This could cost you a death. What's the solution??? Place three shrooms evenly spread apart in the bush, this is also effective with baron and the dragon in a 3vs3. Remember, the shrooms don't stack damage, the poison can be renewed every 2 seconds with a different shroom, so don't stack 10 shrooms in 1 bush. (Unless the bush is like 100 feet long.)

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Game Results/Ending

Since my computer doesn't run screen shots for some dang reason, ill just post my scores.
Game 1-5vs5: 10 kills, 5 deaths, 20 assists.
Game 2-5vs5: 16 kills, 6 deaths, 16 assists.
Game 3-3vs3: 4 kills, 3 deaths, 17 assists.
I'm still adapting to this build so the records are so great. I still need improvement from good judgement to using my skills and spells at the right time. I'm also new to this build for Teemo although I have had Teemo since the beginning of my perilous journey to level 30.

I hope you enjoy my build for my Hybrid Teemo. Now go out there and lay some shrooms.

I will really appreciate your feedback, it all helps me with this build and future builds, even if it is bad.