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Sivir Build Guide by plynchy

Middle Lethality Sivir Mid

By plynchy | Updated on August 28, 2020

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Runes: Classic

1 2 3 4
Dark Harvest
Taste of Blood
Eyeball Collection
Ravenous Hunter

Presence of Mind
Coup de Grace

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+8 Magic Resist


1 2 3
safe bet
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Heal


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Champion Build Guide

Lethality Sivir Mid

By plynchy
I made this guide for mid, but you could potentially play it bot as well. In general, your goal should be to land as many of your Qs as possible to delete enemies. For this Sivir build, your Q is massive for your overall damage output, rather than traditional Sivir builds that rely on her W for heavy teamfight crit. damage.
Lane Back to Top
In lane, try to not Q into a wave, as it decreases its damage. Look for situations where you will only hit 1-2 minions on the way through (ideal situations obviously being a direct hit for max damage). When facing melee champions, look for lots of opportunities to poke with your auto attacks when they approach the wave to cs. Particularly if you know they aren't willing to give up a cs (say a cannon minion), this would be a great opportunity to get a huge Q chunk when they step in front of their wave to kill the cannon minion. When you know you are likely to get a free Q on them, try to distance yourself so that you hit them at max range, ensuring that your boomerang hits them twice without hitting caster minions behind them on its way back. This will maximize its damage. Use your E and corrupting pots to restore mana. You will be decently mana hungry, but don't be afraid to use your abilities to punish enemies. You will probably have the wave shoved to their turret a lot, so go for free auto attack and Q poke when they are trying to cs under turret (Be sure you are safe from enemy ganks be having vision around lane, or at least having your jungler close by). Use your E on easily telegraphed abilities like Kassadin or Ahri Q for easy mana regen. Save E in more dangerous situations for hard cc/burst all-in attempts against you. Prioritize blocking hard cc. You really should be able to have good cs in the laning phase. Even if the enemy midlaner is winning lane and has kill pressure, you can elect for a more passive laning phase and just farm safely under tower.
Teamfight Back to Top
With this build, late game your Q will have a relatively low cooldown, so you will be able to throw a lot of them. Try to pick off enemies. If a bruiser/assassin is going after you in the back line, use your E for blocking cc and ghostblade for quickly peeling off and reengaging after. You can also use your ult in the same way you would use your ghostblade, if the situation is more dire.

Remember that even though the beauty of this build is the damage chunks from your Q pokes, you still have auto attacks. You are going to be building a lot of ad so don't be afraid to be autoing a lot in teamfights. That is how you will be pumping out your optimal amount of damage. Whether it be your Q, autos, or your W (don't forget you have that), you will hurt.
Mana Flaw Back to Top
Technically a major flaw of this build is that you should be very mana hungry throughout the game. I actually don't fight this to be that much of an issue, despite the big mana costs on her abilities. Whether it be through corrupting pots, manaflow band, or presence of mind, I really don't find mana to be too too much of an issue. You may not want to take long drawn-out teamfights though. Of course, all of this is of very much less consequence if your team is nice and spares you a blue buff every now and then :).
Team Compositions Back to Top
Truthfully, I haven't played this Sivir build enough to know what the ideal team compositions she fits into are. You should be able to play this, even with a traditional ad carry, since the lethality you are build should negate the armor that squishier enemy champions might build against your composition. That being said, perhaps this build would be more ideal with ap bot. Either way, just make sure your team comp has enough ap somewhere so that the enemy team can't fully itemize against you.
Note on Lane Threats Back to Top
Additionally, I am not really sure who poses the biggest threat to you in lane. Someone like a Zed might be dangerous since I don't know how Sivir's E interacts with his ult. Fizz might also be bad, especially if you do not have your E up to block his ult. Sett and Rumble could also be difficult, since they could gap close you and then you would be in trouble. At heart, you are still a traditional, immobile ad carry, so you want to be keeping your distance in lane (and in teamfights) at all cost. Essentially play this build like you are playing ad carry, though Sivir's E allows you a little more freedom in lane (and in teamfights).
Synergy + Ult Usage Back to Top
Synergy wise, same thing as when you play and other ad carries. It is nice to have champs that can peel for you in teamfights. Your ult is also really good for reengages for your team, or for disengages from a potential losing fight. Of course, using it for straight up engages is always a possibility too. Her ult is flexible, and it is no different for this build. I will say that having the ghostblade active at your disposal for your own little mini ult is very nice.
Split Pushing Thoughts Back to Top
A little note about my side laning thoughts: I think because of her mobility in this build (passive, ghostblade, ult if need be) she could be somewhat safe on the sidelane pushes. She won't be underleveled like traditional ad carries because this is midlane Sivir. I'm not saying I would take aggressive all in fights if your split push is matched, I'm just saying you should be confident in your ability to shove a side lane wave and escape if forced into a risky situation with all your movement speed. If you determine that you want to play in the side lanes late, run teleport to quickly rejoin teamfights (like any other split push focused champion does).
The End Back to Top
That is all I have for you. Good luck out there. You can do it. I believe in you (and this build).
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