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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Miss Fortune Build Guide by skorek

Lets double up!

Lets double up!

Updated on August 1, 2015
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League of Legends Build Guide Author skorek Build Guide By skorek 28,195 Views 2 Comments
28,195 Views 2 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author skorek Miss Fortune Build Guide By skorek Updated on August 1, 2015
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About me

Starting note: this is a copy of my lolking guide. I am currently Diamond 1 adc player. My best score was 495 lp in challenger (unfortunately dropped, but working to get back there).
If you want to see me playing marksmans or read more about me just visit my stream:



If you want to learn more about bottom lane and become better player you can sign up for a coaching with me:


Detailed description of runes/items/masteries can be found on my

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Thanks to her passive miss fortune is more mobile than other marksmans. It has quite nice effect in every part of the game:

Early game:

  • she can put 4 aa and 1 q while she helps jungler to kill his first jungle buff.
  • she com e back to the lane faster than other marksmans

Mid/late game:

  • lane rotations are really important here – she can do them faster (if she also had good wave clear, ehh;()
On lane remember to keep your passive up as long as possible. If you have it up it is really hard for your opponents to land skillshots on you. When your passive is up you can try to bait enemies to use their skillshots, dodge them and then counter attack knowing that skillshots are down.


Your base combo is aa+q. Remember that 2nd hit from this ability is much stronger. Getting used to its hit radius takes time and practice. Remember to always try to hit your enemies with 2nd shot! Additionally, remember, that enemies affected by mf's (w) ability are prioritesed by the 2nd shot! This ability makes making triforce on mf a viable choice.


This ability defines mf as a champion. Her damage is really big when stacked up. Rember that both your q and r apply impure shots stacks. When your enemy has 8 w stacks you deal 0,48 of your ad as additional magic damage. Remember, that it also instantly activates your passive, so you can use it to run from danger or to chase.


Your only cc. This ability has really strong slow buit in. When you are running away you usually should use it directly on you or a little after, so the chasing enemy will be hit by whole area of the ability.


Ultimate does quite nice damage. It is not explicitly written but by applying w stacks it deals a lot of magic dmg. 3rd level utlimate applies maximum of 8 w stacks. Mathematically speaking, assuming your enemies have no w stacks one them it deals +2,16 of your ad as magic damage after 2 seconds of channeling. What is the most important thing, your auto attacks against ultied enemies are really strong, because of applied stacks. It is really hard to forget how easy is to stop mf's ultimate. Don't use it when you know that your opponents still have cc to stop it (unless they are out of range to stop it anyway). If you are in range, use your e before ult, it will make running from it much harder. Additionally, remember that your ulti has much bigger range then your auto attacks, thus try to start fighting with your q and aa and apply your ult when enemies are retreating. Of course, do it only when you know that you'r gonna win the fight and your opponents will be trying to retreat. One more thing – your ulti is a great wave clearer, but don't use it as a wave clear ability too often or lets say before dragon spawn, because you will regret it if team fight will happen. However, you will sometimes save the turret thanks to it:)
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Early game

Your early game is quite strong. Your main source of harass is q. Try to always harass your enemies when they position behind a minion by applying q to that minion. Use your passive to dodge abilities and to shorten the distance to the enemy adc if you know that you have more favorable exchanges. As with any other adc – harass your opponents when they try to last hit. If they do the same to you, skip the minion and answer back. You should win any extended exchange (assuming both you and the enemy has equally strong supports). If, after your standard aa+q combo enemy still wants to fight you and he doesn't go back, fight with him keeping in mind that your w is stacking and you will be doing a lot of damage with your autos. Chasing enemy to his minions is usually a bad idea – do that only if you won't be getting aggro from those minions or you are so much stronger that it doesn't matter. After level 6 you have a new way to catch your enemies out of position. If you see that your opponents used their escapes, can't use cc on you to stop your ulti and you can at least make them go back to base by using your ulti, then don't hesitate.
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Mid game

Assist your team in taking objectives and pushing turrets. Farm lanes. You are quite strong in mid game overall. Your w stacks are painful and you have ok burst. However... You have no escape. You have only 550 range. Try to start every team fight with your ultimate, but don't overtry. You need to catch at least two enemies with it to be worth starting team fight with it. After it, just close the distance and attack usually the closest target as with any adc. Remember, that it is sometimes better to do nothing in the start of the fight than to go in – especially when you have no flash. If you don't w8 for your opponents to use their scariest cooldowns first, you can die really fast.
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Late game

It is similar to mid game, but you are not that strong as in mid game. Your dmg scales quite ok (not as good as kog's or trist's of course), but your lack of escape is really hard to deal with since you don't even have a range to compensate it (like jinx or kogmaw). On top of that enemy ap carry usually can 100 to 0 you in a second, thus you really really need your flash.
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Miss fortune early and mid game are quite strong. Late game becomes problematic since she doesn't have any escape nor range to compensate it.
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Miss fortune video

Video is from my stream. Very nice triple kill showing Jinx's skill usage. If you want to see more videos I will be uploading them to my youtube channel.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author skorek
skorek Miss Fortune Guide
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Lets double up!

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