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Nidalee General Guide by Plaxuzz

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Plaxuzz


Plaxuzz Last updated on September 2, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 21

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Utility: 9

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Hey everyone, this is Only nidalee, and this is my first guide ever posted on the internet. I have loved ever since I bought her, and I strongly encourage any of you who haven't bought her to go do so right now. She is, in my opinion, one of the most fun champions in the entire game. Her versatility and mobility give you so many options, and you can play her however you want to, at any time. I hope that you all enjoy reading my guide to Nidalee. Have fun taking down your opponents!

Please fully read through the guide before voting, and please, for my benefit, post a comment on why you voted how you did. I'd love to improve this guide any way I can, and remember, I'm always updating and adding more to it.

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Pros / Cons

+ Amazing kill / chasing potential
+ Good map awareness with her bushwhack
+ Tons of mobility with and
+ Great escape potential

- Squishy
- Has no Innate Crowd Control
- Mana Hungry if You Aren't Careful
- Enemy Crowd Control is a Huge Problem for her
- Hard to master

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Summoner spells

Flash: This spell is great for Nidalee as it provides both a way to catch up to enemies while Pounce is on cooldown. Also, you can use Flash as a immediate good way to get away from chasing enemies. When playing Nidalee, I try to always escape using Pounce and run into nearby bushes to activate Prowl, but it never hurts to have an extra escape. Your ability to make and react to plays is multiplied by quite a bit when you bring Flash. Should almost never be replaced.

Ignite:A great addition of true damage to Nidalee's already great finisher combo, and is extremely helpful against champions who have healing abilities, such as Dr. Mundo and Swain, since it reduces healing effects by 50%, which might just be enough to get you that first blood. Increases your kill potential in lane by a nice amount.

Barrier: Very useful in certain matchups ( ) where being full on tower dived is a very real possibility. Improves immediate survivability better than Heal can.

Exhaust: Exhaust is a really nice spell if you`re against like or

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As you guys can see i run "Utility" for my 9 points instead of putting them in the "defense" tree. cuz i really like ( mana regn etc.) that little extra,

but in this season i found the "defense" tree a little more useful, cuz is going to have to actually be near the fight to deal her full damage, making extra defenses a good path to go on. Besides, who doesn't like Tankalee? That's what I thought :)

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This is my Personal preference.

AP Nidalee / Midalee

Greater Mark of Hybrid Penetration9x or 9x Marks
I like the hybird runes more cuz you can trade really well with ur autos in early lane phase

5x / 4x Seals
Honestly i prefer health over the , if you play safe in lane ur ok, plus you can always take the 9 points in the defense tree, later in you get zhonyas, or iceborn gauntlet

9x Glyphs
Bonus ability power that scales into late game? Yes please. You will notice a good step up in your damage output as the match progresses.

3x Quints
Same as above, but these will make sure that your early game damage is up to par, if not above your enemies. Starting a match with fifteen base ability power is always a nice thing to have.

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Prowl: Nidalee now receives +10% Movement Speed in all directions while Hunting, which increases to +30% movement speed toward Hunted targets.
Damaging champions with Javelin Toss or Bushwhack marks them as 'Hunted' for 4 seconds, granting Nidalee vision of them, 30% increased movement speed toward them (within a range of 5500) and enhancing her next Takedown, Pounce, and Swipe against them.
What's Changed:
-Gives 30% movespeed when moving toward enemy champions
-Applies the "Hunted" debuff on targets, granting vision and buffing Nidalee's cougar form abilities.
Riot is putting an emphasis on Nidalee's chasing potential by buffing it up, while drawing back on her escaping potential as a whole. Riot is clearly outlining that her human form is for marking from a distance, and cougar form is for going in for the kill.

Javelin toss: Nidalee tosses her javelin, dealing magic damage. If it exceeds her basic attack range it gains damage based on distance flown, up to a cap at 80% of its additional range.
What's Changed:
-Heavily nerfed the damage.
-Applies the "Hunted" debuff.
Now this skill is mostly for marking your opponent, and not for hard poking. Goodbye 1 shot ADC kills, we will miss you.

Takedown: Nidalee's next attack deals magic damage. Takedown deals additional damage to targets at lower health, up to 250% total damage.
Now deals a bonus 33% extra damage when used on a "Hunted" target. Use it as a finisher.

Bushwhack: Nidalee lays a Bushwhack trap. When an enemy springs the trap, they are revealed in addition to taking damage over 4 seconds.
What's Changed:
-Duration decreased to 2 minutes (from 4 minutes).
-Deals a percent of current health as magic damage.
-Applies the "Hunted" debuff.
Deals a pretty decent amount of damage now. Definitely use it to scout and to defend yourself. Late game, throw them onto heavily used jungle paths to try and catch enemies away from their team.

Pounce: Nidalee lunges forward a short distance, dealing magic damage to enemies in the landing area.
Now has 700 range when used on a "Hunted" target (the animation is the same). Amazing for chasing enemies down. Nidalee finally has a gap closer! (Keep in mind that the new cooldown is very long compared to before (5 whole seconds, first world problems I know), it takes some practice to get adjusted to it). Killing a minion with Pounce will reduce its cooldown to 1 second.

Primal surge: Nidalee heals a target ally champion and grants them bonus attack speed for 6 seconds.

Swipe: Nidalee claws at enemies, dealing magic damage in an area in front of her

Aspect of the Cougar:
the game with this ability already at skill level 1, giving you two beginning skills for the price of one. Because you have so many more skills than other champions, you will have to learn to combo better, and how to position yourself for both ranged and melee abilities/attacks. This is why Nidalee's skill cap is so high. All I can say is that you have to practice. A lot. It really helps, trust me. Another reminder, this does have a cooldown (albeit a short one), so be careful. Don't change forms to often, you might need the other side of Nidalee at a moments notice and not be able to change.
A quick note: If an enemy gets the "Hunted" debuff while Nidalee is in Human Form, Cougar Form immediately resets it's cooldown.

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Last hit, last hit, last hit.

As (or any champion really, besides support champions), you are going to need a whole lot of farm to be successful late game. Make sure to attack any and all enemy minions near you that have low health. If it helps, click on them and check their remaining health before right clicking on them, at least until you get used to estimating their health immediately. It will become second nature eventually to last hit. Try not to push when you want to farm; this will hurt your farming potential and put you in a dangerous place.

(A quick note on frequently heard advice):
You've probably heard/read that you should last hit a melee minion under a tower after the tower has hit is twice, and for caster minions to hit them once, let the the tower attack them, and then hit them again. While this is theoretically true, and it does work, it doesn't factor in your minions attacks on the enemy minions, which may adversely affect your farming. Try to counter push if your opponent is hard pushing, because getting stuck under your tower could end not so well for you.

Freezing the lane is a different story. If you can pull off zoning your opponent by last hitting correctly close to your tower (but not under it), by all means do so for as long as possible. It will also make your lane very hard to gank for the enemy, and very easy to gank for your teammate.


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