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Warwick General Guide by kiteblackthorn

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author kiteblackthorn

Little Red Riding Hood for Supper(Construction)

kiteblackthorn Last updated on November 21, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Warwick is a god. Period. Who wants to duel a Warwick? no one. not even if you're Vayne. That ult is gonna bring a duelist down town, where they can buy high class food while waiting for their respawn timer to reach 0. Who is the true identity of the little red riding hood? All enemies. that's who.

***On a more serious note:
Warwick is a low mechanical champ. BUT that being said, because of his kit. ~He is an EXTREMELY high DECISION IMPACT champ.~ His ult and atk speed buff and ability to sustain in a teamfight despite being an offtank and amazing jungling provides large possibilities.

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x9 Atk Speed (Marks/Reds) - Warwick. Nuff said.

x9 Flat Armor (Seals/Yellows) - In season 4 it was possible to run whatever you wanted here and still win purely because warwick's jungle sustain was just amazing. Since the Jungle creep buff for season 5, his early sustain on them is actually harsh, though it is still greater than other junglers, an invade can lead to death.

x6 Flat Cooldown Reduction (Glyphs/Blues) - 5% from masteries + 5% from these = 10% + 20% frozen heart + 10% Spirit Visage = 40%. op. I have long stopped using Magic Resistance Blues purely because Spirit Visage is a fair amount, and warwick gains the full stacks from Wit's End right after his Ult. That's a lot. If you ever need more because of a 4-5 AP team, then items will suffice. (Skip to Item section and come back here if you are skeptical of what I mean)


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21/9/0 vs 9/21/0:
im not a believer of a one bulid wonder. as the game contains various elements, there will be times 9/21/0 will be needed. BUT 80% ore more of the time 21/9/0 will be completely viable because warwick's items can make up for that difference. it's hard to say when 9/21/0 will be more viable in solo queue. in a 5v5 you can if your team (and you) decide you to go full tank. But in that case, you're better off choosing a different champ (jk, leave your team. warwick is all you need in jungle. ever. ever. ever.)

1/1 Double Edged Sword - OP on warwick. Every on hit item + warwick's ult. Dear enemy squishy, welcome back to the respawn timer.
4/4 Fury - Atk speed? Cool story bro.
4/4 Sorcery - 5% CDR with other stuff = 40%. Ult. Ult. Ult. might as well ult baron with that low CD ult. make sure to ult enemy nexus as well. just Ult anything when your ult is up.
1/1 Butcher - Early flat damage + atk speed for warwicks jungle clear.
3/3 Brute Force - Scaling AD? ehhh. Flat AD requirement =(
1/1 Martial Mystery - Cant go wrong with flat AD for jungle clearing. + Ult. Q. AA. Profit.
3/3 Warlord - Ult. Q. AA. Profit.
3/3 Devastating Strikes - Ult. Q. AA. Profit.
1/1 Havoc - Ult. Q. AA. Profit.

2/2 Block - who needs jungle sustain? just survive teamfights after ulting squishy.
1/1 Unyielding - Ult. Q. AA. Dont Die. Profit.
2/2 Recovery - Recall? Nah.
3/3 Veterans Scar - Whatever bro.
1/1 Juggernaut - Percent HP? #Worth.

***Possible - You can put the two points from recovery to enchanted armor. But since i rarely recall after finishing my stacking item, the recovery helps with constant pressure and counter jungling.

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1. Skirmisher's Blade (Devourer) - Really? Even though they delayed stacks since you can't stack from machetes, Warwick's Atk speed buff practically gets you an assist for every kill you're near. I average over 60 stacks by end game. OP i say. straight OP.

2. Boots of Mobility - Im not gonna lie, this is a huge variable. You can easily replace these with ninja tabis or merc treads depending on the enemy team. BUT, buying those one of those two is the same thing as saying you aren't cool enough to take a bunch of objectives and gank as much and etc. (Please be a cool kid and gank. You're a jungler in the jungle, not a tree in the jungle.)

3. Spirit Visage - People may argue that this isn't too great against an all ad team and should be replaced but i disagree. for one, a smart all ad team would buy statik shiv which deals magic damage. for two, against all ad teams there are many times you'll be dueling right after your ult, which means the increased sustain makes you op. SUP THEN HATERS.(what COULD BE REPLACED are the following items)

4. Wits End - This item is cheap. dirt cheap. You gain a large amount of extra damage output plus atk speed. You also gain max Wits End MR Stacks right after your ult. What else is there to say. This may even be considered a Power Spike Item on Warwick.(You may not always get this item for 1 reason and 1 reason alone. 1, against an all ad team, the stacked mr is just pointless, even if you dish out extra magic damage.)

5. Frozen Heart - Max out your CDR. Gain a HUGE amount of Armor, and the ability to duel most AD duelists. Dang.

6. Botrk - (This item can be replaced and may happen often) Though it provides a slow, a movement spd buff, hp% damage, and sustain, unless you are winning or almost completely nuke a squishy with your team, dont get it. If the above actually happen, get it. Although you are scary, you arent an adc, understanding your champion is the first step to become a better League Player. (Wussy stuff aside, i get this a lot. HA. but only because i generally pass the checklist i put in the beginning of this paragraph)


Randuins Omens -

Sunfire Cape -

Banshees Veil -

Straight up BM build:
Skirmisher's Blade (Devourer), Wits End, Blood Thirster, Triforce, Botrk. Sorcerer's Boots.
Ult ADC, Apologize to the ADC's teammates for the ADC Rage Quitting.

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Unique Skills

Though Warwick's Q and E are cute and all. The following 2 Skills are why Warwick is viable still.

Hunter's Call (W) - This skill is HEAVILY underestimated by people. This skill alone provides the team with around 4k-5k team gold worth of atk speed. an 80% Atk speed increase(when maxed) for EACH ally? Come on. broken. straight up.

Infinite Duress (R) - This skill is an interesting one. It scales on ad but deals magic damage. It also procs on hit atks. After this ult which hits 5 times, it maxes Wit's End Stacks AND hits botrk 5 times(if you get it) and etc. and each on hit is amplified by double edged sword. wow right?

It is important for me to now clarify the importance of this skill without boasting the damage.
1.This skill will surpress a single champion for 1.8 seconds. And yes the surpression can be removed, BUT the damage will not be removed, only the surpression.
2.This is a simple press of R and target selected ult. Because of the simplicity of it, there is no complex mechanical bonanza. At the same time. Because it is so simple and damaging and such, It can do a lot in a teamfight. Who and when you ult can decide a teamfight.

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Skill Order

With the change to Smite the skill casting order of warwick changed. I'll carefully explain both cases, though similar i'll give the reason for each action.

First of all. Be aware With the completed jungle item, smiting an enemy champion will provide true damage per basic attack for the following 6 seconds.

Smite Up: Ult -> Smite (right away) -> Q -> AA -> (cutlass/botrk if you have it) -> AA -> Profit

Smite Down: Ult -> Q -> AA -> (cutlass/botrk if you have it) -> AA -> AA

Smite Up w/ cutlass with some dangerous gap closer (you initiating):
Ult -> Smite -> Cutlass nearest gap closer that will dive your squishies -> (revert back to ulted target) -> Q -> AA -> Profit

Smite down w/ cutlass with some dangerous gap closer (you initiating):
Ult -> Cutlass nearest gap closer that will dive your squishies -> (revert back to ulted target) -> Q -> AA -> Profit

***As you "generally" wont have randuins and botrk on the same build, you can replace the cutlass cast with casting the randuins right away to slow enemies from damaging your team***

~~~If you for some reason do have both then cast randuins and save cutlass cast for after your AA in your combo to keep chasing the ADC/Mid Squishy~~~

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Skill Leveling Explanation

Level 1. Hunters Call 1/5 (W) - Provides Sustain from more hits in jungle. Season 5 Hurts.

Level 2. Hungering Strike 1/5 (Q) - Even More sustain. Also provides an active damage skill against creeps and champions for whatever reason. Use whenever up while you have blue buff(right after auto attack, otherwise your AA will get cancelled for your Q) (try to make it an AA -> Q -> AA)

Level 3. Hunters Call 2/5 (W) - Max as soon as possible. High jungle clear, high sustain, high life.

Level 4. Blood Scent 1/5 (E) - It is completely fine to level your Q at level 4 but the Blood Scent would allow you to walk to a lane where the enemy is low to provide pressure with the mark without actually having to gank. Jungle Pressure is important even if you're a warwick.

Level 5. Hunters Call 3/5 (W) - Max ASAP

Level 6. Infinite Duress 1/3 (R) - Level up whenever possible to reduce CD, and increase damage. Gank after turning 6. Even if you don't kill, the gank will damage the enemy and provide large pressure. hopefully it forces the enemy to recall to lose out on gold and exp.

Level 7. Hungering Strike 2/5 (Q) - MOAR DAMAGE MOAR SUSTAIN.

Level 8. Hunters Call 4/5 (W) - MOAR DPS MOAR SUSTAIN

Level 9. Hunters Call 5/5 (W) - Gj on maxing MOAR DPS AND MOAR SUSTAIN.

Level 10. Hungering Strike 3/5 (Q) - From this point Leveling Q and E is situational. Though This is the direct path I take purely because Mobi Boots defeat the purpose of maxing your E early.

Level 11. Infinite Duress 2/3 (R) - Ult. Q. AA. Profit.

Level 12. Hungering Strike 4/5 (Q) - Q everything

Level 13. Blood Scent 2/5 (E) - At this point chasing is because mobi boots will get cancelled and the squishy will be tankier than you're 1 combo wonder

Level 14. Hungering Strike 5/5 (Q) - Q Nexus

Level 15. Blood Scent 3/5 (E) - Spare point? might as well

Level 16. Infinite Duress 3/3 (R) - Ult. Q. A. A. A. A. A theyre tanky now =(

Level 17. Blood Scent 4/5 (E) - Chasing Vayne like a Boss

Level 18. Blood Scent 5/5 (E) - Chasing Master Yi like a Boss

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Creeping / Jungling

1.Start with gromp(the frog near blue buff) regardless of which side you are at.
(It'll provide an instant level 2 to survive blue buff, and it gives a mini thornmail effect after smiting it)

2.Get blue next. This will provide mana sustain for spamming your Q.

3.Get red buff next(your smite will be up for red buff). You'll see higher tiers recalling before taking second buff but as a warwick you have the sustain and you dont want people stealing your second buff for whatever reason.

---Recall and buy 1 pink and upgrade your machete to skirmisher's sabre also swap to sweeper lens for your trinket as you'll be in jungle for awhile before getting enough gold to purchase the devourer upgrade for your skirmisher's sabre---

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Team Work

Explanation: a "general" teamfight might last 8 seconds. estimated of course. maybe 10 second. assuming you arent removed. you just took a carry's viability out of the entire teamfight for 2/10 seconds of the fight. all while damaging the dam hell out of that carry. If the support supposedly peels you off, with your sustain you can survive long enough in the 1v2 situation of you against the ADC and SUPPORT. that leaves your team to fight a 4v3 situation. op right?

Ideal situation aside. Your job as warwick in a teamfight is to provide the atk speed buff AND making an enemy squishy champ useless for those 2 seconds while nuking them down.

Target: In a perfect world they would have a katarina mid that's completely fed with 100% of the kills on their team without an hourglass. Since this isn't the case, go for the squishy champion that would affect your team the most. example: kat, akali, ultra fed adc, master yi that's farmed up. You get the idea.

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Pros / Cons

- High jungle sustain
- An offtank that can sustain himself in teamfights
- Single target miniburst-ultraburst while surpressing for 1.8s
- Potential Full Team Atk Speed Buff

- Not a true tank
- Not a true damage dealing carry (it's better in season 5 but still not a syndra type of champ)
- Low pre6 gank potential
- Spamming taunt moves are flashy as his moves are slightly minimal. kinda.

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Ranked Play

As a note: please remember masteries and item builds will generally be the altered build, not the runes.

Solo Queue: run 21/9/0 --- stick with general skill order --- run general end build

Team Queue:
21/9/0 --- stick with general skill order ---
9/21/0 --- after level Q to level 2 apart from maxing W and R, max E before Q --- swap botrk with randuins

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