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League of Legends Build Guide Author litira

living on creeps UDYR

litira Last updated on September 3, 2010
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yeah hey guys... server down again... so i thought i do my first build.


in my oppinnion one of the strongest heros of all

you start with your ruby crystal and bear for people who know how udyr works
you can harrse the enemy in the bushes
and confuse themaa bit with stun in bush stun and stun

for players who wann try udyr go first for turtle stance!!!

than the laning starts
go for first blood
or stay defensely until you get lvl 2
thats your turtle time
doesnt matter when they bush you to your towers
just turtlethis creeps
shield attacks of enemy and stay near enough to save always your teammate!

you cannot kill in that moment of the game geet in knowledge with that

the manapot of udyr is much too small to fight that hard like you want to

so just stay in stun turtle one maybe two hits to get this scarry enemies back in their field

care that you always stay in more than 50% life after a fight
farm much and lasthit with turtle
when you got 840 gold

you look for some good situation and port back
when not possible deff what yxou can
care for stuns

dont shield the stun only when you need to surviive

block the attacks after the stun wit turtle.
than you stun and turtle
to get yourmana and life
with your new bought item phegas you can kill golem or any creep in jungle easely (not dragon atm) when you are good farmer or killer you got also boots +1 mostly enough for udyr

than you decide back to lane or get something from forest
red buff perfekt for udyr but in that beginning game best that mana buff (with it you can always stay in stancing and stay in your full attack speed)

dont look for kills
see that you get this damn tower what block your way
be careful for getting ganked
you save your flash always for gankings to get away also to suport quickly and save your mate from death or safe kills perfekt exxample is singed who get so often hell low away flash stun tiger death mostly "BEWARE" dont crioss his ulti useless stay back wait in turtle and get creeps but no poison

so when somebody come stun in bush turtle and decide hit him a litllte or go back
second bush
wait and stun again
when you got the tower you farm aways the next creeps wave
than your decision...
first view
where are my mates

are they ok?
where are the enemies?
most of them seeable...?
checked !
than decide

hhelp inmid lane to push the tower
or go jungle and farm
1. you go mid get the kill
or deff let them go back to base
stay and hold that long when neccessary
when you have time get this red buff as fast as possible
always watch your tower
2. you go to the blue buff and get him with all you have cause its mana buff
than try as fast as you can to get the red buff

always with the view to your own tower
he get in trouble you are there
notrouble on tower
booth buffs
go base and buy zeal if you can or go any lane and get some kill
try to wait for good situations
think about what your m ate can run in try to hit him as often as you can in tiger but dont forget the stuun

just use it right

use your **** wisely

you will get hits now... turtle blocks hopefully more than 50% of that damage than you strike back into tiger hit him and stun that suport thing stun the damage thing just scream around intiger stance
look always your mates dont get any damage
than directly stun and turtle
and dont forget your tower
when you dont get a kill whatever see that the tower will stay
udyr canliving on creeps
mates should go always before udyr to base

get the moneyfor brutalizer
get trinity force
than whatever you want
jax than this jax item
karthus banshees

i prefer vg sword and searching some single targets
when they are more than one i stun and turtle go back and look what happens always with my finger on tiger for quickly damage into turtle
when they are many enmies on oneplace andf you arent first target spray your ph�¶nix
sometimes i get this attack speed item dontknoew the name nashoors tooth or something
finally you can also go for guardian angel its always funny

i prefer than black cleaver ma dreds and finished

maybe guinsons

keep always in mind what enemies can do with you
when the are too heavy

spell more turtle

when you hit them easy spell more tiger

but when you spell much tiger dont get ganked or attack the ganking unit
malady can be nice for casters like karthus or annie ryze

finally you need to care much for teemo he is strong enemy... ap even worser for udyr than ad
ashe when she get money

but i think we all know that about her
katarinha pretty easy also to kill with 20 hp but needs the expierences CARE dangerous
need to use flash well good
anivia mostly dont have a chance when you got her but try to get her

its horrible hard

tristana just laugh about udyr in late game care for her
tryndamere needs tactical good exhausted on ulti

than save your stun for the moment after exhausted finished

than turtle before just tiger turtle tiger turtle

jax knocks you out
in early he is weak but if you dont get him in early you will be an easy kill for him

just use your spells wisely on creeps and wait for trinity force
if you get her ealier, get her nice!

anything else...? i dont know.... it was quickly done so many mistakes. whatever they are public comedy

hope you will enjoi to play with udyr

Living on Creeps

P.S.: try first that living on creeps thing on practical
get golem lvl 1
start with madreds than trinity
try not to go base before you get all three towers
always wit jungling