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Xin Zhao Build Guide by Liwanagster

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Liwanagster

Liwanagsters BEAST build

Liwanagster Last updated on February 14, 2012
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Xin Zhao is a great carry fighter. He has great abilities that synch in with his great auto attack and passive. He also has a great ultimate which is great in initiating. In this guide I am going to go into the basics of a character as versatile and awesome known as Xin Zhao.

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Item Explanation

The items I choose are purely attack speed/life steal/attack damage items. I choose these items for several reasons. Attack Damage because he has a great attack speed passive and he is a carry fighter. Attack speed to boost his great lifesteal and attack speed passive, not to mention the Battle Cry cooldown reduction. And lifesteal because it will give you the boost you need to pick of the enemies team one by one.

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In-Depth Item Explanation Build 1

Boots: Why boots? Boots as a first item simply because it builds into berserker grieves which are oh so necessary in this build. And you get health pots just to get some added lane time and farming time within your lane early game.

Black Cleaver: Black Cleaver is a great all around item for a character such as Xin Zhao. It has attack speed bonuses, damage bonuses, and awesome awesome armour reduction which early game can really destroy a team.

Phantom Dancers: Phantom Dancers are a great tool for attack speed and movement speed. It allows you to boost your lifesteal passive and have great mobility considering Xin Zhao has very poor escape skills. Escape is just an added plus in Phantom Dancers. These babies allow you to chase with great ease making sure no kill escapes you and allows you to escape the area before the enemy team can even retaliate.

Stark's Ferver/ Emblem of Valor: These items are just so you have a little extra survivablity considering this is a pure dps build. It gives you great life-steal and bonus attack speed which really helps out. You'll find that after a big fight, you don't have to recall, that all you have to do is attack a minion wave and lifesteal all of your health back and be ready for another fight in no time.

Frozen Mallet: A great item for Xin Zhao. It gives you much needed health. It also slows down your target to make sure he doesnt escape. Need I say more?

Bloodthirsters: Great for farming because it gives you extra damage and lifesteal! Makes you extremely beast. Pretty self explanatory if you've ever used this item.

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Item Explanation Build 2!

Build 2 is more of a sustainable build. It offers you great attack damage and great sustainability. You have so much health and do so much damage cause of your atmas + other items. Also, attack speed isn't a large necessity on Xin Zhao beacuse of his passive. I trade attack damage and crit chance for survivability allowing you to stay in the fight longer and fullfil the role of initiator because of your ult. You ult in, gain bonus armor and magic resist, and your basically a tank with all your health and armor + mag resist. And guess what... you still do damage! However, this build is more of a late game build and is pretty expensive. Only go this build if you see that the enemy team does a substantial amount of damage.

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Skill Sequence


I max out the audacious charge first because its really good burts damage. It goes up in large increments un like your three talon strike which goes up Gradually.

I max out battle cry next just because its a great passive and it's cooldown reduction and speed buff last longer.

I man out three talon strike last because your skills can go much better else where. Its extremely useful in disabling your opponent but other skils have more priority.

Put a point in crescent sweep whenever possible as its one of your most use full skills.

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Early Game:
During this stage, all you really want to do is farm farm farm and get as much gold as possible. A Xin without any items is more useless than a minion. Remember, you will lead your team to victory just be patient. Dont tower dive or get greedy. So, moving on, at this point you want to start harassing at level three when you have your three talon strike. Go into the bush, audacious charge and three talon strike them. If they have any common sense, they will most likely retreat. This is when you get some lan control.

Early Mid Game Through Late Game:
Hopefully by now you have your berserker greaves and your close to finishing black cleaver. By now, you can try ganking some of the other lanes to create some feed for yourself. Charge, ult, then three talon strike them. Then, use your speed buff and do the charge and three talon strike again. Try targeting someone close by yet vulnerable. Also, alert your teamates that you are coming to gank so they push a little bit and play a little aggressively.

Late Game: By now you should have enough feed

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Summoner Spells

Pretty Self Explanatory

Flash for an escape.

Ignite for damage and to secure your kill.

Use ghost in place of flash if you dont have it yet or if you simply prefer it over flash.

Exhaust is another great option for Xin Zhao. Use it for disabling a person on the enemy team. Dont trade this for flash because Xin Zhao doesnt have any escapes.

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Skill Usage

As most builds will tell you, when you use your skills, you Audacious Charge, Then Crescent Sweep, Then Three Talon Strike, Battle Cry to get your abilities back, and finish him off with another Audacious Charge/Three Talon Strike. If hes not dead by then there's something very wrong.

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Character/Build Usage

This build is designed for singling out opponents. 1 v 1 you can take out pretty much anyone assuming that theyre less fed than you or just as equally fed. Ult will completely annihilate their health and your auto attack is basically a guaranteed kill. Don't think your gonna take on the entire enemy team at one time because youre not. Also, this is a build designed for carrying. Your not gonna have very much survivabilty except for your lifesteal. Pay attention to who your team is going to use. If your going to use this build with 4 other carries on your team, your not going to find much success unless your in a 3 v 3.