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League of Legends Build Guide Author Stikerflame

LoL Running Man A.K.A Catching in LoL Guide UNFINSIHED

Stikerflame Last updated on September 16, 2013
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Introduction- What is LoL Running Man/ Catching?

Hi all. I'm the Stikerflame, and new to this forum, some can't do,all those fancy stuff others can. But I hope you'll enjoy this guide. Now, I know most of you have heard of the popular South Korean TV show running man, or at least know what is the childhood game Catching. This is similar. 2 teams, the catchers and the runners play in the jungle, where the catchers try their best to kill the runners. I have tried it before and it's enormous fun, so I hope you'll enjoy.

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1. Runners are NOT allowed to kill the catcher. Only damage, and even then not so much.
3. NO going to turret range for both teams.
4 Once a runner is dead, he or she out of the game.
5. ALL summoner spells are viable in this game mode.
6. ALL items are viable.
7. No killing of the Ancient Golem (Blue Buff), Elder Lizard (Red Buff), Dragon or Baron Nashor.

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Champions that are good for both chasing AND running

The perfect skills for this game mode. His Q allows for chasing and initiating as a chaser and escaping by using the jungle mobs as a runner. W allows for sustain and escaping. E for
scouting and slowing enemies. And that ultimate. Perfect. You a runner? Kick them over that wall. You a chaser? Kick them towards your teammates or in the baron pit. Perfect in so many ways.

Extremely high early burst. Allowing for quick kills as chaser. That W allows one to escape as a runner. E useful both sides, stun to kill or stun to escape. Rule for Le Blanc? Burst them down quickly or juke them so bad that they will start chasing their tail.

Need to burst? Your Q is at your disposal. Being chased or chasing? Gold card FTW. No mana
? Blue card. Being chased by a group of enemies or chasing a group? Red card. Really in need to run to ther other side of the map? Destiny. Nough said.


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