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Sion General Guide by ThisIsntPokemans

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author ThisIsntPokemans

Lol WHAT!? Sion lives!?

ThisIsntPokemans Last updated on January 3, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Introduction :)

Hey guys. This is my Attack Damage build and also first guide for Sion. You get quite tanky if you know how to last hit. With this guide you deal alot of damage and can survive for along time in team fights. Even better with a teammate that'll let you farm your lane good support or a tank that babysits = GG.
With this guide you can solo top, OR Lane bot/top or jungle also with using smite over ignite.

Jungle Sion is the Second Sion :)

Please if this guide helps you at all or even if it doesn't, Which i hope it does, Thump it up/Message me in-game. I would love to hear your feedback.

My abbreviations in this guide are:
AD = Attack Damage
AS = Attack Speed
AP = Armor Penetration
HP = Health Points
MP = Mana Points
CK = Creep kills
CSC = Critical strike chance
GG = Good game
DB = Doran's blade
PD = Phantom dancer
BFS = BF sword
IE = infinity edge
FM = Frozen mallet
BT = Blood thirster
AI = Atma's Impaler
LS = Life Steal
MS = Movement speed
BV = Banshee's Veil
QS = Quicksilver Sash

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These runes will give you good damage early even when versing a tank and great survivabilty early game so you can last hit and get more Max Health Points from enrage.

You can also just go straight armor penetration with some AD, AS or CSC.

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The Reason i went into offensive 21 points without the bonus 1.5% damage increase and the 4 extra damage to minions is because there is no need, at level 2 you'll have 100 AD with this guide and the 1.5% is kinda useless to be honest.

I went 9 into utility because the flash cooldown by 15 seconds, and the bonus movement speed and less time dead is always good to have.

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My favorite part of this build.

DB is a great starter item because the HP, LS, and Damage.
Now it depends on how great your farm is, If you are having a great time farming away, i usually get Zeal over boots first, The CSC, MS and AS are a good combo together instead of just getting boots first off, If you are having a bad time farming i would get normal boots, HP pots, MP pots and a ward if possible. To stop any chance of a gank happening.
After Zeal/boots i usually get a PD before anything else, at this point you should have around 170 AD. This is perfect with your ulti, you get healed around 150 a crit which is quite often.

Now its time for the damage. If you think you would like more damage i usually go IE at this point but if you want a constant Slow more health and abit of damage, then FM is good too.

Then i go BT to help with the ulti, but the game is usually over by now, AI would be good around this point also, because if you had a good early farm, you should have around 3.5-4k HP from enrage.

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Skill Sequence

level 1: 1 in stun because.. well its a stun, could get an easy first blood if you have another ccer as a partner. (Jannas my favorite)

2: Extra Damage, who wouldn't want that?

3: more damage, you could also go shield at this point but i enjoy having 113 AD at level 3.

4: Shield because you would be getting low from harassment at this point and it also adds abit of damage.

5: more damage omnomnomnom.

6: Amazing spell, its great for tower diving as long as you dont get too cc'd

7/8: more damage.

9/10: Upgrading shield.

11: Ulti upgrade <3

12/13: More shield power, MR MEATSHIELD.

14/15: Upgrading stun for a lower cooldown now.

16: Ulti <3

17/18: cooldown on stun :)

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Summoner Spells

Flash: To get in and out when low.

Ignite: Finish off people and reduce healing.

You could also get Exhaust To lower armor and to take less damage.

I usually que with a friend(s) He likes playing Janna and Galio, flash/Clarity because Sion is quite the mana Wh*re.

Level 6 is a guaranteed kill with Galio, hes ulti is an Area of Effect taunt or with Janna we kill from anywhere from 2-18.

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Try to farm early on get great farm, to get more health.
Win GG.

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Pros / Cons

Pros: Insane damage, great healing with his ulti. So much fun just killing everything

Cons: To easily CC'D. Hence the BV, and QS (if needed).

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unique skills

With this guide you should be able to kill people under their own turret with your ulti, unless you get kited/cc'd.
Amazing crit chance and damage, i've gone 15+ kills With this guide while only having around 0-5 deaths many times.
His ulti makes him pretty much Unbeatable 1v1 even 1v2.

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Ranked Play

Solo: Try and get a support on your team to babysit you and let you farm. If he/she is competent you should be getting kills pretty early. If you can't find anyone to babysit you, just farm as much as you can until you get PD And boots, PD is the core part of this guild, Pared up with your ultimate, its pretty much over for anyone who stands in your way.

Duo: Hopefully you are using skype or some other voice communication so you can time your cc's etc. If you have a jungler on your team, try and get solo top, you'll do quite good up there.

Team: Same as Duo. Try and set up ganks as much as possible.

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Farm early with enrage ON.
when you get boots and PD, Go roaming and kill everything.

If you loved/hated this guide, Thumbs it up or down, and give me some Feedback ingame ThisIsntPokemans

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Special thanks

Also thanks to:
My friend harris (Lol id: Kaldragos) for being a pro babysitter and letting me farm :3

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Quotes and Feedback.

McDerpsAlot "Awesome guide, first game with sion i went 20/3/13"

Kaldragos "Man this guide definitely works since i helped babysit him and help him farm and throughout the whole game,support and fed him to be an OP Green MACHINE :)"

Stormzlx "Good guide, thxs"


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