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Lulu Build Guide by nivdaman4326

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League of Legends Build Guide Author nivdaman4326

Lulu Guide: Road to helping everyone!!!!

nivdaman4326 Last updated on July 13, 2014
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Lulu Build

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Threats to Lulu with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Annie Annie is a burst champion which lulu counters so this should be a easy lane. W her if she gets too strong
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Main focus

On lulu you just want to poke and try and sustain lane as long as possible.

Trading: When you trade you want to try and use w and e to your advantage so you can always win the trades (unless dou adc or a kill lane)

Poking: When you're poking using your e on a minion then using q will give you a huge ranged poke. Note: Only do this when the opponent is low on HP or if you have enough mana/mana regen to do so since this will cost you a good portion of your mana.

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On lulu there are some amazing things that you can do to your advantage.
When you're chasing a enemy, and since you wont have much Ability Power you want to use w on the enemy because your W slows there BASE MOVEMENT speed by 60 and when you speed yourself up you will only gain 30 movement speed and this only scales for 10% so this will only be faster when you have over a certain amount of Ability Power, this is also why you will put points into your w because the slow also increases. However if you are NOT in the range to w your enemy just use it and e then q for the slow.

Another bonus tip: Your W is a CC move which means it can cancel channeling moves such as a Varus q or something like a pantheon ultimate or a Nocturne BEFORE HE ULTS.

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A good trade combo is w the opponent before or after they start there first attack then shield whoever the opponent is attacking then q for the damage and the slow.

A amazing CC combo is to w them go near them ultimate so they get knocked up then slow if you want to bait them.

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Pros / Cons

Great trading ability
Lots of range
Good CC
Great chase
Can save people easily

With no mana or actives she
is useless
Enemy can position when pix is on them
so they take no damage
High cooldown on w in the early game

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Team Work

It is great to have communication with your teammates because most people will back off when they are low and the enemy is full HP and you can CC them and shield them to win the fight.

Also make sure you don't get too cocky. You won't be able to win all of the fights but you have to know which ones you can win which every lulu should know, and if you don't,well all lulu mains get it at one point so don't rage if you don't know how to yet you will soon! :)