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Lulu Build Guide by NNBao

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League of Legends Build Guide Author NNBao

Lulu Like a Nilan (Still Testing)

NNBao Last updated on April 18, 2013
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Why Hello There

This is my first build slash guide, so please take it easy on me. I have tried this build before, and I can tell you this works so well in 1v1 fights. I basically dominate top lane. Nothing can beat an attack speed Lulu, NOTHING. So basically, this build focuses mostly on AP and attack speed. I'm not like those people you write pages and pages of on how to play just one character, and how to use their skills. That is just way too time consuming. Instead just read my notes. And again sorry for not being so in-depth. Sorry I have no pictures. Like I said, I'm new to this. Even though I'm new to this, this build works, I dominate top lane every time. (BTW this build does not work when you have feeders on your team....

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W yourself to get more Ap, make your skills more powerful and also your auto attack if you have Lich Bane. Save your Q for poking or to slow the enemy so he can't get away, and get that First Blood. For me, I use smart casting, but if it's too hard, then don't do it.
W yourself, E them, then you shouldn't miss you Q if they are trying to run away. Or you could just spam all you skills on them at one time, and hope for the best (Spray and Pray).
Anyway, your skills have so much combo potential, that you just need to learn how which skill goes with what other skill. It just takes practice.

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The key of this whole build. Without this, then this build is just worthless. The malady adds 10% of your ability power to your basic attacks, so you can still do tons of damage while your skills are on cool down. Of course you need tons of ability power for this to happen, but that's why you get the Nashor's Tooth. This give attack speed AND ability power; so now you can push your as harder than ever, and poop on the enemy Champs.

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Nashor's Tooth

Nashor's Tooth is a very good item. It gives you attack speed, which is CRUCIAL to the entire build, and it ALSO gives you some decent amount of AP which is good for your Malady. It also gives you some tasty 20% cooldown!!!! YUMMY!!!

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Frozen Mallet (Your only defensive Item)

The Frozen Mallet gives 700 health. When you get this item is situational, if the enemy is doing more damage to you than get the frozen mallet for survivability, but if you're pooping on your lane then I would just focus the main attack speed build, and buy the frozen mallet later (like after you buy the Wit's End, and a Nashor's Tooth , then I would buy the Frozen Mallet, so you can stay in a fight much longer AND slow your enemies as they try to run away.

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Pros / Cons


  • good 1v1
  • can support herself with her skills (who needs a support when you can support yourself?)
  • decent escapes with whimsy, and your slow, Glitterlance
  • the greatest lane pusher there ever was!!!!
  • A BOSS mid game

  • need lots of money and farm
  • not tanky
  • hard to last hit (unless you get the long sword first)
  • underestimated because you're so small....

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For runes, I get AD Quints to make last hitting easier on Lulu (last hitting with only 44.4 base damage is like soloing baron at lv1). Mark of attack speed for ATTACK SPEED!!!!! duh. Attack speed equals more damage from your passive (which gives a total of 9 magic damage at lv1 and 105 at lv18).
Armor and magic resist for more tankiness, because Lulu is not the most tanky Champ.

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Start game

For me, I prefer a long sword and 2 health potions. The only problem with this build is that you have no vision of the river, then you're screwed if they try and gank you, BUT you have your Glitterlance and whimsy to get you out of their. When I lane, I try to poke the enemy champs little by little with my basic attacks, because gliiterlace use up SO much mana early game.