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Lux Build Guide by aizaku

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League of Legends Build Guide Author aizaku

Lux as a true Ap mage

aizaku Last updated on November 28, 2011
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Hi everyone... this is my first guide posted here (or anywhere else) so please don't be mad at me if i say something wrong and etc. I just wanted to show you how i play Lux and get huge burst damage early and in late-game.

P.s. i don't know how to add those cool pictures of items so ... sorry ... if anyone can tell please write down in comments =) i'll update it *** soon as i cant so it would be better looking.

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So this looks standart ...
Mark of Insight - for better damage against everyone. You can think that 8.5 mp doesn't give you a lot, but actually its really good for getting little bit more damage on tanky targets. Combined with boots gives you enough mp for most targets.

Seal of Replenishment - Lux's skill have very high mana demand. Especially in early-game. These runes give almost enough mana regen. Thats why i recommend taking Clarity.

Glyph of Focus and Glyph of Force - ...i really don't know what is better. Personally i mix them up because in this build u already get a little cd-reduction, which i think is enough (especially with Morello and Blue buff). Try mixing them. Test it and take what you think is better.Most will say that ap\lvl isnt so great, but it really helps you get little more ap (especially if you see that your targets are surviving from your burst with little hp left... ap runes will help you) .

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(explanation will be later ..sry)

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Start of with a basic Doran's ring.
Once you get to lvl 6 you'll have enough for Tome or even Wand.
When you have them you will see big damage coming from your spells.
When you have 2 Tomes, 2 Wands and boots you will have enough damage for your level to burst most targets. Now your goal will be lowering cd and getting even more ap. That's why i recommend buying Morello.
If your team doesn't do very well and your not getting a lot of kills\assists you can leave Mejai for later and buy boots. They will give you really good mp which will help you burst down your enemys.
And once you got Rabadon your enemy team will get low on hp really quick (or just focus you.. depends on situation) Combined with Archangel you'll have so many ap that only tanks will survive from your burst. ~600-700 ap with stacked Mejai.

When you have your "core" items you can also sell Doran's ring and buy Rod of Ages (if you have no problem survivng) , Will of Ancients (for little more survivability and supporting other ap heroes in your team) or Frozen Heart (if there are a lot of ad heroes in enemy team , this will not only give you mana and armor , but also little bit of ap if you have Archangel)

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Skill Sequence

Basicly you want to max out your E as main source of you damage and Q for even more damage and to land you ulti right on target. If you have problems surviving take few point in W ( remember - if your running away from someone, point your W infront of you to refresh shield faster).

My recommended combo would be - try landing Q on your target , if you hit it sucessfully try to land E on your target as fast as you can But don't explode it yet, then charge your ulti on enemy and spam E so it explodes asap (and add auto-attack if that's not enough). Why not explode it early ? Slow on this spell will hold your target in ulti zone in case he has tenancy or something like that.

At about lvl 6 if you have Tome and Wand your combo should kill your target (if its not a tank).

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Summoner Spells

Clarity is a must. Because Lux need a lot of mana and this spell will help you last longer on lane or team-fight in case you don't have blue buff.

Everything else is your personal favor.Lux can escape by using E to slow and Q to stop her opponent so she doesn't really need flash. But flash can help not only to escape but to catch someone too. Preety good spell. :)

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Well i think i told everything i wanted. Hope you like it. As i said this is my first guide so don't be mad if something is wrong or i forgot something.
Tell me in comments how i can make this guide better. Maybe make a video or add something.
Thanks for reading.

p.s. my native language isn't English so if there are any grammar problems - i'm sorry.

Good Luck , Have Fun and Pwn everyone :)