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League of Legends Build Guide Author SH00X

Lux carry build *Updated w/ Deathcap*

SH00X Last updated on April 16, 2011
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Lux carry build *Updated w/ Deathcap*

Info: ok, i got lux the first second it came out. ive played it basically as much as i possible can and i have become VERY succesful... i tried the champion spotlight build... LOL! fail. i was like wow i wasted this much RP on this ****py champion? it does not damage!! next game, i decided to give it a try again , but this time my own build with my own twist. I ended up doing one spell rotation to kill ANYONE on their team, and i got fed after that and just completely DOMINATED their team. My brother (the one that said lux sucked the first game i played) was like HOLY ****! i was blowing ppl up with my laser beam, and just destroying their team. Follow my guide and with a little practice and knowlegde of this champ you will be able to carry your team and have A LOT of fun watching them blow up from your laser.

Masteries: I go with a standard 9-0-21 build, using the flash and Clarity masteries.

Summoner spells: I played many times already with Lux and to me, flash is basically a necessity, not to everyone but to me it is with Lux. i cant say how many times in a game i flashed to them so i was able to Q them like across the Lane and kill them with it and not even see it coming. So i use the standard Flash and Ghost, both to chase insanely good, to dodge spells, and to get out of ganks. Though, Cleanse and ignite can be viably, i don' recommend getting Clarity because i usually don't have much of a mana problem.

Runes: For reds i use magic penetration runes, yellows for Mana regen, blues for Cooldown Reduction, and More Magic penetration for Quints.

Skill Sequence: Basically, i get Q for lvl one, then i prioritize like this, R > E > Q > W. I dont get W at all untill Q and E is maxed, REMEMBER THIS IS CARRY BUILD ONLY.

Item Build: Start out with a Dorans Ring and a health potion. After laning for as as you can basically. Pick up a Tear of Goddess and Boots of Speed.
When you can turn that Tear of Goddess into an Archangel's Staff. After that, turn your boots of speed into Sorcerer's Shoes. Now Start building your RoD of Ages, starting with the extra AP part. Now Build your Zhonya's Ring. After that These two last items are preference. If you want straight up more AP, get two more archangel's Staff. Also you can get DeathFire Grasp for the Active nuke and Cooldown reduction since my item build doesnt give any and your ult is very low cooldown. A Void Staff is also a good choice if they are stacking magic resist, if not another thing that can be to your likings is lichbane, it is good for when you auto attack to get your passive off, and also a rylai's crystal sceptor for AP and survivability or another Rod of Ages for survivability. I recommend to get 2 Archangels or one archangel and Deathfire Grasp, you shouldn't need more survivability, if you do , you are playing wrong.

---- mejais soulstealer.. okay... this item is good, but also can be bad. If you are new to lux, or aren't so good with it i dont recomend getting it, if you are doing well, and you know you can keep and get stacks fast, get this first thing, before archangel. I do not recomend this item for all players, but it can be useful for certain ones.

Actually Playing: OK, you can harass ALOT with this, use your E ability to AOE ALL MINIONS and get your passive on them and try to make it hit your enemies too. EVERYTIME YOU GET AN ABILITY OFF ON ANYTHING, champion or minion, ALWAYS!! try to auto attack and make your passive PROC. Early Game this does alot of damage, you may think your Q and E combo wont hit high.. the Secret to lux is early game, Use your Q , then auto attack, then use your E, then auto attack. this is early game and mid game, once your at a lvl where your passive doesn't really do much affect on them then its okay to not always use it, but at low lvl your E and Q combo hitting normally after each one, will get someone to half health usually. This champion is really good early game with harassing, it seems like it isn't at first, but if you don't get your auto attack to make the passive proc, this champion will not be good early game. i cant stress this enough, early game hitting with your passive is a MUST on enemies, and your E then one hitting all minions is very fast farming and guaranteed to get last hit. Try to line up your Q to try to get the first hit on a champion not the minion, so it will get a longer time and do more damage, also try to line it up so it hits both champions. This is important for first blood, im usually always to get the first blood in the game with Lux. While laning you will have an idea how much health they lose with a basic combo of Q -> auto attack *passive proc* -> E -> auto attack *passive proc* . They usually get pretty low, when they try to run, remember that your Q is insanely far range, and if there are no minions in the way you can flash and Q them and that is an INSANE DISTANCE of attack. and then do your combo again, *remember to always harass with E and passive proc after and then finish off the minions*. Once you hit lvl 6, you can do ALOT of damage espicially if recalled and got your items/ got fed. You will basically murder people now. If they are a squishy champ, you can harras with E auto attack then Q then auto attack and back up after that. and they should be around half, after CDs are back or they come foward again or not to far back and you can flash to them, do a Q then E (dont explode it) and Ult and then Explode your E. they now should be dead and celebrate with your first LASER KILL. Once you played and are experienced you will know if you can auto attack at certain times in your Full rotation. Just practice now with the combo and leading your E and not missing your Q. if you miss any of these, you will not put out good damage, and that is what can determine if your a good lux or a bad one.

TeamFighting: When you team fight, i reccomend thowing an E into all of them, then using your Q then exploding your E and use your Ult. Try to get your ult to hit as much as possible and same with your E, lining your Q to hit two champions can be also very good for the fight. After you do that rotation, your are all on Cooldown and basically can't do anything. now As Soon as your rotatin finished, get in an angle to W your entire team or most of them , shielding them helping your entire team with survivability. Then repeat your rotation.

Also: if you got deathfire grasp, i sudgest, to Q then throw your E , use deathfire, then detonate your E before or after you ult, depends on how fast you can do all of this. Use deathfire as soon as possible so it does maximum damage as it hits for 30% of their current health. but Q first so you can get into a safe range.

That's mostly it i think. The rest just comes from Practice and experience with Lux. Some may think she doesn't do alot of damage, or that she sucks.. Once you do this build and just don't die alot and play right or get fed, you will be amazed. I was with almost 700 AP (didnt finish the build) and i was killing people with one rotation no problem).. and sometimes more than one at a time as all of the hits multi hit, and its halarious watching them die from this big, insane, laserrrrr!! Remember that lux is not the easiest champion to play but once practiced with it , it can be VERY deadly and the other team will fear you (not to mention always try to target you first in team fights, always stay far back in team fights unleash your burst combo and shield your team and back up and repeat)

ANOTHER VERY IMPORTANT TIP! if you are new to lux, lux is really good at checking spots and having map awareness using your E ability. if you throw your E ability into a bush, or into a dark spot on the map, it will light up and show you what is there. espicially if your solo laning top in 5v5 if you have a jungler and some one is missing, always tend to use your E ability to check all bushes as much as possible , this helps me so much, not to mention then if someone is there and you react faster you can throw a Q then hit them then blow up your E then hit them again and the enemy who tried to gank is now lower health and facepalming on his fail ganking ability.
ALSO, my build does lack of Cooldown reduction because i like to get as much AP as i can, but with the deathfiregrasp, and these runes, you have a decent amount of cooldown reduction. In game, what i suggest is trying to always hold blue buff during mid and late game, always try to get it when its up during mid/late game. The deathfire grasp, blue buff, and runes, put you around 35% or more cooldown reduction. This works fine for me, alot of people like to spend 2 items mainly for cooldown reduction and in the end, my build owns them because they lack of the damage that my build can put out. This way you will have total advantage over those lux's with support/ cdr builds.

Ok, alot of people are talking about the survivability of this build sucks and so on.. well, as i stated before, the survivability from this build is all about you. the Rod of ages is too help a little bit during mid game and early, but endgame of course yeah it wont be saving you for when you get focused down in a teamfight. The thing is, YOU SHOULD NEVER BE GETTING FOCUSED DOWN!!!! if you are, then you are playing lux completely wrong and its your fault she has no survivability. Lux is just like twtich or ezreal, it depends A LOT on its positioning, which you learn from practice and experience. Lux has insane range with ALL 3 of her damage spells then she shields her allies. YOU should not be taking a lot of damage... you are behind everyone and spamming your spell rotation as much as you can and shielding your allies, so how do you say this has low survivability? Because you are in the middle of the fight? well, positioning is tricky sometimes and you get stuck and may die, and that's why you have my favorite summoner spell, FLASH! you can always flash out of the fight to get a better positioning, if there melee carry is going for you instead of anyone else you simply snare them and throw a E in front of them to be slowed after the snare and run out and reposition. or Nuke them down depending on how much damage you are putting out to them. if the beginning of the fight
you instantly get focused or think you are going to, use your zhonya's ring active, and as soon as it finishes Flash out before you get hit or die, and position and unleash you insane burst and shield you and your team. You should not be having any problems surviving with this build, if you are then you are then one to blame for your bad positioning, just takes time, practice and experience to get good at. *not to mention i am 90% of the time the least to die in the game because of the burst, snare, slow, and such long range. you should not be dieing that much.*

Another fun thing to do, since your E can see throught the darkness. When ever you think the enemy team is going for baron, go to the jungle *behind baron* and throw your E ability through the wall and check, if they are, you can by no doubt, steal baron by your opposing team. Its so easy, so funny, makes the other team rage, and can be a game changer. The good thing is you can do this all by yourself without having your whole team need to gank them and risk dieing. I have multiple times, not to mention gotten a triple kill and stole baron at the same time with my E -> Q -> R combo through the wall.(If you have an ashe or ezreal, make sure they also can do there ult and ensure more kills and ensure the baron kill) Now laugh at your enemy as they facepalm and give up hope. (:

This is my second Guide, i write my guides according to how I PLAY THE CHAMPION. I would love to see your comments on this build, if there is something i did wrong or a mistake or suggestion , please let me know. Thank you , please read the whole build not just the item build as the written is very important. Thank you all, all comments are welcomed. If you have any Questions about Lux or this build or anything, i will try to respond to all your questions and comments.