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League of Legends Build Guide Author Nixus

Lux Combo Nuker

Nixus Last updated on February 10, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Chapter 1

--Generic about the builder part--
I started LoL not long before Lux came out, and loved playing her since the day i got her, dispite her being generally slow in the early days.
But since the change to her ulti (to make it do ignite damage if they're already illuminated) she's become quite the spiker/Nuker

Also, this is my first posted build. So any comments and criticism is appreciated.

--About the build--
This build focuses on a single simple combo.

Light Binding -> Lucent Singularity -> Finales Funkeln -> Pop Lucent Singularity -> (auto attack)
Q.............-> E..................-> R...............-> E -> (right click)

This combonation should be enough to kill most non-tank targets before the 2 second snare runs out. The auto attack isn't useally neccessary, but if they survive, whey let 2-300 damage go to waste?

--General Playstyle--

-Laning Phase-
Dispite alot of people wanting to Mid with lux, i'd reccomend you go with a melee "fighter" such as Xin, Garen or Pantheon. Early light bindings + Light bombs (Lucent Singularity) along with your fighter's standard combo may get you a few early assists to hasten your building. Where as mid-laning would leave you with just harassing until level 6.

-Laning Phase, Post-level 6-
To put this blunt.
If target's HP is less than Light binding damage + Light bomb + ulti + 1-200. It dies.
Here is where you start nuking. if a kill oppertunity presents itself, take it.
The only tip i can really give is:
If the gank is "risky" (near brush, near jungle, you're alone, ect.) don't use light binding in the combo. this will make your ultimate harder to aim, but you still have a snare as an "Oh s..." button.

-Roaming Phase-
After that first turret goes down, people start wandering around to push other lanes.
This is why we take teleport, by all means help your team-mates whenever you can. But if you spot that large group of opposing minions that seems to come out of nowhere, feel free to teleport in and help yourself to a couple hundred gold with Light bomb. It becomes easy gold and easy EXP coming close to a champion kill if timed right, and it could be the advantage your team needs to push that extra bit harder. Not to mention you've just countered a potential push.

-Team-Rush Phase-
The part where that one carry alsways spams "All Mid".
In this part your basic combo still applies. but keep in mind of your ultimate's cooldown. that's 1 or 2 casts of your Snare and Light bomb that cannot be used in your combo. So use them to help your team-mates weather they're falling back or holding a carry in place for a gank.

By now you should also have a few points in Prismatic barrier.
Personally i find this ability far too weak and slow to be used re-activly to incoming damage. So try to judge when your opponants are about to strike and cast before the initiator goes in. But in all honesty, wether you save somone with this seems all but pot-luck to me.

-- Tips 'n' Tricks--

#1. Your light bomb provides a vision bubble. Use it for scouting the brush and even throw it through walls near the opponant's base to take a look inside.

#2.The Combo does not require line of sight.
So if your oppants are hugginf that inibitor turret, throw a combo in their general direction. You never know, thoes teemo's are squishy.

#3. Mix Up The Build Order.
The build order posted above is for your general, run-of-the-mill game.
If you're facing a heavy AD team, grab that frozen heart ALOT earlier.
likewise if it's a heavy Magic team, grab abyssal scepter and maby even a banshee's instead of a heart. This is just a guide.

--Final Words--
Thanks to Riot for making me waste away my final college year playing instead of studying, Mobafire for hosting this guide, and the members of the Mobafire community for reading this guide and providing me with inspiration.