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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author KRAGORAA

LUX- deluxe edition

KRAGORAA Last updated on October 24, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Lux.... where shall I begin. Double snare, a combined slow/nuke, the ability to shield every member of your team at the same time, extra damage to every enemy affected by her spells, and finally a giant rainbow laser-beam. It doesn't get much better than this, ladies and gentlemen. To be honest, the one and only reason I immediately bought her was because of her ultimate. IT'S A GIANT LASER. I cannot stress that enough. I had no intention of even doing well with her... I just wanted to get to level six and let fly. Upon actually trying to use her, however, I realized that she is actually an incredibly diverse champion, able to play several roles. Ganks, harassment, support... she can do it all. My eyes opened, my jaw dropped, I thought I had finally reached League enlightenment. However, I had not quite achieved it. My mistake: I BUILT HER FOR MASSIVE AP. Rod of ages, void staff, zonya's ring... The basic AP nuke build that works fairly well for every mage in the game. EXCEPT LUX. Thats right, raw AP blows with Lux. Soak it in. Accept it. Live with the truth. I found myself going 2-7, 1-8, 3-7... my feeble little mind screaming BUT IT WORKS WITH ANNIE DUH HURRRR. After several games of pitiful performance doing very little damage even with up to 500 AP, I realized something. All that AP does nothing to her passive, with allows you to do extra damage to any target hit by one of her spells. It hit me, why don't I build items that will allow me to abuse and add to this ability? It was then that the lights of heaven rained down upon my brow and I became enlightened. Now I am choosing to share this enlightenment with you. NOTE: I originally made this build for the one and only reason of having fun, which this build provides in large quantities. It does not work in all situations and can be a little difficult to grasp and master. If you want to go 46-0-0, this is not the build for you. Ideally, you will go around 10-5-20. In games with lots of squishies, you will get 15 kills. in games with more tanks, you will get 25-30 assists. So, if your intention is fun and teamwork, read on. If not, I highly suggest finding a Tryndamere build somewhere else in the site.

Mejais - despite the fact that this build is not for raw AP, you will still need some for your spells to be effective in terms of damage. Mejais will be the only item in your inventory providing excessive amounts of AP (besides Lich Bane). IT IS VERY IMPORTANT TO GET STACKS. If you cant get kills, hang back and spam spells for assists. Either way, GET STACKS.
Sorcerer's Shoes - Speed and magic penetration. You could easily substitute these for any boots you like, depending on your play style.
Sheen/Lich Bane - This is part of how you will use and abuse Lux's passive. These two items will stack with the extra magic damage from your passive, making the amount dealt formidable. It will often serve as your means of getting a kill as a low health enemy flees in terror. Make sure to get the sheen directly after getting Mejais and Boots of Speed; your damage output will be pitiful and you will need the Sheen to get kills. After finishing your boots, build your Sheen into a Lich Bane. Once again, you will need this damage output to get kills.
Stinger - Attack speed and cooldowns. This item will help to to effectively spam your passive and the Sheen/Lich Bane's ability, and will bring your cooldowns down 10%. This is great later on for your ult.
Rage Blade - More attack speed and ability power. In the process of fighting, especially in a 1v1, this will help you to increase the damage of your spells by up to 48 AP and increase your ability to spam your respective passives. It will also help you farm minions.
Nashor's Tooth - After rage blade, build your stinger into this weapon of devastation. Attack speed, ability power, mana regen, and finally 25% cooldown reduction. Nuff said.
Last Slot - Whatever you like. This depends on how the game is going. You might want more AP or more health, armor and magic resist. I usually grab either a crystal scepter or guardian angel. Another good choice might be an additional attack speed item, like a Malady or Sword of the Divine, which will stack even more damage and allow you to stack all that extra damage very quickly. Lich Bane + Lux's passive + E and Q + extra magic damage per attack or per every 4 attacks is not something to sneeze at.

Summoner Spells
The two I use are:
Teleport - Get to a fight fast, the ability to leave and return early game wiht out worry of losing a tower, picking off several enemies low health from killing team-mates...
Clarity - As you may have noticed, I have no items for extra mana. YOU WILL NEED THIS DESPERATELY EARLY GAME.
Others you could use -
Ignite - Finish off enemies. Useful early game for when your damage output is low.
Ghost - Run away from/run too a fight.
Flash - Snare an enemy through a wall, flash in, throw down your slow, and let the passive fly.

Mastery Tree
Basic mage set-up. extra magic penetration and c/d reduction in offense, boosted summoner spells in utility. you can build the utility tree any way you want. I like the extra experience and less time spent dead.

To be honest, runes are a weak spot in my knowledge. The runes listed are what I use. I like the extra AP, c/d reduction and magic penetration. Some good alternatives might be for mana regen or raw mana. Any comments about this subject would be appreciated.

The Actual Game!!!

Early Game
Lux, being the beast that she is, can lane AND go mid. Not at the same time, obviously. Either way, grab your e spell, an amplifying tome, and a health pot. If you are mid, SPAM E. Now, when I say spam, I don't mean using it every time it pops up. Always try to slow and damage the opponent. This will be easier/harder depending on who you lane against. Kog'Maw, for example, will be hard to hit because of his attack range. Annie, however, is a walking target. Keep leveling up e and q, constantly hitting with e and using clarity when mana runs low. Remember also to try and hit every minion that gets charged by your passive, this will help you farm. In the same way, try to hit the enemy champ/champs when they are charged as well. Moral of the story - HARASS. A LOT. If you have an opportunity, hit the enemy with your q. NOTE - DO NOT SPAM Q. It is very useful and you always want it up and ready to use. If you hit an enemy with your q, auto attack them, throw your slow at them, detonate it, and then auto attack again. After you get your sheen this will be a deadly combo.

Mid Game
By now you should have around 8-10 stacks on Mejais and have a Lich Bane. Your job here - GET KILLS. You are at peak damage output at around level 13 relative to enemy health and magic resist. Get as many kills as you can and get your stinger and rage blade. You will be slowing, snaring, and tossing in high-damage attacks buffed with your own passive and Lich Bane's passive like there is no tomorrow. In order to keep this lovely cannonade of slows and shields going, you will need blue buff. grab it whenever you can to keep mana up and cooldowns low. ult when you see anyone with low health or when they get too close to the tower. Pump shields onto as many team mates as possible whenever you get the chance in teamfights. This will allow your team to tank towers more effectively and will save them from aoe spells and high damage attacks from champs like Gangplank or Tryndamere. Remember, SNARE SLOW SHIELD. The three s's. Use them with accuracy and purpose. Do not mindlessly spam them. They are your means of killing, assisting, and escaping. If they are not up when you or your team needs them to be, you have failed. FAILED.

Late Game
If their team is squishy, your job is continue doing exactly what you have been doing. your goal in life is to make the other team scream bloody murder to RIOT about nerfing OP Lux. Ult often (its c/d should be around 24 seconds). Use the three s's (SLOW SNARE SHIELD). Finally, PASSIVE PASSIVE PASSIVE. Your passive will be hitting for around 130, and Lich Bane will be hitting for around 400. That is 530 damage from a wimpy little girl-mage. Put that together with your exploding slow and your double-snare and you end up with a happy (insert your name here). If their team is a little tankier, your job is support. It is the same basic strategy as when you are playing against squishies, you just won't be able to finish your kills. Thats fine. Let the DPS's have their time to shine. Slow them down and snare them, and then sit back and watch Tryndamere, Ashe and Miss Fortune commit brutal acts of glorious murder. I often prefer this to being a carry. The un-sung hero has a better feeling of accomplishment at the end of the day.

Thanks for viewing! This is my first build. CONSTRUCTIVE criticism is greatly appreciated. Remeber, this build's primary goal is fun. If you farm some IP in the process, more power to ya. GL HF!