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League of Legends Build Guide Author Jynx42

Lux - Evasive But Deadly

Jynx42 Last updated on October 23, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Clearly when playing Lux you have to be good with Skill Shots, if your not don't bother buying this champion.

To best play Lux you must use her passive to the fullest when trying to kill someone. Remember all of your spells will put this extra damage on your next attack, so timing is everything, Light Binding, Lucent Singularity, Auto Attack, Then Release your Lucent Singularity, and Auto Attack again for Maximum Damage. It is also a very easy trick to Light Binding someone at low health to ensure that your Finales Funkeln will land on the target.

Finales Funkeln is a ability that is always off cool down I seem to use it to clear creeps a lot. As I am running toward my tower to fend it off from my enemy hitting it I will FF the creep wave to let the tower get some good hits on the enemy. Not to mention it gets me more than half of my kills, be AWARE of where the enemy's are in team fights and pick off the ones fleeing for safety. Also use it early in battle to shave off 20 percent of the enemy's life, its stunning how much damage you do with this build.

Realizing the fact that your abilities are fairly all skill shots and heavy ranged, standing in the back of the group and always aware of what is around you, you will not die and still contribute to team fights.

Prismatic Barrier: I PERSONALY don't rank it up that much early game, if you want to play more support go for it, but I Strictly play to kill people. But I still use the **** out of it late game in big team battles. REMINDER, you'll need this ability to get golem buff early game.

Summoner Spells: I use Exhaust and Flash for two reasons, one being EVASIVE, two Exhaust helps a great deal when you are in 1v1 situations. Plus some people don't get Exhaust and it is always nice to have someone with it. Also Great for First Blood!

Items: This is how I buy everything in game, start the game off with amp tomb, on my first trip back I make my soul stealer, if I don't have enough I will buy a mana pendant. finish the soul stealer and make a tear of the goddess. Then I get my spell pen boots because I normally have no problem farming these 3 items without dieing. After my boots are made I make the abyssal scepter. Then I finish my archangels staff, get a Zhonya's ring to top it all off for spell power wise. Complete it with guardian angels because I don't want to lose my stacks if I get caught in a bad situation.
I am a big fan of the Elixir's; the red and blue one I buy frequently throughout the game when i have money left over after buying items.

Frankly I have mana problems early with this build, but once you get your tears of the goddess it will start to rid the burden for you. But that what blue buff is for. Later game you'll have little to any mana problem that you would normally have with any other mage. So If you don't like Exhaust, get clarity but fair warning, when your running away from something and it just wont stop, having that extra exhaust is lawl.

This is my first Build I have posted so some feed back be nice, try out the build tell me what you think, i feel this is the best build if you want to do max damage with Lux. Have fun and Happy Hunting!