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Lux Build Guide by Woefulrelic

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Woefulrelic

Lux - Huge Ranged Nuke

Woefulrelic Last updated on August 10, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This guide is about maximizing damage output from a distance, without the lichbane. It is more of a pub stomp build, and requires a bit of of understanding to consider in ranked play. This build can be used to focus down squishy carries or to do massive amounts of aoe, a lot of it comes from positioning.

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Mpen will help you stomp squishy champs, which should be your focus early game. The mana will help keep your pool up when clarity is down early game. Cooldowns will have your ult's cd nice and low, and your other spells will be more spam able to fill your tear.

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9/0/21 specing into clarity.

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This build is focused on doing damage from a safe distance. This is to keep your stacks up and yourself alive. I always go mejai's first on lux, it is simply too easy to get stacks through assists and snipes. Once you have the stacks its easy to hold them through good positioning. I take cdr boots over mpen because they will put you at a good 30% cdr which will keep you from being a one trick pony in fights at the cost of a slightly diminished damage output. A fair trade from my perspective, and it allows your to spam shield allies and fill your tear quickly which is your next item anyway. At level 13 you will pick up shield, which you can spam to fill your tear for a relatively low mana cost, archangels is easy to fill and a very quick source of ap on lux. After you turn your tear into an archangels you have a decent amount of ap, perfect timing for a rabadon's deathcap. Once you finish your cap you can build more archangels or and archangels and a voidstaff depending on the enemies mr and who their carry is. If they have an ashe or yi carry then tack on the extra archangels, the mr won't save them unless they build a ton and if that's the case then they won't be carrying very hard.

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Skill Sequence

Q first, it is a 2 second bind at level one. It can help you or your laning partner get an early kill. I max E as early as possible after taking a level in Q, it does great aoe damage, which means good harass and creeping ability. I don't level shield until 13 usually, if they harass hard in lane than it can be advantageous to take a level in it at 4 or 8 but it cuts your damage potential so I try to avoid it. If they have a karthus then it would be good to have it early on, to save yourself of laning partner.

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Summoner Spells

I take ghost and clarity. I take clarity because mejai's first leaves you with a small mana pool, and to fill mejai's you need to be able to harass in lane to the point where you can kill them with a well placed ult. I take ghost because I feel it gives more chances to hit with Q, which helps against people like garen, olaf and all the other tanky dps who you cant stop with just a two second bind. Flash doesn't give you the chance to do that, and since everyone takes flash anyway your flash can be made moot by someone counter flashing at you. You stand a much better chance of surviving with ghost in my practice.

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Lux in mid

I prefer Lux in a lane or solo top, but she is a very powerful mid. This build isn't the best for going mid, but it is viable. You can take most other mids 1v1 as Lux, with a few exceptions such as Malzahar or Kassadin and certainly not Leblanc. Ranged carries are generally fairly easy to zone, harass and eventually kill. The reason I don't like Lux mid is because I feel she has more kill opportunities in the side lanes, and that means more stacks on mejai's. Lux also isn't a very strong carry, and early on she isn't the best farmer so I prefer people like Ashe or Tristana here.

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Farming is easy after level 7, where you can hit the back creeps with a single E and follow up with autoattacks to net easy gold. If you get kills early you will be able to completely decimate creep waves, instantly killing the casters and knocking the melee to one hit a piece. Farming isn't as important to Lux as it is to some, I prefer to spend my time trying to net kills and assists.

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Ranked Play

Lux is certainly viable in ranked play, but this build is the definition of glass cannon. You are susceptible to ganks in laning phase, and with a glass cannon build it can really make the ganks unforgiving. In the event you did use it I would change the second archangels out for a void staff, it will help against the banshee's veils and the like.

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Pros / Cons

- Tons of DPS throughout the game.
- Can completely shut down squishy carries.
- Lots of AoE and an aoe shield for team fights.
- A strong solo champ.

- Squishy! If someone catches you there is a good chance you will die, the good news is Lux has a lot of escape mechanisms.
- Early DPS means weak early shielding.

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Blue Buff and You

This build is not centered around having blue buff unlike a number of them. You don't need it with this build. That being said it is great to have and makes you much more threatening in the laning phase. I don't like to have to rely on blue buff, especially when our jungler needs it more than I do. Late game you should be able to get it relatively easily because most junglers don't need it anymore. A 24 second cd on Finales Funkeln is really really scary when you hit 1000 ap.

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Team Work

Lux can gank with the best of them due to her huge range on her bind. She can also through in extra dps for mid by walking just a few steps down river. Try and coordinate with your mid to take down their mid. It will net you kills and assists which quickly turns you into a killing machine.

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The Combo.

The Lux combo is very stong mid game. Once you work up a decent amount of AP you can combo people like Ashe with relative ease. You go in with Q, throw E, R, and spam E to burst it under their feet. Once you find someone you can combo you can do it over and over to mass up stacks. The best part about is that if you can reach with your Q, you can hit with E and R. This means that you can hit champions over walls and they can't do anything about it. The jungle is your friend in this regard. You can very safely net kills and run away before their team has time to react. If your goal is to catch people then you should watch the lanes closely, try to catch the squishy range and mage champs while they are creeping.

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Lux's Passive and Why Not to Lichbane

Lux's passive is very strong early to midgame. You start by hitting Q, when you see it land throw E under them quickly. Run to them and autoattack twice. Once you see the the first one hit watch for the second autoattack. When it is about to hit you press E to damage them and but your passive on them a second time. Timing is very important, as you only have around 3 seconds to do all this. This will do a ton of damage early on, use it to whittle them down if your in a solo lane. Don't try to kill them let them think your harassing and then when you hit 6 you can start to challenge them. You can try to kill them and if it fails you have a your ult to snipe them with.

Late game the passive's usefulness wears out because it puts you in range of a beating. It still does a fair amount of damage but you run the risk of feeding/losing stacks. Building a lichbane severely limits the amount of AP you can get and it cuts down the amount of AP you could be getting early on. It is a huge investment that can get you killed. If you get a few early kills and maintain your stacks on mejai's this build will rival the amount of damage you do with a lichbane, and it will do it from the safety of 1000 game distance.

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Friend's and Foe's

Ashe- Because an in mid and a solo top lux can have nasty results. If you coordinate ults you can catch low people at top tower with an ashe ult and follow with Lux's. You can also walk down the river a ways and ult the mid, initiating a fight and adding a bit more dps in ashe's favor. The synergy between them is strong.

Tanky DPS- For fairly obvious reasons, they stand between you can the people who want to kill you. You in turn shield them and allow them to take hard tank amounts of damage. You also bind and burst, which tanky dps can generally capitalize on.

Garen- Your brother is one of the most difficult people to deal with. If he lands his silence you are generally dead without some assistance. His silence spin to win ult combo will be enough early game for him to kill to. Be careful around him in solo lanes.

Anyone who can close a lot of distance- They are the few people who can catch you if you make a mistake. XZ, Jax, Nocturne and people of the like will be your biggest issue, they are also very difficult to kill. It is best to leave these ones to your team unless they are carrying very hard, then you have to use your combo and hope your team can do enough damage to finish them off.

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This build can be very strong if utilized correctly. There is less risk in stacking because the game hand's Lux kills and assists. The most difficult part is learning to be in good positions and to properly lead with your spells. I wish everyone luck and am welcome to any constructive criticism you might have. Let me know how it works out for you, my ingame name is Woefulrelic.