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Build Guide by Nick Scott

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Nick Scott

Lux - Kame Hame Ha Power

Nick Scott Last updated on December 16, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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This is how I use Lux, and usually finish with a 14/2 or something like that. Obviously the build won't do that for himself, so you have to practice.

Early Game
At first pick a Doran's Ring and go Mid. You'll maybe told that a support shouldn't go mid alone, but you won't be playing Lux just as a support. The Doran's plus the runes will give you 32 AP and a good Mana Regen, so you will be great at mid. The idea here is that you spam your E ability trying to hit the minions and the enemy champ as well. Don't bother detonating your passive, but of course that if you can you should. Try as well stunning him first, detonating, throw your E, detonate it, and then another auto attack. Doing like this,if you are lucky enough you'll kill the other Champ, but that's not the principal idea, the idea is do as much damage as you can, so that when you reach lvl 6 you can easily kill him with your Kame Hame Ha.

So to sum up. Spam your E. If you can first stun, auto attack, E, auto attack.

PS- If for some strange reason you are not at mid, put at least 1 point in your shield so that you can help your lane mate.

Mid Game
Ganking with Lux it's quite hard, cause it won't be easy for you hit the stun perpendicularly. But with some practice you will be able to predict most of the champ's next move. What I recommend is having an eye on champs with low hp. Try to approach to the lanes when fights are beginning so you can help your team mates with an early Kame Hame Ha making enemy's HP come to almost their half, or you can kill the runners that believe they got safe, your Kame Hame Ha has an insane range, so take advantage of that.

PS- Supposing you are at mid, if your team mates use to visit you, put a point in your shield, so you can help them help you.

Late Game
Every body should be walking together. 5V5 everywhere, and that's great for your team actually. Again you have two choices, and I recommend the first one. You can either throw your Combo (Look the Combo section) when the fight begins, or save it for an almost sure kill. Why do I prefer throwing the Combo at the beginning? Because like this you'll be able to do it twice. Your Kame Hame Ha, plus his insane range and power, has a little CoolDown, 36,8 exactly. So, you throw the combo, trying to hit the most enemy champs with your Kame Hame Ha, luckily you'll kill one of them...the fight continues, someone try to run, every one of you try to catch him, your Kame Hame Ha becomes available again and you kill another one.

Why those Summoner's Abilities?

That's a good question, and it's answer is perfectly questionable. I use Teleport because at mid you'll be alone, so if you need to go base, no one will take care of your turret, but with Teleport you can go and be back in seconds.

Flash has so many uses...Very helpful to escape of a gank, and of course, chasing some one. With a little practice you'll be able to combine Flash and your Stun. And another thing, Flash and AutoAttack to detonate your passive. Many times champs will run with nothing in theirs HP bar and your passive on them.

Why not Heal?
You fight from far away, at least you should. Heal won't be needed.

What about Revive?
Don't make me answer that...

Clarity? That's used by casters.
True, it is used, but you have Runes and Masteries for Mana Regen, plus your Doran's.

May be, if you like that instead of one of mines, yes, I don't disagree.

Clairvoyance? I'm a support.
Yes, you are, and you have something like that spell, your E.

What about Ignite? I use it and is very useful.
I'm not very fan of Ignite, even more, your Passive works in a similar way. It won't be hitting by itself, but it's something like that.

The Combo.

There is a Perfect one, and the possible one.

The perfect one would be:
    Auto Attack
    E Ability
    Auto Attack
    Kame Hame Ha
    Auto Attack

Like that you will do the highest damage, but it's quite difficult to do that combo, you'll need practice and be very fast, as well as predict enemy's next move.

The possible one it's quite similar but with a few less Auto Attacks.

    E ability
    Auto Attack
    Kame Hame Ha
    Auto Attack

With that one you lose one Auto Attack, but the damage still is high. Hitting the E one will be easier if the champ is still stunned.

There is additionally an easier combo.
    Kame Hame Ha
    Auto Atack

It's the fastest and easiest, but you'll do less damage. Not much less, but less.

Item build.

I've already said that you should take Doran's Ring with you, but a mana or health potion? That's depends. If you thinks you are going mid against Miss Fortune, and she has Clarity, you'll need the blue one. If she does not have Clarity, she'll be out of mana pretty fast, so you'll be able to manage. Against Vladimir, the blue one it's helpful too. Remember I said your goal was doing damage until lvl 6? With Vlad it isn't that easy, he heals himself, so you'll need mana.

Actually, if you play well enough, you won't need none of them, but just in case, pick one.

The first Item I recommend is the Arcangel's. Getting first the Blasting Wand. For the Tear, buy first the Meki. This will help you with your mana, you shouldn't run out of mana with this.

After that, your Boots.

ROA is next. Wand first for more AP. After that, try to examine what you need more, HP or Mana, and depending on that, you firs buy Sapphire or Ruby Crystal first.

Now comes a two road option. Mehai's is great, because you shouldn't be dying, you fight from far behind, so you shouldn't be focused. Yours Assists are above 6 or 7 surely and will keep rising if you through your Kame Hame Ha in team fights, so it's a good call. The problem with this is that if you are not doing well, or start dying now, it's a waste of money. So, it's up to you.

Lich or Zhonya's? Which one first? And again, that depends. If you are doing well enough and come back to base with 1600 or more, rush Zhonya's. If you come back with some more of 860, buy the Wand and you decide later. If in your next Base visit you are doing well but you don't have 1600 but you are almost there, wait for Zhonya's. In the other hand, if you need more AP, rush Lich buying Wand, book, Sheen.

Some Tips.

- Always, ALWAYS, use your E with the 4 ghosts near the mid turret. Do this with the wolfs and the 2 Golems too.
- Always start killing minions with your E and then Auto Attack to detonate your passive.
- Your Combo can be used from one side of a wall to another, the enemy won't even see you when you kill him, so try to master your stun ability.


- I don't see CoolDown reduction in your build at all...why?
Actually if you reach 20 stacks in Mehai's you'll get 15% of CDR, but it's true, it's hard. Why? Try saying your mates "I have my ulti again", your surely hear "What!?? Already?". Your Kame Hame Ha does not need CDR, maybe the rest of the abilities need it, so if you think you need CDR buy a DeathFire instead of Mehai's.

- Lux alone? Come on, you can help much more in a Lane.
May be, even more, thinking now, yes, provably, but I haven't tried.

- I play as Lux, I'm not getting 14/2, I'm getting 2/14...
You are doing something wrong for sure. I told you, you MUST fight from far away.

- Is Lux OP?
YES! I mean, in my opinion, she is. She has long range, huge damage, and her ulti has a small CD, the problem with her is that 3 of her 4 abilities are not to a specific target, but if you master them, you'll be God.

- OMG you where right, this build really helped me, how can I compensate you?
Thumbs up, and comment :D

I got a question.
Comment please and I'll answer as right away as I can. Help me build this FAQ.

Can I add you? I want to see you playing as Lux.
Yes, of course, I play at European Server. NachoM is my Summoner name. Y hablo "espniol" tambien :P (Moba no me deja poner ni tildes ni la "enie" xD)

PS- I hope you find this build as helpful as I did. Don't kill to many champs with Lux, or Riot will notice she is OP xD

If you have questions, just ask. And please comment and critic if you think something is wrong.