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Lux Build Guide by Brianwo

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Brianwo

Lux - Light it Up

Brianwo Last updated on September 21, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Intro, Masteries, and Summoner abilities

I used to despise any person who played Lux. She nukes way to much, harassesss way to much, and was is just amazing. So I tired her out when she was free and i fell in love. Since then, i've tried many, many builds. I ended up being so frustrated with builds messing up so i made one up for meself. So enjoy!

These are pretty basic for ap carry casters, a 21/0/9.

Summoner Abilities

Clarity: This is, in my opinion, the best summoner spell for Lux to have. Her basic attack sucks so she is useless without mana, especially in the beginning. This is a MUST with Lux if you wish to succeed early game. When you take this, try to be conservative with your mana so you can use this at level 6 and own with your LAZER.

Flash: This is great because it can get you out of some very dangerous situations in the blink of an eye.

Other Summoner Abilities:
*I reccomend that if you consider swapping out your spells, only swap out flash... keep the clarity

Ghost: Great for getting out of situations and catching up to people.

Heal: This used to be my favorite summoner spell but with Lux, there is simply no use. Whenever someone begins to charge you, you can just bind them with light binding and they cant touch you.

Teleport: Not my favorite but if you enjoy towers and getting places fast then this is for you!

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Light Binding: Essential to every combo by lux. This will initiate a fight, start a devastating combo, at later levels nuke squishies like they are nothing, and of course trigger your passive. This is also super useful for getting away from enemy champions. My favorite skill on her :)

Prismatic Barrier: This make lux awesome at standoffs between people. Especially when you start stacking ability power, this could save you. I get a point in it at 4 so i have it but max it last because i very much so enjoy damage output ;)

Lucent Singularity: Probably the highest damage output of her spells besides her ult and also a fantastic harassing tool. Shooting it behind last line of creeps and hitting those running away enemies just feels to good

Finales Funkeln: just WOW. This is the most annoying ult in the game and also one of the most overlooked. With a combo in which you hit your two skills and land your ult, its almost a guaranteed kill. At level 18 it has around a 35 second cool down and can do up to 1k damage. Can anyone say OP?

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I start of with a Dorans ring. I just love the health plus ability power and the mana regeneration definitely comes in handy. When you have around 1400 gold, go back to base and grab a majai's soulstealer because you should be starting to own people now (especially if you have your LAZER). After that the Boots of Speed and Kage's Lucky Pick. With these you get to move faster and you get more AP and who doesn't love some more passive gold :). They try to get Rabadon's Deathcap as fast as possible. This with the stacks from your Mejai's will boost your AP up to around 300-400 depending on your stacks, which is more than enough to own anyone on the map if you do it right. After that you can Finnish up your Sorcerer's Shoes. Then get Lich's Bane. With this boosting your AP to around 500, and using your passive as well as this after each spell makes your damage output redic. Then get an Void Staff. This will give Lux a lot of magic penetration and the ability power just stacks more with Rabadon's. Games usually don't last this long, but if it does, grab a Rabadon's Deathcap. I like getting a second one for the massive amount of Ap but this last item is adjustable to the situation you are facing.

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Hints and Tips

Okay so here are some tips on how i play Lux and how it all works out:

  • Try to save your clarity for level 6 for your LAZER. You can surprise them when they charge you and bind then then throw down your Lucent Singularity and do a LAZER finish.
  • Never forget about your passive. That with all your skills can do a ton of damage. I like to Bind them, hit them once to trigger the passive, then throw down Lucent Singularity, blow that and then hit them again. This will deal so much more damage compared to when you just throw down skills normally.
  • Harass Harass Harass. This would be Lux's Profession. At level two you become one of the biggest harassing threats in the game. if you can land a hit with your binding make sure to throw Lucent Singularity down and Bam, half their health is gone.
  • Lucent Singularity, I've recently discovered, is an AMAZING scouting tool. Throw it into bushes or anywhere within your range you can't see and it will reveal a small area. It's great for spotting enemy ganks and turning it back on them.

Good Luck guys and I hope you liked the build. Lux can be amazing once you get the hang of her. Sure skill shots can be hard to land, but once you land them it will all be worth it. And when you get to the point when your lazer will take out the squishy back line of champions from half health, you start going 20/3, and when you start going 20/3, you know you good ;). Good luck guys!