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League of Legends Build Guide Author Rath illuser

Lux - Mid lane? HELL YEAH!

Rath illuser Last updated on March 12, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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So I was playing a game as Lux and one of my teammates was ranting about how I shouldn't have gone mid and that "we were gonna lose" and then I ended up taking a third of each of the enemies health bars with just one shot of my ult and so team fights were barely even fun anymore, which is why Lux should be sent mid (and if there is someone who is actually better suited for mid then you should probably just switch champs in the game lobby, although in non-ranked games I haven't really found anyone who could best me in mid lane while I was Lux).

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Pros / Cons

-Amazing Damage out-put late game! and very early game if you proc the passive
-The slow and snare that you have can help you escape most ganks on you in mid
-Your snare can also almost always guarantee a kill on anyone who tower dives you
-Super short Cool down on your Uber Awesome Ult

-Squishy early game
-can't even really do much damage if you don't hit to proc your passive after using abilities
-You will get targeted hard core once they notice how much damage you are doing
-Not very good in Ranked Games. Like, at all.

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For the Runes I take Magic Pen. Marks and Quints because basically, your Magic Pen. is what wins games.

For Seals I take Mana Regen/5 at lvl 18 so I don't completely run out of mana while in lane trying to harass.

For Glyphs I take Cool Down Reduction because with the 5-ish% from the runes and the 25% from Golem, you have 30% at a fairly early lvl so you can get a few more shots off on your ult more frequently.

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Basic 9/0/21 Not much explanation needed.

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Summoner Spells

I use Flash and Clarity.
-Flash is great because it is multi-purpose, I can escape with it and it can also be used to get you into position.

-Clarity is a must because while you are in mid you are constantly hitting your opponent with your spells and you are guaranteed to miss with a few and even if you don't miss any of your shots then clarity will allow you to avoid having to go back to base after getting a kill.

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So we start off with Boots of Speed, a health pot, and 2 mana pots because frankly, we dont want to run out of mana until lvl 6 (well we dont really want to run out then either, but the point is you want clarity up at 6) put your first point into Lucent Singularity, this is going to be an important harassing tool.

When you get to the middle lane you should try to last hit the minions as much as possible, and hit you opponent with your singularity every opportunity you get. Once you hit them with any ability MAKE SURE YOU AUTO ATTACK! Auto attacking after landing a hit is very important as your passive is simply amazing early game. Now while leveling up you want to max out singularity as soon as possible while getting Light Binding in between and your Ult whenever you can.

When you have enough gold for Mejai's and a ruby crystal(or if you aren't doing so well a Haunting guise can be purchased instead of these because it grants extra health and more Magic Pen!), head back to base. Once you reach lvl 6, see if you can get someone to help you get the golem buff (it takes too long to do it on your own) as it's CDR will help drop your ult's CD tremendously. Use your ult every time it is off CD. Seriously, just shoot it at a creep wave or something, it has an incredibly low CD so why let it sit there not being used for the same amount of time as it would take for it to refresh? People will forget that you have such a low CD on it as well so use this to your advantage, try backing up so you are out of their sight range and when they get cocky, you click R and watch them as they are thinking "OH $#@&!"

After a couple kills Head back to base and grab Sorcerer's Shoes for that extra 20 Magic Pen (You should have about 35 total now with the runes) and start working on RoA as it will raise your health and give 100 AP in 10 minutes

At this point, people have most likely left their lanes and the team fighting has begun. For team fights you want to use the same basic strategy from before, throw in your singularity pop it and then instead of auto attacking, shoot your ult because it also procs you passive. Use your ult every time you see an enemy champion! You'll be building towards you Death Cap at this point and after that grab Sheen to make you Ability - Auto attack combo viable again.

As the game progresses, build Morello's Evil Tome for another large boost to your AP and 20% CDR (which if you have all 20 stack on Mejai's or the golem buff, you will have the Max 40% CDR) and then if you haven't won the game yet, upgrade your Sheen into a Lich Bane to drop an extra 900 damage (100 from normal attack + 600-ish from AP + 190 from Passive) on with an auto attack after you hit with an ability, preferably your ult! When you are shooting your ult into people every 25 seconds, they will have no chance and you will have a great time =)

Thanks for Reading! Please comment and please please PLEASE don't rate down without giving me an explanation as to why and some suggestions on how to fix it! =D