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League of Legends Build Guide Author Hydrocodien


Hydrocodien Last updated on March 5, 2012
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Hey guys and gals and whatever aliens decides to read this post. First off I'm a huge Lux fan, and LoL fan in general. I've seen Lux played a number of ways but never really had a single one stand out to me as a really good player. First things first I'll get a few things out of the way.

- this is the way I play Lux, not forcing it on anyone or saying this is the best way to play it but my ratios in the past three games I played casually state that I carried my team a sadly large amount doing this.
- yes I'm in the 30 bracket and still manage this with my toon. I'm not running into games where im getting fed ridiculously large amounts, nor am i using her flux cannon (finales funkalen) as a kill-steal tool about 80% of my kills are my own with little to no help from team mates.
- these are the items that i find work for myself i leave a spot open at the end for those of you who want to add an item that is missing/needed/you think is needed/ will call me a "noob" for not saying is needed and so on.

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I chose insight/force/replenishment and potency quints just for the pure face-melt that you can ascertain from the beginning of the game as Lux. the optional ones are the Glyphs of Warding which allow of easier gameplay against strong mid AP carries like Kennen/Morgana and duplicate lux's

personally I've found this rune combo to work the best because in the beginning I tend to out zone my mid lane, for those of you who dont understand what that means: Zoning - keeping enemy lane champions from gaining exp or acquiring last hits on mobs due to you owning the zone of your lane.

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Standard AP/mana mastery build IMO

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People ask me about my items in game a lot. i tend to build casually. if you can get a DeathCap within 15 min GREAT! If not that's great too! I don't tend to rush deathcap because Lux is so squishy. People constantly urge players to get rid of their Doran's rings as soon as possible and laugh at people who stack them. I say laugh at them for not stacking them. 100 health 15 AP and mp5 on it? for less than 500? great ill take it. sells back for 50% too.

I tend to build my codex before my boots. The reason for this? With the new patch notes on lux her CD for "E" starts the second its out. meaning you can cast more faster and use more MANA! From personal experience, Lux is only weak when shes at low mana. Having a heavy MP5 item like morellos or codex in your pocket early game is a BIG advantage. not to mention the 15% CD reduction which effectively reduces her RAINBOWCANNON! or finales Funkalen to about 30.4 seconds. at level 18 it does roughly 750+250 damage and if you get illumination on the target its roughly 1000 damage, yes that's right.

Aegis of the Legion? really?
Personally, I find this a great compliment to lux, others might choose banshee's and thats great even i take it too its really situational on team comps. But magic resist, armor and health, the armor and MR to allies as well? see Lux's "W" is a great skill for saving people or yourself. Shes initially a support character. I personally like this because it makes me less squishy and those around me as well who neglect to build any type of defense what so ever! mixed with hourglass it adds more than enough armor to survive a few AD hits and get away with quick Q's to the back and E's to slow!

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Skill Sequence

Beginning game:1-6
For the most part I rely on my E to harass for the first 5 levels mixed with "Q". this is the most important part of the game for Lux, you absolutely want and need to keep the enemy champ at about 50% until level 6. this is crucial save your flash and exhaust if you can.
Going in for the first kill. Lux's ulti is unique, her normal spells are even more so a combo builder. Whenever Lux hits with a spell she illuminates her target, what you want to do is every time you hit your target with a spell get a melee hit in too, this will ignite for a scaling damage with AP. by level 6 you should be pretty strong, you should have a blasting wand if you get a kill before then or at least a fiendish tome from last hits.

Getting the first kill:
If you've failed to get a kill so far in the game, your first kill will come easily at level six. your enemy champ should be at about 50% health. now for the kill, what you want to do is wait till they are about mid lane, FLASH in and use E to slow them. if possible use your Q and lock them in place Detonate your E and use your ulti to faceroll them while you see the pretty rainbow and scream out RAINBOWCANNON! if done well. congrats *Troll face*

After your First Kill:
this is what I dont see people do. LEAVE YOUR LANE. A fed Lux is a good Lux. check top and bottom. see how they are doing. who has low health? any champs below 50%? are your lanes pushed hard? or are you being pushed hard?
- If your lanes are pushed: get behind them and join in a 3v2 you have the upper hand youll have an ULTI!! and no one else should. use "E" to slow. melee to get the ignite then Q to snare in place and faceroll. from there wonder and do as you please melting people with your cannon!

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Summoner Spells

Flash and Exhaust, well in the terms of a great friend, "Damn! dual exhaust OP dude!" the first skill can be allocated to clarity if you feel the need to face harass even more than normal. myself? I like flash it gets me away fast and its CD Isn't all that bad by the time I really need it the next time, its already up. exhaust is completely useable all the way up to 18, and it should be used whenever you feel the urge to use F and scream FU!!!!! with a rage face.

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Unique Skills

ZO my goodness (for lack of a better word *troll-face*), Illumination! This is Lux's bread and butter skill. to truly make a good Lux, you need to understand how this skill works. Illumination is something that sticks to a target when you hit them with any spell aside from ("W" or "R" to that leaves "Q" and "E") you place a charge of illumination on them. what this does is that her ultimate cannon or melee attacks illuminate the target for ability power!

so what does this mean exactly?

After you use any spell as Lux you absolutely need to melee them. this will increase your damage output tremendously and make hard laners like Morgana run. you can effectively take 1/4 of morgana's health away at level 1. ALSO using "E" to charge up damage on a group of enemy champions then using your cannon will IGNITE them all. dealing that 1k damage combo.

Finales Funkalen: Lux's ultimate how I love you so. this skill reaches from tower to tower. or even better, from the bushes in the river to the zone wall on either bottom or top of the map. When enemy champions get low health they LOVE to tower hug hoping that your team will tower dive them, towerdiving before level 10 is a stupid idea in general, so they sit there and taunt with their low health. Lux reaches her ultimate trolling at this point in the game. The tip of lux's cannon reaches a little past her blue marker for it. So place that right on the tower or a little below it depending on where they are hiding and KABOOM! a free kill. My personal favorite thing to say, is when they say "Most OP champ ever!" say "Yeah, sorry that was just the tip too :/"

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This is my Lux guide like it hate it or do whatever you want to it. Don't down-vote because I missed an item that you like to get. If you stack a void rod with no one taking any magic resist, awesome.

Hope you all enjoy this! if you get a good game with my build send me a pic of it from the matches history I'd be glad to post it with your name for trolling rights!

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