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Lux Build Guide by Gloryx3

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Gloryx3

Lux Present Her Own Kind Of " Lazer Tag "

Gloryx3 Last updated on February 22, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This is not a mid guide since i dont play lux mid so i normaly play bot with my friend. I preffer to play with a melee AD Carry

Hey this is my first guide and i could use some feedback and suggestions to runes/masteries im not very good to that about masteries/runes stuff so i could use some suggestions :)
This lux build is the only build i use for Lux :) i think its great so i will share it with you guys home you will test it and suggest some changes :)

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Is Lux a supporter?

Lux is an offensive supporter after my opinion she can kill alone but she is also great in team fights.

Lux´s shield can save you and your teammates in team figh ts.

Do never pick lux if you already got a supporter like : Soraka, Sona etc....

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Farming this is where the lightball is useful :)
You should use it in the middle of a bounch of minions. You can trigger it if you click on E after you cast it.

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Runes, Runes and Runes...
This is not something i use much. I could use some suggestions for some better runes than i putted at build :)

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This is like runes i dont really know much about it so i wount say more here atm ^^

And same here i could use some suggestions :)

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hey this is where i will explain about my chosen items.

Dorans ring : this is a start item you can use for aps gives health, mana reagen and ap.

Sorceres shoes : is just some shoes i think that fit in this build :3 so yes i use thoose boots :)

Soulstealer : This is a item you can use if you know it will be a late game or you will get alot of kills/assists. Its very useful in late game becuz you ulti will be awesome if you get it maxed.

Archangel staff : Gives mp and the passive gives you some more ap so very useful.

Deathcap : This is a must i think gives you the needed ap and the passive is great :)

Eyeglass : This item gives you some ap and armor so useful if you are vs a high damage enemy team

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Skill Sequence

Bind : i take this as a first becuz this is a guide ment to Bot lane or top. Bind is very useful for First Blood if you are with a ad carry.

Shield : This i take at lvl 3 becuz it can save you or either you teammate from ignite and just normal attacks

Lightball : This i take for lvl 2 its a nice farming spell, can reveal places and finaly it can slow you enemy if its in it

Ultimate : This is a finisher if you want kills it attack much and are have a epic range so you can easily kill one behind the tower :)

COMBO : first you will bind then the lightball i suggest a bit behind the binded champ so when he is going back it slows so you can finish it with ulti :) easy going and if you can do it very fast they are dead :)

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Summoner Spells

i Always use clarity and heal but instead of heal you can use flash but clarity is a must! you will run out of mana quite fast becuz you spells cost a some mana.

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Pros / Cons

Pros : Lux is a kind of nuker i will say. She is epic in team play bind can give you team a kill

Cons : Lux run out of mana quick so thats why we got Clarity ^^

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Team Work


Lux´s bind is a epic way to kill some in teamplay you can bind and you team can actually finish the kill and you got a stack for your SoulStealer :)

And if you really want to be an *** you can ks. You can easyly ks with it ;P and again the combo will be a help

If you are against a jungler and you jungle is warded you can actually steal the blue buff with you ulti :)

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Early game as Lux

Early games as Lux

Do not try to gank with lux before lvl 6 you will be an easy target so care.

While you are on your bot / top lane and your ad carry is at base dont push stand on tower.
YOU ARE WEAK AT EARLY GAME so dont try to be a boss and get 2x kill at lvl 4....

Lux is a squishe champ early lvl.

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Mid game as Lux.

As when you getting your item you can kill now. But still if you are against high damage enemy´s dont try to be cool.

If you get your soulstealer 10+ stack beware they will focus you becuz you can hurt them so dont go alone they will focus you if they are smart ^^

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Late game as Lux

When lux is on her finaly build you will no longer be a ap carry. You will be your teams supporter so only go on lanes with your team dont go in smaller groups be 4 or 5 or else you will be a easy target just warning ya ^^