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League of Legends Build Guide Author URZ

Lux, Run Tryndamere Run!

URZ Last updated on October 26, 2010
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This is my first build, I decided to do it on Lux since she is a combination of some characters I enjoy playing. If you are not good with skill shots this champ probably is not for you.

Lux has insane range, and she can be quite the harasser at early levels.

Light Binding -Q- This ability is sort of an adaptation of Morgana's Dark binding, its got long range but the hit box is smaller than Morgana's and its damage isn't as good as Morgana's but it can snare 2 times. Get good with this skill.

Prismatic Barrier -W- I max this last simply because i find it to be pretty situational since you can only really use it on yourself because others tend to run in a direction away from it, its a matter of personal preference I don't like it very much but it can save your *** sometimes

Lucent Singularity -E- I absolutely love this ability, its damage gets to be pretty big and its slow is a great effect, this can be used for checking bushes, slowing running champs (possibly killing them if you blow it up) and is similar to Anivia's Q ability and Gragas' Barrel Roll.

Finales Funkeln -R- This is by far my favorite ulti, End game it can do around 1k damage and most people will not dodge it easily its great for killing that Tryndamere that is Running while hes Endless Raging. Great to wear down the team and with almost a 25 second cool down you can just rape face all day.

Illumination -Passive- This is a good passive im not sure how i feel about it so far but dont under estimate it and always use the combo that i state later in the description.

I honestly never really worry about runes for some champions they are almost a must but i have been using full AP this area can be changed until i can find the best combo for her.

9/0/21 Taking clarity and ghosts buff pretty simple.

I love working with these items if u can get early stacks on mejais your pretty much unstoppable Lich bane and your passive are like bread and butter i will be posting the alternate support route for her soon if you cant stack mejais.

Early Game
Go ahead and grab Sapphire Crystal for extra mana get to your lane, try not to mid she isn't as useful in mid but if you have to then do it. With Lux you have the great ability to sit in the back and dish out damage staying safe and letting your partner finish them off. Her basic skill combo is:
Light binding - hit them with it for a snare.
Lucent Singularity - Aim this so that it is a little bit behind them, but dont blow it up just yet.
Basic attack - To blow up Illumination
Explode Singularity - More damage
Basic attack - Proc Illumination from singularity
And if you can just Pew Pew that laser of yours

That has to be done quick and precise. and this will take their HP down fast. and your partner should be getting them while they are snared hopefully for a kill.

Going Back to base after getting some gold and killing or maybe down on your luck and getting killed you should grab Mejais. Now here is where it gets tricky if you have gotten kills and are confident go ahead and take it but if u cant keep stacks on it then dont bother just go for catalyst. I usually grab it anyways but if things are looking bad go for other items first.

Mid Game
By now you should be getting stacks and have your turret killed and should have your Sorc Boots by now but if you can get your Rod of ages ask yourself this first. Can i keep stacks? if the answer is NO then get innervating locket your probably asking yourself lolwut? but its pretty great on her and for your team but if you arnt doing well on stacks get some support items instead like Shurelyas, Soul Shroud, then proceed with Archangels then Zhonyas. I havn't had much of a chance to experiment with the support aspect of Lux i could be changing this section soon. You should be getting most of your stacks now and be using your laser to destroy running champs and surprising yourself when you get a kill from in the jungle when you cant see them.

Late Game
You should have all of your items and you should be doing alot of damage with your laser at this stage your either destroying or getting destroyed not much to explain here.

Since this is my very first build there will be alot of changes if i think i need to change them but i hope you enjoy it and offer some feedback negative or positive i also want to see if someone can get a penta with the laser if so plz show me the highest i have gotten is a double and my best score with Lux is 24/2/11 not great but im improving.