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League of Legends Build Guide Author uwannadie

Lux - start nuking

uwannadie Last updated on October 22, 2010
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This is my personally Lux build ofcourse you can think different about it but this is how i build her,

So i have been experiencing builds and trying some out i think this is a pretty good one to do great damage from the start to mid game and nuke at the end. the key to this is actually getting a sheen combined with your passive early and later turn it into a lichbane, this is actually very good because you have pretty big cooldowns on your basic abilities and so you have something more to rely on other than your abilities (auto-attacking with ur lichbane passive on and when they are charged with energy can result into a basic attack nuke for like 800 damage easily late game!)

Early game:
Start off at base getting a dorans ring and a health pot and head for mid!!! this is very important to get farm and maybe some early kills, you need this because i found lux not very good at early-mid gamephase so this will be somekind a solution for that and you will totally outlvl the sidelanes and you will be so much better and it results into very succesfull sideganks.

Harass with you Q and throw some E's in, when doing this the mana will not really be a problem because you have your masteries, runes and even clairity to make up for it.
i try to max my Q first because you will do some pretty good damage with it early (i found it better than maxing my E first but thats only personal preference)

try to farm it until you have like around 1600 gold and recall, buy a sheen and lvl 1 boots now the damage will come in, harass with ur Q and auto-attack him so he will get pretty good dmg from your sheen-passive combo after that you can throw an E to activate the combo sheen auto-attack combo again but only do this when they are charged with energy.

go back to the base to buy a soulstealer and your lvl 2 boots and try to gank a lane when you have the oppurtunity, prefered atleast lvl 11 for your lvl 2 ultimate. wait in the brush to let the lane gets pushed and then come in when your team engages. this will highly get you atleast an assist or a kill and maybe 2, you start charging you soulstealer already by now. after a gank either go mid again to farm, push or go the golem buff and after that either recall or go mid, push whatever is better at that moment.

Late game:
When you have atleast your rod of ages and lichbane you can start nuking VERY well because of the lichbane effect.

Group up with your team and when the tanks have engaged:

attacking combo: throw in your Q and autoattack after that wait just 1 second and throw your E in and once again autoattack this will do GREAT damage on them because of your passive-lichbane combo after that explode your E and your team should be probably winning the fight and if it gets a little bit stressing throw your W in immediatly and shield as much teammates as possible, once again you have your lichbane passive on and auto-attack.
Use your ultimate when they are getting away since it has huge range or use it when the enemy's are lined up very well for some great damage.

Thats about it for this build, i would like some feedback if there are any improvements to make please dont give me a bad rate if you havent tried it out ingame.

this is my very first build so tell me what you think about it and good luck using this!