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League of Legends Build Guide Author Visfarix

Lux: [Support] your team with LAZERZ

Visfarix Last updated on December 29, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Utility: 21

Note: You may want to read the whole guide before you go off and use it. Their are a some minor details that can make huge differences from just going with what is suggested up top.

Riot rates Lux as a high difficulty champion just under Anivia, and she well deserves this rating for Lux is one of the hardest champions in the game to learn and master. At first glance you might think she would make a good AP carry mage due to her good AP ratios and low CD ulti, but this proves to be nonviable in higher ELO games due to the extremely long CD times on her 3 main abilities. What Lux truly excels at is supporting her team by poking/harassing enemies, shielding her allies, and creating moments of opportunity to destroy the enemy team.

12:50AM 12/30/10 update
-Changed up the item order so you get Zhonya's Ring earlier
12:30PM 12/14/10 update
-refined changelog a bit
-updated items in response to removal of Innervating Locket in patch
10:26PM EST 12/5/10 update
-Added Introduction
-Modded Purpose list into a Pros/Cons list
-Added SS Exhaust to recommended SS.

-Provide support for your team while doing high, consistent damage
-Spells all have very long range allowing Lux to stay behind her team and out of harm's way
-Utility value is very high. There is so much that she can do

-Requires a whole new mindset for how to play her
-Main abilities have very long cooldowns. Very vulnerable once she blows through her spells
-Very reliant on teammates. You will not be able to carry a bad team with Lux
-All her spells are skill shot based. You thought Ezreal was hard? Now try Lux

Summary: This build is about providing serious team support and firing lots of lazerz. This means you get max CDR so you can fire your lazerz at a rate of 1 lazer every 24 seconds, and all your other spells are brought down to about 6-7 seconds CD each. You probably won't get as many kills as you would like, but you're not a carry so it's ok. Plus you can fire L A Z E R Z !

Summoner Spells
Flash: Do I seriously need to give a reason for this spell?
Clarity: With this spell you'll almost never run out of mana. Plus your team will love you for this, unless they're all ninjas or something(ie. don't use mana).
Clairvoyance: This spell is quite good for support champions, and is very effective with players that have good map awareness.
Exhaust: Great offensive and defensive spell. Melee DPS up in your face? Ranged DPS killing your team even with shield? Someone trying to escape? Exhaust them. Exhaust them all...

What with Flash being phased out soon, you may want to use Ghost instead.

Pretty standard 9-0-21 build for a caster. The point I put into Utility Mastery can be put into Insight or Mystical Vision depending on whether you use the relating spells or not.

There are a lot of rune build variations for Lux, and they mostly depend on your team composition and personal playstyle, so you'll have to pick accordingly. Unfortunately this may mean you'll need to have more than 1 rune page set up just for Lux.

Marks: Magic penetration or AP/level, take your pick. AP/level is slightly better imo because it will make your shield block slightly more damage.

Seals: AP/level lets you deal/prevent more damage, HP/level gives you more survivability in the long run, and HP regen will give you a better laning phase. MP regen runes are unnecessary if you have Clarity.

Glyphs: AP/level or straight CDR are best. Straight CDR glyphs are not totally necessary because the 5% CDR can be made up with Elixirs of Brilliance, thought they do give you a slightly better laning phase.

Quints: Straight AP

Skill Order
For level 1 you'll get (Q) because of its snare ability. Then...

Put 3 points in your (E) ability first. You need it to be at level 3 to bring caster minions to half HP so you can farm them efficiently. You can also use it to reveal fog-of-war to scout bushes like a mini clairvoyance ((E) doesn't have to be in the bushes for you to see into them).

Next, level up your (W) spell. This spell saves lives! or at least makes them live longer than they have any right to. It's useless at level 1, but it's very effective when maxed out around mid-game, even if no one but you notices. Great in team fights, so remember to throw your shield-erang wand constantly.

Then your (Q) spell comes next. The snare time is the same at all levels. Of course it deals a ton more damage and has a much lower CD at level 5, so you may want to level this up evenly with (W).

Finally finish up your (E) ability. Why max this ability last? Three reasons:

  • At level 5 this is your 2nd most costly spell
  • It's your least powerful offensive spell
  • And (most importantly) its CD is the same at all levels

Note: If you find yourself unable to 1 hit a caster minion after a Lucent Singularity detonation because you've fallen behind in gold or something, take another rank in it to insure you can 1 hit those caster minions.

And of course take a level in Finales Funkeln (R= L A Z E R Z ! ) whenever you can.


With the removal of Innervating Locket in patch, I have to revert back to the old item build that used Shurelya's Reverie. The build is actually cheaper and builds more quickly, but I found that it was weaker because you don't have the unique passive to generate HP and MP for you and Reverie's active was pretty useless. But now that Riot buffed Reverie a bit, it might not be as weak as it was.

Core Items
Shurelya's Reverie

1. Start with and a .
2. On your first couple trips back to the fountain, get Kage's Lucky Pick and . Remember to pick up a couple until you get Philosopher's Stone.
3. Once you've got Philosopher's Stone, try to always have an active. You really need that CDR until you have and .
4. Build your . Once you have the gold to buy , sell your and get that Rod. Getting the now while you have your gold generating items makes completing it much easier for you. Remember to regularly buy those .
5. Now finish your and Shurelya's Reverie.
6. Fill your last 2 item slots with any of the items below depending on the game.

Suggested Items

Note: I personally prefer over . Yes it gives you way less AP, but it's much more stable and it gives you another spell to throw around which really helps out your team. However, if you are kicking butt and you can insure your own survival go ahead and grab it instead of DFG.

About Boots: As always they depend on the situation. Use your own judgment for which one is the best.



Questions? Comments? Tell me what you think. I personally love firing lazerz every 24 seconds. It doesn't even matter how many kills I get as long as I know I'm helping the team and I'M SHOOTING L A Z E R Z !