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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author KamaFlare

Lux the High Powered Nuke!*Updated*

KamaFlare Last updated on November 2, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Alright well this is my first time putting up a build so be nice.

*Under Construction on Description*

Item Sequence
First i normally get a Doran's RingBUT! theres 2 things u can do from here....if u want u could rush Mejai's Soulstealer from the start and start getting stacks soonerOR!!! you could get your Tear of the Goddessif you feel you can take doing alittle less damage early game, but it could make a big difference on your arch angels late game.
Once u done that work your way up for your Sorcerer's ShoesAfter u got that u should start to see a small spike in damage expectally if u managed to get a few stacks and people will start to take note of your damage spike.
Now your going get a Haunting GuiseWith this if they didn't work on magic resist a little bit then your probably breaking true damage by now with 50+ magic pent Flat, not so bad health boost and an ok AP boost. with just these items alone you should be able to hit pretty decently hard.
Now its time for the Zhonya's Ringthis item will make you beastly and where most of your mid-late game power comes from.
Now that you got your high Nuke damage going with them having almost no magic resist to stop the high damage, its time to help your Passivewith the almighty Lich Banewith this your passive will become incredibly strong cause of your high AP when you do a normal attack.
now that you have your 6 items its now time to sell your Doran's Ring and Pick Between the Archangel's Staffif u feel for a little more AP/MP boost or a little more deadly power with the Deathfire Grasp, But if gotten the tear first i would forget the deathfire obviously because the Tear should be, if not then ALMOST full stacked that he gives which is +1000 mana at the end and will rise your AP alot.

Summoner Spells

Ghost - Ghost is an excellent summoner spell to have because of the fact your faster so u can catch people who are running away. be able to get them in range of your ult faster if need be, or in general a wonderful way to escape. works well with flash combine to get away flash out and ghost + snare if need be. u dont want to lose thos stacks.
Flash - Flash is a great way to set up a gank, catching some one up close with a suprise flash to there face to snare and destroy them your your skills. wonderful way to get out of a gank or sticky situation or to get around walls quicker in the jungles if your being chased. nice mix with ghost if u flash out of a gank and ghost after to run. once again u dont want to lose thos stacks. ghost and flash can give you the edge you need to escape. most games i generally dont lose much of my stacks if we get ganked and lose a team fight because of this mix.

Tips and Tricks
Lux can use her E skill Lucent Singularityto see into bushes, Deeper in jungles, for watching your sides when someones mia for a potental gank. If u need to get away u can always throw it alittle bit behind you or around your general path your running to help you escape from a deadly situation and someones chasing you because it slows them down as long as they are near it.