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Lux Build Guide by Banana King

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Banana King

Lux the Secret Support

Banana King Last updated on January 31, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Lux to me provides a great combination of offensive AP champ with some great defensive abilities. I first starting using Lux as the teams supporting Champ a few months ago and since then win to ratio has increased greatly.

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Pros / Cons


3 of her abilities have support uses (shield, bind, ward and slow). (Good CC)
High AP Damage
Good initiator with
If played correctly not easy to kill as you are normally near the back of the group.
Lux is never banned in ranked matches and very underplayed.


If out of position can be taken down very quickly.
If you miss a whilst retreating it can be hard to survive an encounter.
Mana starved early game.
Heavy reliant on skill shots and leading shots.

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Laning Stage

You should first buy a Doran's Ring due to the MP regen and ability power. The reason you don't need a ward will become clear later.

You should play the lane as any other support role and let your carry pick up the kills. The difference with playing as Lux though is that you can keep the enemy from getting a good farm using .

Using the bush as cover pop out and auto attack the opposition once in a while to make him think twice about getting to close. Then set a to 'ward' the area just behind the minions. At this point if the enemy decides to try and hit a minion your thus setting an , and then you can pop-out and auto-attack to ignite the and cause lots of damage. Else let the Singularity run out on its own accord with the bonus of stopping the enemy farm efficiently.

You can also use your to fire into bushes occasionally to check for ganks and / or cause damage.

At level 2 you want to get your as this is essential to stop ganks / getting pushed and getting early kills. I have stops many ganks from the jungler with and in some cases turns this into a kill for our team. is also great to throw into a bush / from a bush to setup a kill especially if you ignite the .

You should only go back to buy if either your lane has pushed up soo far and your partner has gone back, or if you have no mana / low hp and so does your partner.

Once you get level 6 you should start getting some kills either in your lane or if you help gank mid as is a great opener.

From here on in you can help your team push, start team fights with , protect your team with and normally finish a fight with Finales Funkeln. If you start losing a fight you can use to stop them chasing or combine it with to slow their chase.

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Summoner Abilities

For each of your abilities an "Illumination" is applied to the enemy, and if you auto-attack afterwards you gain bonus damage. This is a very useful passive as it does a nice bit on bonus damage on top of your ability.

This becomes important when you are poking at the enemy, and even more so when you go for the kill.

This ability is amazing as it has soo many uses. You can plant it in a bush to ward that area temporary. You can use it to slow an enemies retreat or advance. You can of course use it to damage.

I think the best use for this ability is a deterrent whilst farming. If you place your inbetween the minions and enemy champion most players will either wait the 5 seconds giving you time for a free farm, walk into it and cause them damage or have to go around the ability causing them to get out of position.

You have to love an ability that not only causes damage, sets an andcan bind up to 2 players. Useful for ganking, stopping a gank, initiating a team fight or generally just to annoying the opposition.

A useful skill which is great when supporting as it provides a nice shield to keep your partner in the fight longer. This is best used in a team fight as you can give the whole team the which can be the difference between losing and winning the fight.

An important note to make is that procs twice; once in the journey out and once again on the return.

Finales Funkeln

In the middle of a team fight when generally the enemy appears to bunch together using Finales Funkeln can deal a great chunk of damage, and if you set it off near the end you will be guaranteed a kill or more.

Aiming Finales Funkeln can be a bit tricky but the width of the beam is quite wide as compensation. The best times to fire Finales Funkeln is:

    Anytime the enemy is low HP and running away.
    Enemy is tower hugging with low HP.
    During or near the end of a team fight.
    To steal a buff / dragon / Baron.
    As a combo (more details below.

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Team Work

Early Game

Your job early team is to:

Disrupt the enemy from farming using and basic attacks
Chip at the enemy HP
Setup kills using
Stop ganks and the enemy pushing using
Keep your partner alive with
Clairvoyance whenever possible to stop ganks on your lane and other lanes.

Mid Game whilst still in Lane you should continue the above and..

Gank mid where possible with
Help take Dragon when possible.

Late Game / Team Fights

Initial a team fight with
on whole team in a team fight.
Use in team fight to stop escapes and take HP.
Finales Funkeln should be used mid team fight as this can turn the tables.
Whilst escaping from a team fight either by yourself or with a team use to stop them chasing.

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+ +

Going for a kill!

+ + + Finales Funkeln


Whilst escaping fire a behind to stop the enemy in their tracks. If you think they are still getting chased lay down a to slow the enemy and give yourself for added protection. Of course use your Flash if you need some distance, but as long as you land your initially I would be surprised if you don't make it make to safety.

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This build is for those of you who don't mind sacrificing being the largest Damage dealer but instead will provide your team with great CC. Don't worry though as you will be picking up a lot of assists and with your Finales Funkeln will be picking up some nice kills.

You will most likely be flamed a lot though as in team fights you will be at the back and will most likely escape when your team dyes. Hopefully your team will understand this fact and appreciate that you can fall back and defend your next turret.

Personally Lux is my favourite champ now as she can fulfil dual roles in your team as ranged ap and support.