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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Le Quazz

Lux - Time for something different [Overhauld]

Le Quazz Last updated on May 19, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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This is my first guide for LoL so don't judge too harshly! :)

Anyway, let's talk about Lux. She was the first champion I purchased after trying her out in the free week. I really liked her style.

What makes her different from other casters you may wonder. Well, for one, lux has an amazing range with her skills allowing you to establish lane dominance early on. Not to mention it's great to harass with and to poke later on.

Now, there aren't many people playing Lux in my opinion, which is fine by me, because this makes it a lot easier for me to hit them. Lux only has skillshots, which some might find a con, but personally I find it a pro. Why? Well, you may have a harder time landing those shots, but it also means you can launch them into the fog of war. Which can surprise your enemies quite a bit.

For those too lazy I'll put down a con/pro list.


-Long range with skills
-A bunch of cc
-Can save teammates as well as net kills
-Very longrange powerful ult
-Less squishy than most casters
-Skillshot only (if you find this a pro)
-Has a multiple allies shield
-Your autoattack isn't useless as with most casters thanks to your passive


-Skillshot only (if you find this a con)
-Still squishy
-No escape abilities (although you can snare chasers with Q and slow with E)
-If you spam your skills and miss a lot you will have trouble lower levels (less so with this guide)

What to expect from this guide:

-Masteries, items and runes and sometimes even why! Isn't that amazing?
-Be able to get enough mana regen to spam spells and get 40% cooldown rate (the maximum) without getting the blue golem buff!
-Some basic info on skill sequence
-The ability to stay in lane very long and the ability to roam and gank freely.

What not to expect from this guide:

-Auto win each game, no guide can do that for Lux, it depends on your team, their team, the way you play, etc. Lux is a teamplayer, your team is just as important as yourself.
-Pretty pictures :(

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For marks I went with the default magic penetration runes for obvious reasons.

For seals, I went for mp5 runes per level. Not flat mp5 runes. This is because I get 2phil stones early on which will satisfy the mana hunger of Lux. Later on these get sold, but your mp5 runes per level will shine and you'll still have plenty of mp5 to get around with

For glyphs I went with cooldowns per level. Early game you don't have to spam your skills (mostly because you can't), so early game you don't need the cooldowns as much.

For quints, I went with the movement speed quints, to give you extra speed to move around and help your team out or to escape chasers with less effort. I find these to be a necessity on most casters and Lux is no exception. If you really think you can do without these you can go for AP quints, cooldown quints or mage penetration quints as you see fit.

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I went with a pretty basic 9/0/21 caster masteries setup. I only put one point in the neutral monster buff because with this build I find I don't really need blue buff anyway, but it's nice that when you do have it, that it lasts a bit longer. Not to mention that baron buff. And as Lux you'll die little if you play her right.

I also put a point to improve the cooldown and functions of my chosen summoner abilities. There's nothing more annoying than being unable to escape a gank because your flash has 5 seconds left on its cooldown. The improvement on clairvoyance will help both yourself (ultimate aiming) and your team out a bunch.

If you prefer to not take clairvoyance, you can always put that point in the neutral monster buff.

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Summoner Spells

I choose Flash, the default escape spell and Clairvoyance, a support spell. If you already have a support on your team taking CV, you can swap it for Ghost to allow you even more mobility and chasing/escaping possibilities.

You can swap Flash with ghost if you feel more comfortable with that, but if you're playing a squishy and get caught you're usually done for anyway, so I find it better to avoid that with flash. (not to mention ghost can't dodge skillshots)

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Skill Sequence

R > E > W > Q

Your Q does deal a lot of damage when leveled up, but the increased mana cost early on will burn you down. It's primary function in teamfights won't be to deal damage either, but to snare 2 opponents to make it easier for your team.

Your E will slow opponents that walk through it and on detonation will deliver a heavy blow to their hitpoints. You can manually detonate this or wait 5 seconds for it to detonate. This is great for lane dominance and can also be used to scout.

With your W you will throw your staff and any allies it hits will receive a shield (twice if you hit them on return as well) You will spam this skill in teamfights to shield your allies from as much damage as possible and give your team yet another advantage.

Finally your R, the skill that makes Lux Lux and fun to play. A powerful longrange ability that hits everything it goes through. This means minions, neutral monsters, enemy champions.

It has a relative short cooldown (24 with max cdr) and is great for initiating fights, finishing off opponents, stealing neutral monster kills and so on. Use this at every oppertunity. Aiming it will take time to master as your opponents will see the red line before the ult hits them, they will be able to dodge them, so make sure they don't dodge (eg, fire it in the fog of war where you know the enemy is. Snare first and then fire, force them against a wall so they cant dodge, etc)

How to apply your skills in battle depends on the situation. Sometimes a snare is the best opener, other times it's your slowing bomb, and sometimes it's your lazer. You'll have to play her a bit to know when to use what, but in teamfights it's usually just spamming and waiting from them to line up so you can hit all of them with your lazer and lucent singularity.

I usually pick Q first as it's nice to snare people in lane. But if I have to solo, I usually get E first to keep them off my back.

Also, when you're doing a skill combo, don't forget to hit them once after every skill unless you don't have the time for it or it might get you killed. Don't underestimate the power your passive delivers, especially when you have sheen/lich bane. It's pretty much a fifth skill once you have lich bane.

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I like kage's lucky pick because Lux isn't that great at farming early game. This will help you get money for rabbadon's and such. It's the first item I sell because overall doran's ring is more useful. (yes, it should pay back for itself each game every game and more) Lich Bane syncs with your passive and scales of AP, given the ridiculous AP amount of this guide, you should hit very hard (to such a degree that you should consider your passive a 5th skill, autoattack whenever possible to trigger the passive).

I go for Banshees as last item, but it's situational. If you have no trouble staying out of harm's way and don't get focused, a RoA might be more useful. (you already have mr from Lich Bane). At that point it's too late to start on Archangels anyway, but RoA is still worth it. Alternatively this slot can be replaced with other items to counter specific teams. Zhonyas for example, if you get focused a lot by AD carries.

Overhauled on 18/05/2011: After trying some more games, I decided the old build wasn't good enough. You would stay in lane forever, yes, but you lacked power during midgame badly. The modifications should fix it. As Lux you needs lots of AP asap or you'll be lackluster in teamfights.