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League of Legends Build Guide Author l2noob4ul

Lux - Wtf? wut killed me?

l2noob4ul Last updated on November 1, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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IN ADVANCE, I APOLOGIZE FOR NO PICTURES AND ALL TEXT, I AM TOO LAZY! LOOOOOL just felt like putting this together, yet didnt want to that badly...i might change it when i have time tho

INFO - LUX HAS TERRIBLE AP RATIOS, to make up for that, build cooldown reduction/magic penetration, afterwards, get some defense, so many people think that building pure ap will be helpful, but that is a misconception unless you are a carry, which lux is not, poor ap ratios and not all skills being offensive dictates that, it is better to survive longer so u can w ur team, snare enemies, and hit them than to hit them once and u get focused down and die. ur W is useful in team fights, yet u are too squsihy to go close enough to ur team to position it nicely to get most people... therefore cooldown reduction/magic penetration/defense

Masteries - I go with a standard 9-0-21 build, using the flash and ghost masteries.

Summoner spells - i find that ghost/flash works best for high tier matches, 2 skills that works almost with every champion (not all, but ALMOST all), flash dodging stuns/skillshots (when u use ur flash while sum1 casts on u and u will not experience the effect, yet the enemy's cooldown goes off), flash across walls to escape pursuit of entire teams (might no work when u have multiple people chasing who actually has brains to cut u off), ghost/flash to just run away/kite stupid melees/get close to enemy to not give them a chance to dodge ur skills (probably wont be a problem for low tier players, but higher tier, any1 will dodge ur skillshots if they got half a brain)
when ghost/flash is used effectively, it can deal more damage than ignite and other "offensive" summoner spells, the longer u stay a alive, the more damage u are able to deal

well, ghost/flash is my personal preference, do whatever u want... but please... no heals/fortify/revive/clarity(you will have more than enough mana to spam spells with deathfire and archangel)

Runes - For reds i use magic penetration runes, yellows for dodge OR mana regen(the mana regen helps early on, but with deathfire and archangel, completely redundant late game, so decide if u rather have a better early, or better late game), blues for 40% cooldown reduction (get enough to get exactly 40%, or close to 40% cooldown reduction, 15% will come from deathfire, 9 will come from masteris, and you will likely pick up more cooldown reduction in items i will mention in a bit) the rest will be magic penetration(i know magic pene glyphs r garbage amount, but other runes are pretty useless as well), and More Magic penetration for Quints.

magic pene is MUST(maybe not glyphs since its a garbage amount), as well as however many Cooldown reudction is required for 40% CDR, others are all preferences, mana regen for a better early game, or dodge/def/magic resist for late game

Skill Sequence - Basically, i get Q for lvl one, then i prioritize like this, R > E > W > Q. I dont max q untill everything is maxed, u only need the q for the snare and to activate ur passive

Item Build - start off with meki and 2 health potion, switch 1 health with mana if u r confident u can hold off without getting damaged(if ur a nub, jsut get 2) u need the mana regeneration, lux is very mana intensive early on. Next, go with boots or another meki, more mana, more spells, more farming/killing, more gold to get more items. now advance 1 of the meki into a tear and then an archangel's staff, after the archangel, u should have little/no problems with mana cost.

grab a deathfire grasp, CDR, more mana regen, and an active to nuke(the main use is the CDR along with some ap and mana regen, the active is just a bonus)

for your last 3 items, go defensive, unless ur ********* every1, then grab a mejai(highly not recommended for high tiered games, and if ur gonna get 1 in a low tier, grab it earlier than after deathfire), zonya, and all that nice ap **** to *** rape them even more but if ur doing average...go defensive

for defensive items....
if ur enemy is magic heavy...
banshee (or if they're just disable heavy)
abyssal scepter (more ap, magic resist, AND magic penetration, bad thing is, lux is quite a ranged char, so the enemy will not always get magic resist reduction)
even if the enemy is completely magic, u still want to grab atleast 1 phys def item, if u haven't noticed, the effect of defense is less as u get more (the increase atleast)
0 def is 0 damage reduction, 100 def is 50% damage reduction, 500 def is 80% damage reduction (need check on that last number, lool abt 500 def) but u get the point... the def item will save u from minions and turrets and auto atks.

and on that note...
one of these is a must, randuin omen or frozen heart for the full 40% cooldown reduction (again, the passive/active of these will not ALWAYS affect everyone since you are partially range, but these are more of for the defense/cooldown reduction)
as for the other items, grab something with hp, because so far, u have no hp

the order of all the items after archangel is conditional, even the archangel is conditional, just less so since lux really needs the mana and earlier archangel = more charges (yes lux has terrible ap ratios, but still, u'd want to make the best outta the archangel since u would alrdy need it)
but typically, u'd want the archangel, and then the cooldown reduction items asap, of course with boots sumwhere in there

boots...merc or sorc...never anything else
if they have little/no disable, go sorc, else merc, as simple as that

Laning - Lux has crazy range....make use of it, use E, aim at enemy CHAMPIONS,explode, and make sure u are in range to smack them once so that ur passive activates, this will easily send them back to base or get them low enough for a sneaky snare and kill
get ONE level of Q, this is for snaring only, be sneaky, go into bushes and BAM, snare, hit, E, hit
try to hit after each spell for maximum damage with your passive, sometimes its just not possible, so if u dont think u can, then don't
aim champions, they'll get scared, and less likely to attack back, u gotta show who's the alpha male (well ur a chick, so... loool) in low tier games, it works majority of the time and the enemy becomes scared which makes ur laning much easier, if they are tanks, or healers and u just can't damage them enough, then use skills to farm and occasionally harass a bit, not so much as to damage them, but to show them that u are not scared of them (sumtimes u shud b, and don't), lux is actually very fragile, so if they don't get scared of you and start diving and focusing u, u're in trouble<---if u are good, then bait them into atking you and snare near tower/minions/ally

TeamFighting: When you team fight, i reccomend thowing an E into all of them, then using your Q then exploding your E and use your Ult. Try to get your ult to hit as much as possible and same with your E, lining your Q to hit two champions can be also very good for the fight. After you do that rotation, your are all on Cooldown and basically can't do anything, keep spamming ur W on your allies whenever you can (if u are actually smart and not lazy, then acutally think b4 u throw it instead of using it when no1 is atking ur allies and then it wares off and on cooldown)

if u got deathfire grasp use deathfire as soon as you can, this item takes percentage of CURRENT hp, so using it when the enemy is low decreases its effect greatly

with 40% cooldown reduction and level 3 ult, ur ult has a 24 second cooldown and your other skills has around 6-7 sec cooldown which is way better imo than a pure dps build where u may do 300-400 more damage, but without the 40% cooldown reduction and probably survive for a second (some people CAN pull off the ap build, but extremely difficult, hard to support allies and stay alive to damage enemies)

well i dont even remember if i said this already
but try to hit ur enemy after each spell, her passive hurts, and especially early game where mana is scarce...the passive deals crazy damage with no cost