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League of Legends Build Guide Author Zaabe


Zaabe Last updated on April 11, 2011
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Hello people, and welcome to my first build. I'll be introducing Morgana and her gameplay and stuff, having played only a few matches, but with great success.
I have to say, also, that I've read some Morgana builds, like "Morgana Prime" and "Morgana Satan's Mistress", and I've based on those to create this one.

Alright, read the whole guide before voting, and enjoy!

PS: I'd really appreciate feedback and constructive critics, in order to make this build better and better.

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Alright, as you may see, I went for full AP Runes, except for Marks and Seals. I'd rather go for Mag.Pen marks since we need that, just in case the enemy stacks MR, and MP5 Seals, just to improve your early game.

Pretty much basic runes, it's up to you, though.

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I usually go for a 9/0/21 Mastery tree, to get some good Mag Pen, CDR, Mana Regen and the whole thingy.
If you wanna play defensive, I'd recommend you to go 9/21/0, for the extra Armor, MR, and Health.

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Well, farming with Morgana is pretty much the easiest thing ever. Cast Tormented Soil (Will kill a wave of minions in lv 3) and just wait for gold's arrival. There isnt much to say here so that would be it :) .

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Good, Items' section.

(I don't know, yet, how to insert the Items' pictures, but will do so whenever I know)

I now start with Doran's Ring, used to do so with Saph Crystal in order to build ToG. Not needed.

Alright, moving on. I try to stay on lane till I got 1950g, therefore, I could buy Needlessly and Boots. Good mobility, extremely good AP, nuff said. Try to get your Deathcap ASAP, cause it gives you a great boost on AP plus an awesome passive (+30% AP). 155Ap + 155*0.3= 201A, Gooood game.

Build your MagPen Boots next. More mov. speed and MagPen always help.

As the match goes by, you should adapt your items to it. If they got plenty of AD, build Zhonya's Hourglass (decent armor, nice AP, cool active).

Ok, 5th Item. This items depends on how your match is going, same for 6th. If the enemy is smart enough to stack Mag Resist, then go for a Void Staff (40% MagPen, and extra AP).

Match still goin on? Well, you may wanna stack some more AP in order to bring everybody DOWN!. Go get your 2nd Deathcap, you'll now be unstoppable.

Once again, this item sequence is all up to you.

This does not mean that you should always do this build sequence on every freaking match. You MUST have the ability to know how your match is going and build your own Item Build and sequence, this is just a base.

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Summoner Spells

Uhm.. here's the thing:

I really like going for Ignite and Clarity.

Clarity: Recovers Mana. It will help you stay in your lane way much longer and, therefore, farm more minions. Plus, if you're running low on mana on a fight, cast Clarity, problem solved. ONCE AGAIN, this is just how I play Morgana, you don't have to follow the Build exactly as it is. Adapt your Spells to your comodity.

Ignite: Do I have to explain?

You may also wanna go for:

Flash: Good for getting in/out of ganks.
Teleport: Need to take a blue pill? Teleport back to farm more or harass.

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Laning Against...

Alright guys, this section will be about those champions you may get to lane against, and how difficult could be to counter them.

References :

-Green : Easy
-Yellow : Medium
-Red : Tough

Twisted Fate: Really? TF? He must be the easiest champ to fight as Morgana. Stun + ult = Done! Not much to say here, just watch it for his ult and Gold Card.

Anivia: This one really does depend on the Anivia you're facing. If she's good, gtfo. Her Stun and Ult can be reaaaaally devastating. Plus, if you get to kill her, her ****ing Rebirth will annoy you a lot. But, just like TF, Snare + Ult + Ignite =Dead,oh wait, Rebirth, nvm.

Annie: Super squishy champion. Just be careful cause she nukes like a *****. Be quick, play smart, try to Shield yourself before she ults. Same old routine: Snare + ult= Done.

Mordekaiser: You may see Mordekaiser mid. His capability to tank really is annoying, but not more than his freaking Health Shield. The only tips I can give you about him are that you should try to snare him under tower, and stay away from his Q cone. Pretty OP champion for being a tank. Play safe, play smart.

Akali: How I hate her Twilight Shroud. It will take skill to snare her while she's inside. Her ultimate is pretty good, so if you happen to be low on health and she commits the stupidity of tower diving, just snare her, shield yourself, ult, then let the tower do its work.

Ashe: Ashe, oh Ashe. Same difficulty as Twisted Fate, same old-routine. Super squishy, pretty useless early game, easily nuked. You can avoid her Ult with your shield. What else?.. I don't know. Super easy I'd say.

Kennen: Hard champ overall. Great mobility, stunning ult, literally speaking, great ability to harass, and epic damage. I wouldnt go for Red colour cause it really does depend on the Kennen.

Sivir: Once again, supersquishy champion. She can block one spell, though, so be careful. Her Q isn neither that good, nor that bad; plus, it's really easy to avoid it. Her ult adds attack speed and movement speed. Try snaring her and ulting, and she'll be dead for sure.

Teemo : Teemo... I dont really know who's squishier, him or Tf/Ashe. The point is, he's super easy. You can easily avoid his blinds or poison and once you get to snare him, he's dead. Unless your team ganks or gets ganked, you'll have FB, guaranteed.

Alright guys I ran out of champions. I mean, these are the champions I often play against, so I really know how to counter them, and how difficult they're to vs. More information coming out soon!

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Alright guys, summing up, Morgana is a great farmer, great damage-dealer, awesome supporter with some GREAT CC Skills (Q and R), an awesome Shield (W), probably the best in the game, and extremely fun to play (as I see it).

I really hope you enjoyed this build and tried it out. Let me know how it works out for you!
As mentioned before, I'm willing to recieve feedback and critics aswell.

PS: People tend to like seeing pictures of Match Results in order to prove if the build works out fine. I got no pictures, but I did 9/0/3 (victory, early surrender), 4/1/10 (Victory, early surrender), 7/5/11 (Loss, freaking noob team with leavers), and many more great scores. These scores may not seem AWESOME but remember that Morgana aint assassin, she's support.

PS2: I just played a Ranked match with her and did really great, 7/3/20 something like that. It was an early surrender though, but we really kicked them ***es.
Alright guys, see you later! Enjoy!