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League of Legends Build Guide Author Waffle

Mage (and everything) eater

Waffle Last updated on March 17, 2011
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Hello, Waffle here with a build for Cho Gath. with this build you'll be finding yourself legit eating everyone on the enemy team. Dont worry though, they will have each other to keep them company in your gullet.

"side note"
this is my first post on mobafire, please leave comments to let me know what you think of build.

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Pros / Cons


    Mad ownage 1 vs 1 fights (if you play right, you will always get them.)
    farming is easy with vorpal spikes.
    high health from gear, and Ult (Feast)
    great magic resist
    good ammount of armor
    unmatched movement speed
    can win 1 vs 2 fights

    not alot of damage at first.
    dieing can be annoying when you got full stacks of Feast

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Summoner Spells

i pick Teleport always for 5 vs 5 matches so i can get to enemies faster. Ghost isnt needed once you get all your speed items, i only use it for early game chases. a good alternative to ghost might be Ignite to help lower champs health so you can kill enemy with one feast spell faster.

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In start you need to push for the spirit Visage armor. it provides you with a nice ammount of bonus health, magic resist, and ability cooldown which will let you harass the enemy more (and get you more minion kills). After that you need to get boots of swiftness so you can reach champs and feast them before they get away. Force of Nature is also needed for its magic resist, Health reg, and movement speed. its passive also reg 0.35% of health every sec providing you with more of an advantage. Guardian Angel is importent because it gives armor, magic resist and revives you if you die. the revive lets you keep feast stacks, and is just annoying for the player who finaly killed you. After this items i put Lichbane and Scepter for damage, and more magic resist. i think they work very well with the rest of build but these two slots are yours to toy with if you want.

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Play Strategy

when the match starts play carefull. you want to prevent your first death as long as possible cuz your gonna need as much gold as you can get, and fast. use Rupture for farming and to harass enemy champs. try to aim where they are heading, if placed in a group of enemies its hard to notice the floor rumble. After they land from Rupture get in their face and use Feral scream. it will silence them for a few secs and deal a nice ammount of damage. Mage champs will likely retreat at this time. depending on the situation, you can either chase or let them go. Keep up this until you get the champ below the ammount of damage your feast dose atm. once it is below feast on them and they should be dead. If they die you will get a bonus to your health cap, and Cho Gath grows a little bigger in size. its kool to be huge, i mean just look at godzilla and king kong. when you are with your team, try to slow enemy retreats with a well placed rupture. dont forget to silence those pesky Nukes with Feral scream. I would only suggest you going solo if you are sure your not going to get ganked. i suggest staying with team till you get gear and full stacks of feast, even then play safe cuz if they destroy your stacks your gonna get pooped on. also if you arent feasting on enemy champs, feast on some minions to get the stacks faster.

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Cho Gath is a love / hate char. you'll be loving him and enemy will be hating him. nothing beats being able to just munch the enemy and get bonus health for killing them with a munch. useing this build will make you extremly tough to take down and if you go at the enemy with some team mates, they will rage quit in no time. enjoy this build.