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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author TidalPulse

'MageWick' - Done Pro

TidalPulse Last updated on April 7, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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About the author

This is my first published guide, although it may not be as pretty with special effects as others I assure you that the data within is probably more accurate and just generally useful than most.

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'MageWick' - A warwick which uses ability power to roflstomp his opponents

Awhile ago I read a guide on MOBA about MageWick, and I was thoroughly intrigued about the viability of this Alternative build, and after a few tries, i felt dissatisfied with the results. I soon started to tamper with the idea, and this is the end result. I felt that 'MageWick' was not only viable, but so fun to play that i don't play the standard WW build any more.

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Label of Contents

1. Explanation of differences
2. Summoner Spells
3. Masteries
4. Item choices
5. Jungling
6. Mid Game
7. Late game
8. Most importantly

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1. Explanation of differences

There are 2 changes which I felt were needed to make magewick viable the whole time.
1) my first change to the 'traditional' magewick guide, is that I think it its NEEDED to jungle.
- Warwick is one of the fastest junglers in the game
- Every good team should have a jungler to promote synergy
- Magewick is not the strongest early game
- Magewick is item dependant
- Warwick is a good ganker
- You get gold and therefore items from ganking
2) my second change is that 'magewick' should be more 'hybridwick', magewick just sounds cooler.
- Although hungering strike does scale 1 to 1 with his ability power and has a low cooldown and mana cost, one cannot purely rely on this spell with reasons being... if someone gets ignite or you get cc'd your f***ed.
- Hybridwick could probably take any champion 1 on 1 debatable but very hard to disprove (yes im willing to back that one up)

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2. Summoner Spells

Smite - Warwick is a very fast jungler, this assists him further in speed terms so ganks occur quicker.
Ghost/Exhaust/Flash - Any of these spells are suitable depending on how you prefer to gank
Ignite - Could be considered viable, but I feel that getting in and out of ganks is more important, and as you already are doing something for you team being the jungler, they should atleast make space for an ignite.

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3. Masteries

Pretty much self explanatory, this build buffs your jungling as well as your late game capabilities.
This can very easily be altered to personal preference, I just feel as if this is the best way or rolling.

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4. Items

Core Build

    Madred's Bloodrazer
    Hextech Gunblade
    Spirit Visage

Madred's Bloodrazer is the romeo to your juliet ultimate, it has such great synergy with the extra damage, + it builds from madred's razer from your jungling.

Hextech Gunblade is such a beasty item, it gives attack damage, ability power, life steal and spell vamp, + a juicy active for those times where you either need the finishing blow, or just a nice slow :)

Spirit Visage? This item is absolutely fantastic! How many healing abilities does WW have?
    His passive
    His hungering strike
    His lifesteal
    His spell vamp off hungering strike
    His ultimate
Spirit visage just keeps Warwick up for so much longer, as well as gives him the needed CDR for his hungering strike, + some extra health and MR on the side.

To be honest, the rest of his items could be left to your decision, Rageblade and Nashor's tooth are just what Ive been sucsessful with, but obviously they might have to change depending on what the opposing team set up is.

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5. Jungling

I would hope you know how to do this yourself, but for beginners... watch this video (excuse the music, not my personal choice) Credits to stonewall008 for that video.

The main reason for jungling as said before, is that it is so crucial for every team to have a jungler, and seeing as WW is so fast at jungling, why not if it doesn't cripple your late game?

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6. Mid Game

Gank, Gank and guess what... more Ganks :D

To be honest you don't really need your ultimate for all of your ganks, but it is better in general, just to be safer.

But one thing I can't stress enough.. YOU NEED RED BUFF.

In this build I do not get a perma slow item like rylai's or frozen mallet, this is because i assume you do already have red buff for ganks. Although we do have blood scent's movespeed increase, slowing the opposition down with red buff, prolongs the time they have to run to the tower (survive).

Ganking Technique
- Hide in bush
- Wait for un-expecting target to walk close to bush
- Summoner spell to get close and start to auto attack and hungering strike himhim (DONT ULTI YET)
- Wait for them to use their panic spell (Flash, Ezreal's arcane shift, etc) or wait for exhaust to endm and then use your ulti.
- Finish them off
- Enjoy free money :)

Although this may sound like pretty bad team play, and people may rage if your in a PUG, you need to killsteal everyone expect the ranged AD carry (ashe, MF, etc)

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7. Late Game

In team fights, you have 2 tasks.

If you take one thing from reading this guide, please be that WW's purpose in team fights is to take down their carry. Wait until the tank has initiated, and then as soon as you see the enemy carry getting into position to do some crazy damage, ulti (2 seccond lock out for him) and tear him to pieces, if you manage to do this by yourself, without dying or letting your enemies die to him/her, you have done your job in team fights.

Blood scent is beasty, use it freely to engage runners. Remember as WW your one of the strongest 1on1ers, and can easily take anyone except a burster.

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8. Most Importantly

Have Fun.

This build whether you do amazingly with it, or pretty mediocre is rather thrilling to play in my opinion.

Although this may not work at ELOs at more than 1600 due to keenos actually CCing you until they take you out, until then have fun and wreck terror at low ELOs!