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League of Legends Build Guide Author VariableMan

Magic Damage AS Twisted Fate (Not AP)

VariableMan Last updated on May 22, 2011
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Purpose of This Build

This build is focused on making a Twisted Fate that can do a significant amount of magic damage to an enemy quickly using items with bonus magic damage. Sword of the Divine, Malady, Wit's End, and Madred's Bloodrazors provide huge damage output. While it isn't as much as a fed TF could have using a normal DPS build, there are a number of benefits. First of all, thornmail does less damage to him. He is also more durable with Wit's End's magic resist, Madred's armor, and the health provided by Frozen Mallet.

Depending on how you are doing during a game, Phage might have to be purchased earlier for the additional durability.

This is a great build for assassinations. You should be able to teleport frequently and pick off just about any character 1v1 (sometimes even if the other team is fed). Using Destiny, Stun, Exhaust, auto attacks, and SotD's active, TF can usually kill just about anyone before they can even touch him.

However, this build does not have significant lifesteal, which is a big downside. You will find yourself returning to base a lot, but this is not bad at all with both Destiny and Teleport.

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Summoner Spells

Exhaust is essential, because it can keep your target close by, help you escape, or be used to reduce the damage output of an enemy.

Teleport is very useful because it increases your mobility. You can use Destiny to gank before returning to your lane with Teleport. You can also return to a tower near base if recall might not be fast enough for your escape. All around, this is extremely useful.

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Doran's blade is a solid start, providing health and damage. This makes harassing enemies less effective.

Next, get Beserker's Greaves, which give you much needed mobility and attack speed.

After that, rush Sword of the Divine. This, combined with Stacked Deck, provides a solid amount of magic damage early on. Whenever you are killing a golem, the dragon, an enemy champion, or a building, use the active. It helps a lot.

Malady is next. Although you might say "I thought he said no AP!?!", this item gives very little. However, the magic damage on hit is a tremendous bonus and the fact that it tears through magic resist is really important for this build. When attacking someone, your first few hits will do some damage, and they'll think they are safe when suddenly, your SotD bonus and your Stacked Deck magic damage hit them, which is most likely after you've hit them a couple of times, reducing their magic resist. It does a surprising amount of damage.

Now here I may get Phage if I have died more than an acceptable amount.

Now Wit's End. It simply adds more magic damage, more attack speed, and some magic resist for added survivability.

If I didn't get Phage before, I get it now. The added HP is extremely important, and the slow it provides is essential for "convincing" the enemy to stick around while you finish him off.

Madred's Bloodrazors are the next item. I would start building this with the bow. This provides a way to take down tanks and provides even more on-hit magic damage. This may seem to be overkill, but once you have this item, the amount of bonus magic damage on your almost maxed attack speed will be absolutely insane. The armor and small bit of AD is also nice.

Then, to cap it all off, get Frozen Heart, which will give you better slows and a lot more health.

Through all of this, I would also get health potions when they are available. Since Doran's Blade gives practically no lifesteal on a non-AD build, they are essential for staying in lanes.

Why so much attack speed?
This is because it is important for you to reduce the enemy's magic resistance quickly, so you can start having real damage output. Also, this build has basically the highest possible onhit magic bonuses possible, and attack speed is the way to maximize this damage output.

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Early on, harass a little, make sure to keep your health up. Last hit minions, and be careful. Go back to base if you need to and buy health pots or other items as you can.

After getting your ultimate, you should watch out for possible ganks. Take advantage of them, but do not abandon your lane completely just to get a kill. A tower isn't worth it.

Farm, farm, farm. If you have a second (and you don't have a jungler), grab some monsters in the jungle, using SotD's active to help if you need it. This is an expensive build, and you shouldn't finish Madred's Bloodrazors in most games, but it is really important to farm. Your passive (which gives more gold to your team) is a great benefit.

You should practice using your Wild Cards so you can stun easily. When in teamfights, stun the person you want to burst down, or their carry who is about to do a lot of damage. stay near the edge of the fight yourself so they don't focus you. Rarely, your AoE slow is more useful in a team fight to prevent multiple people from getting away.

From middle to end game, you should use your ultimate to take down individual players who are far from their allies. This will deny them experience and give you a lot more gold. If you select your stun as you teleport, and if you teleport to a good location so you can hit them, you should be able to take them down 1v1 unless they are seriously stacking magic resist.

Also, use your ultimate to finish off towers or backdoor inhibitors. This can be a game changer.

If other champions on your team have Teleport, you can take a ward, teleport to a location, place the ward, have them teleport to it, and turn a 1 man gank into a 2 or 3 man gank. This can also be used for taking down towers, especially if a tank has teleport. While your assassinations of lone characters is very useful, your mobility and using it to take down towers is even more important.

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That's it!

This is a really fun build to play. Unless I play badly early on, I usually do well with this build. Try it before rating, please.

If you want a more reliable TF build, I've played DPS Fate many times. It is a solid build and plays on TF's predictable strengths, but Thornmail can chew you up and you don't have as much potential if you aren't a little fed. This build is pretty solid even if you fall behind a little bit.

I hope you enjoy it!