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Lulu Build Guide by WizardOfIF

Magical Attack Speed Lulu

By WizardOfIF | Updated on April 18, 2012

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I got the idea for this from two sources. First, I watched someone play an AD Lulu and even though we won the game and Lulu did well I still felt like she was missing something. Second, I was watching Gaurdsmen Bob stream and he was discussing WW. Bob likes to get Sorc Boots on WW because most of WW's damage is magic damage. I realized most of Lulu's damage is actually coming from her passive and not from her AD. Her passive damage is magic damage so I have created this build to chiefly exploit her passive skill. The main problem I have with this guide is life sustain. There is no way to life steal or spell vamp from the passive damage. Optimally I would like to take this build to the bot lane with a support Soraka but it works well mid lane too.This is a late game build since all of your runes and masteries won't be fully beneficial until you get the added bonus attack magic damage from your items.

Remeber that Lulu was desinged as a support champ. Her abilities have plenty of base damage and don't scale all that much with AP because the designers were planning on you buying support items and not AP items. Your abilities will still compliment this build very nicely.
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Attack speed is still the main goal with the runes. For Glyphs take Magic Resist if playing mid and Armor if playing bot lane.
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Masteries are for Magic penetration and attack speed, more magic resist and Life regeneration, and movement speed and mana regeneration. Again if playing bot lane trade out the magic resist for Armor.
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Items serve two purposes first, they increase your attack speed, and second they give you more added magic damage for every attack. Once you complete Madred's Bloodrazor you'll being around 200 magic damage per attack + 150 physical damage with 2 attacks per second. That means your basic attacks do 700 damage per second. Your Malady here becomes the equivalent of the Black Cleaver for AD champs. You might think that since our goal is Attack Speed you would want Beserker's Boots instead of Sorc's Boots but that would be a mistake. You definitely want to the added magic penetration from the boots. You'll have plenty of attack spped without the beserker's boots by the end of the build.

Nashor's Tooth gives some great cool down reduction and mana regen along with it's attack speed. Even though our focus has been on our passive damage we can't forget the power of our abilities. Especially having whimsy back up for the disable.

Bloodrazor does magic damage based on enemy health. By level 18 any champion is going to have a minimum max health of 1800. That's an extra 70 magic damage per attack. When facing down a Cho or Mundo this can add an extra 200 magic damage to every attack. This is how you get your damage up to anywhere from 700 - 850 per second by the completion of the build.

All of the items have Unique Passives so adding a second of any one item will not be as beneficial as we would like. If your game goes late and you wind up with tons of gold I would definitely consider a Hextech Gunblade for the last item. I'm yet to have a game run long enough to fully test a sixth item. You really should need any more attack speed here so I recommend a sustain or defensive item for the sixth slot instead. Even a Gaurdian Angel or a Veil could come in handy.
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Skill Sequence

We max Whismy first because it starts out as our main defense. I almost always use Whimsy on the enemy for it's silence and slow. I do find it useful at times to cast on ally or yourself as a gap closer. Then glitterance for the slow. Pixie is last is used as a shield when needed or as a little extra damage when finishing off your enemies or not wanting to lose them in the bush. Wild Growth has amazing CC when cast on a tank in the middle of a team fight. It can also be used to save yourself in a tight spot as it adds 350 to your health. The bonus health remains as a heal even once the timer has expired.

Glitterance still does decent damage. When going straight AP it can easily clear out a minion wave. You'll find that it doesn't kill minions on this build but a single auto attack will finish off anything glitterance leaves behind. It has a great slow against fleeing enemies allowing you to get close enough to cast Whimsy and then kill them.
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Your early game lane sustain will be your most difficult part of this build. You have no life steal so be sure to grab some potions and focus on last hitting. Once you get a few points in Whimsy and you have your Wit's end you'll be able to half your opponents health while they're disabled.

Last hits can be difficult to time since Pix fires after you and breaks his attack into three shots. Your damage is good but it is drawn out. This becomes very scary late game when your damage will appear to be constant and unrelenting against everything.
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Team Work

I've only played this build in the mid lane so far and I do just fine. I still really want to take it to the bot lane with a Soraka support. Just convince your ranged ad to go mid. Don't forget to switch out your magic resist for armor. Hopefully your enemies will be equipped with armor instead of magic resist and you'll be making them cry much earlier on in the game. You'll be sure to hear the rest of the enemy team ask at the end of the game, "How did you lose your lane to a Lulu?"
League of Legends Build Guide Author WizardOfIF
WizardOfIF Lulu Guide

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Magical Attack Speed Lulu
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