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Ashe Build Guide by Zombiebliss

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Zombiebliss

Make it snow, A non traditional ashe build

Zombiebliss Last updated on November 18, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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So why Ashe, she's painfully slow, she has no built in escapes to blink over a wall, and her squishy-ness makes you prime target to focus. Well that's because Ashe is an amazing adc, though 1v1 ashe will fall short to most adc's, she has an immense impact on just how well your team can do. Keep reading to find out!

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WTF are you doing, gold runes? :Runes

You may find my rune set rather peculiar for an adc, considering most guides for any adc champ is the same regurgitated rune page set up as the next guide with few exceptions I'll explain why mine gives you an early, mid, and late game advantage.

Quintessence: x3 Greater Quintessence of Vampirism

Essential to any adc is life steal. This allows you to stay in lane longer and combined with the the 3% life steal from your masteries allows you the same amount of life steal as 3 dorans blades, not to bad. But assuming that the enemy adc has similar masteries and starts with a Doran's blade you'll still have a 3% life steal advantage over them. Once you get a vamp. scepter you'll have 19% life steal, almost as much as a fully stacked BloodThurster which allows great early and mid game life sustain

Marks: x9 Greater Mark of Strength

Flat AD runes will help farm by allowing a larger window for last hits and pokes to enemy champs which is crucial early game.

Seals: x9 Greater Seal of Avarice

Gold is your most valuable tool to wining as any champ, but as Ashe it is particularly important to get as much gold as possible because Ashe is completely reliant on items. With this and the gold you get from your masteties you'll be pulling an extra 4.3gold/10sec (25.8 gold per minute). Topped with the passive from your hawk shot it allows you to stack gold much faster than the enemy adc. Great for an early-mid game advantage

Glyphs: Greater Glyph of Replenishment

Ashe's skills are giant mana consumers. These runes allow you to use more skill shots with out needing to "b" back to base and also have less chances of letting that enemy champ run back behind a turret because you didn't have enough mana for your ult or volley. Helps all game long giving you 5.79mana/5sec (1.13mana/sec) when combined with the mana regen bonus from your masteries

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Are you going support or adc I'm confused :Masteries

Unfortunately you have to give up sum of the best mastery slots in offense to get the gold/10 in utility, but believe me its well worth it to stack up that little extra gold. You also gain extra movement speed and mana regen which are two of Ashe's biggest flaws. Remember Ashe doesn't depend on skill shots as much as most other adc's to deal out the damage. She's a classy broad, gotta dish out a little cash before she'll put out.... the damage that is.

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ughh adc's grab ignite bro :Summoner Spells

Flash is the most important summoner spell you can have as Ashe, since she has no built in escapes its quite literally a life saver. Be sure to outsmart your opponent when using it. Take full advantage of your volley's slow and then blink over a wall will save you on countless occasions.

I find that this spell tends to secure more kills, prevent a successful enemy gank, and provide a much better use in team fights than ignite. Even if your bot support nabbed exhaust it's still nice to have an extra, never know when a gank may happen.

If your team has 2 or 3 exhaust already feel free to grab this, but remember it still has a late game purpose of cutting healing effects in half. So if the enemy mundo pops that ult off shut it down real fast by Igniting him. Your team will thank you for not being a selfish basterd and only using it to ks a kill or just randomly using it on daruis at full health.

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Well that looks normal :Skill Sequence

Ashe has more than one proper skill sequence, the one shown above is just the most traditional way of going about it. Lets go indepth on this.

{Passive} Focus:

This passive is what makes Ashe break enemy champs late game, take a few seconds to run and boom nice chunk of health off that fiddle. remember to always last hit minions so that this can stack up for if you need it.

{Q} Frost shot: Ashes most lethal weapon, provides a constant slow from your basic attacks. If you have an aggressive support with cc skills such as Voli or Blitz I highly recommend putting this up first since volley's slow scales off of frost shot and it will help your lane secure more kills. Be sure to toggle off for minion kills as its just a waste of mana to use on them

{W} Volley: Ashes most defensive and offensive weapon. The only exception for not putting your first level on this is if your team decides to invade the enemy jungle, then put it on your q. This is great for pokes, farming, and my personal favorite checking bushes when your hawkshots down, to do this simply fire it into a bush and if you notice one stops sooner than the others then that enemy Ezreal is in that bush. I'd recommend putting this all the way up first if your lane-ing with sona or janna so you can have a better offensive position

{E} HawkShot: Ashes bread and butter. This skill acts as a line of sight ward for a few seconds, this can reveal potential ganks, if the enemy is going for dragon or baron, and can face check bushes so your support doesn't have to. The passive is my favorite part of this skill though, one extre gold per level of hawkshot per farm, a good advantage over the enemy adc.

{R} EnchantedCrystakArrow: The use for this is amazing, it can win ganks, secure kills that would other wise be a lost cause, save turrets on the opposite side of the map (and if timed right give you a kill), prevent early baron attempts and so much more. try not to go for the across map shots though, your team relies on this to initiate team fights, try to time it right to stun the enemy adc or ap nuke to cut there offensive capabilities and giving your team enough time to take out there damage

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Your not an adc whithout Infinities Edge: Items

Start game:Boots 3 pots, no exception. Ashe is super slow, she needs the speed boost and the potions help you stay in lane

Early game: when you have to go back to base this is where it comes down to who the enemy in your lane is and how well your doing. If you have enough for B.F.Sword always get this first. If your a little short go ahead and grab vamp. scepter for an increased sustain but do not buy tier two boots that comes after you've fully built your BloodThurster. If the enemy team has a karthus or your lane has an ap nuke build hexdrinker first to shut out that potential damage

Early-Mid game: finish building BloodThurster and get your tier two boots, I'd highly recommend getting Boots of Swiftness so you can kite better and get to lane faster.

Mid game: start building PhantomDancer but dont grab more than zeal and dagger, grab hex drinker if you havent already as the laning phase is almost over.

Mid-Late game: build your armor pen. item. take a look at the enemies builds to see if 40% (Last Whisper) or 45 armor pen. (The Black Clever) would better suite you. If your snowballing the enemy team Just go for The Black Clever since it gives you an attack speed boost and your team gets to use your armor pen. Finish PhantomDancer

Late game: Finish off Maw of Malice for extra damage and magic resist.
(if the enemy team has lots of cc go for Banshees vail if you keep getting focused)
build an additional attack item, the games almost over and rarely goes to let you finish building this

Other items: If you find your lane-ing against a Twitch or the enemy jungle is a Shaco nab an oracles elixir around level 11 to shut out this advantage, be sure to communicate with your support to grab a vision ward or two to help early game against stealth champs.

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Ashe is the most team oriented adc there is, (teemo may be the exeption, dam mushrooms) so remember don't lane by yourself and try not to break away from your team. Save your ults for teamfights and farm farm farm.