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Dr. Mundo Build Guide by reyndria

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League of Legends Build Guide Author reyndria


reyndria Last updated on November 7, 2011
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I'm reyndria, and this is a build for Dr. Mundo that most of the people on here that play him daily will probably think I'm insane for doing. Dr. Mundo has the capability to make himself a hybrid build with the right items, and still have enough ap to make him effective in a decent fight. This isnt going to be an EXTREMELY tanky mundo, but the significant amount of damage this build will do along with his ult should keep you alive in most fights. I'm not gonna lie, this is my first MOBA build guide, but dont diss this until you try it.

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Generally, I go with attack speed marks. these are for a boost early game, mainly to let his e be more effective for farming, chasing, and everything else. I use straight armor marks, straight magic resist glyphs, and straight hp quints for early survivability. if you feel better giving yourself ap glyphs, that works too, but you'll see why i suggest magic resist later in the guide.

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start with a doran's shield for its armor and hp regen. the boots i use really depends on the situation (i.e. if you're fighting ad, ninja tabi/ap, merc treads) but I put sorcerer's shoes in case of a well balanced enemy team. I try to get a spirit visage after my boots, because it should be about the time you get your ult that you can afford it, and this saves your life for the rest of the game. Here's where people are going to think I'm crazy; I get a malady after this. and yes, malady or nashor's tooth both work, but the attack speed makes mundo's e ability do a lot more damage in a very small amount of time. and since you also get an ability power boost from them, everything you can do just gets that much better. If you aren't just rolling over everyone by now, then you or your teammates probably fed the living **** out of the other team's ap carry, and you're getting bursted down by annie or malz. if this is the case, get a force of nature, but otherwise, get a guardian angel. After that, get a frozen mallet or atma's impaler. (i'd personally go for the mallet: it gives you health, when used with your e it slows enemies down, letting you and your team do a lot more damage, and it makes every ranged carry in the game freak out and ragequit.) if they havent surrendered by now, you can sell doran's shield and either keep boosting your e by getting an atmas impaler, or you can boost your other abilities with a rabadon's cap. either way, you should have a boatload of hp at this point (somewhere close to 4k) and be doing a lot of damage. if it really gets drawn out, sell malady for nashor's tooth.

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Pros and Cons


There's a lot of damage done, and you're still decently tanky
this build completely rocks for ganks.
you farm 10x better after getting malady since you can swing so much faster.
this is a really good solo lane build if you have a bit of patience

mundo cant farm well early game: hes just too slow
ignite can ruin your ult
teams with a lot of burst dmg champs (or maybe just 1 or 2 really fed ones) can power through your ult if you let them.

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at the start, get your cleaver and doran's shield and start just how everyone else does with mundo: head for the bush and harass with your cleavers. try to take some last hits: since this is an off-tank build, you'll need to have some gold for yourself - tell tryn he can kill the jungle creeps if he gets too upset. once you get to level 2, your e can do some good for last hits, and can be devastating towards an aggro champ like shyvana or xin if they try to come into your bush. once you hit about level 3 or 4, you should be able to easily take out an enemy champion with your cleavers and some well timed run-ins with your e. at this point, you might have enough for your boots, so if you're low, go ahead and get them. at level 6, the real fun begins. mundo's ult can keep him alive through a lot late game, but at level one, its really more like a free health potion. go beat down enemy champions, go to a bush, and use your ult to make them think you're only going to have 3 or 4 bars of health instead of the huge amount you would get from this. when they get greedy, take your free food and get spirit visage as soon as you can. getting any piece of malady while you're there also greatly helps you. once you get back into action, your ult heals you even more than it did last time, so you should have no problem killing anything short of a tank - this is the time that you might start hitting a couple of double kills from really greedy ad champs that are too busy raging at you to notice that you killed them again. ok, now the fun part. at about level 8, you should be able to have malady (if you want to use nashor's tooth you can, it just takes longer.) once you have it, you should be clearing entire minion waves like a boss without draining all your health away with your w. you can also mow down most champions by keeping them slowed with your cleaver and beating them down with your now ridicoulous ad damage. you dont do quite as much damage as a true dps, but you dont really have to: your ult lets you soak up their damage like a sponge. at this point i can usually be pulling some really crazy stunts without dying (1v5 at their turret doesnt ever work though...) but just in case one or 2 of those stunts go wrong, getting a guardian angel keeps you in action. getting a frozen mallet after this should help to kill as many people as possible in a team fight (i'll get to team fight strategy later) and again, this will make you laugh how many ranged carries will hate you for life. if you're actually still fighting after finishing this, then your team fed, but selling doran's shield for an atmas impaler helps a lot. if even that doesnt work (if your tryn and xin were recklessly charging too much) then trading malady for a nashors tooth keeps your attack speed, ups your ap, and makes it easier to kill their squishies. honestly, if that doesnt help, then hold out until your team finishes their builds.

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team fights

ok, you're an off tank champ, but you can still initiate a fight. most of the time, if youre the one initiating, you want to throw a cleaver and run at them with your e. turning on your w helps, but it takes down your health constantly, so i generally dont unless their whole team is in range. after this, your team will back you up, you'll keep using your q,e, and possibly w until youre at about 60% hp. i say 60% because of cc's but at this point, i hit my ult and start to leave, kiting with cleavers as i back up. this generally has everyone on their team pretty low, so you can keep chasing with your team, but if for some reason they all arent mostly dead, just kite them with cleavers and try to evacuate everyone for the next 30-45 seconds (15s left on your ult's cooldown) and then you can usually fight again without worrying too much.

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Summaoner spells

exhaust and flash are what work best for this; this both keeps an enemy in melee range for as long as possible, and allows you to quickly back out of cc range to use your ult and get out of a bad spot. teleport instead of exhaust works well in a 5v5 to allow you to quickly move from the shop to your lane and get that last combo on the enemy that thought you'd be gone longer (and to farm more) ghost instead of flash also works, since you ult plus ghost can allow you to match the pace of everyone but a yi with boots of mobility. i wouldnt suggest much of anything else: ignite always seems to leave enemies with 3 life when i use it, and in my eyes, exhaust lets me do more damage anyway. fortify and clairvoyance can be saved for the support and everything else is totally useless for mundo (no matter what the build)

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Solo laning

solo laning with this build is possible, but theres a trick. basicaly, use the same strategy as regular laning (harass from the bush), turret hug when need be, and use your e to do massive damage to minions (at first, his e lets you deal about 1/2 of a caster minion's health, or about 1/3 of the melee ones, so last hitting shouldnt worry you much) make sure you give yourself plenty of time to regen any lost hp, and if you're getting dived, do not leave the turret, just run around by it and kite with cleavers. after getting your spirit visage, focus on baiting enemies to the brush while using your ult to keep your hp up. once you get malady, they should be turret hugging for a while. after that look at the team fight stuff cause that's your new tactic.

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for those of you who think im totally out of my mind, know that its currently 4:30 am here, my last game put me at 6/0 within 15 minutes with this build, and that was at about 3:30, and that i admit to being out of my mind, but i still win games with this build.