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Malphite Build Guide by Gshep

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Gshep

Malphite Facerolling 3s

Gshep Last updated on July 20, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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This build is useful for 3s only, and when used correctly will result in complete domination of literally any comp the opposing team has, giving you the ability to withstand incredible amounts of harassment and damage, as well as dishing out damage steadily with the ability to force ranged carries and AP casters into the center of the conflict.

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My runes are set as such to give you a steady flow of mp5 to allow for harassing with q early game which is essential to score kills in lane. Combined with the mpen from marks you'll be extremely annoying in bottom lane to any champs allowing you and your partner to camp on creeps and farm cs. Armor seals and hp quints then make you a resilient tank even with just the shield purchased.

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Masteries are laid out for maximum ability power and mpen for your harassment as well as the necessary armor and hp5 to remain in lane. When combined with your runes and starter item, you'll be sitting at a fair amount of hp5 and mp5 at level one, allowing you to remain in lane for as long as possible and recover large amounts of hp and mana while you back off.

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Skill Sequence

Simple, max q asap with one point in w for the 20% armor and then the remaining points thrown into r whenever possible and e whenever q isn't possible. The scaling on w is terrible, while the debuff on e will not only reduce the damage dealt to you but also the remaining two teammates who assuming the other team is halfway intelligent will be focused over you. Maxing q quickest allows you to harass excellently in lane, as well as allowing you to outrun virtually any opponent.

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Summoner Spells

My favorite combo is ignite and flash, I won't be explaining the use of any of the other spells with malphite, because the way you can use these two spells to score yourself kills nobody else can get is amazing.

Flash - Flashing and then using your ult can compensate for a lack of positioning, give time for your team to get onto a running squishy, let you dive and burst someone in lane catching them by surprise and scoring you at least one kill a game I guarantee it. Finally, it can be used in the usual ways of chasing/retreating and is extremely effective in saving your ***, and considering your q gives m-speed is a better getaway for you than ghost in any circumstance, use q then flash and use the speed to put amazing distance between you and your pursuers.

Ignite - Used to snag that kill nobody else can, using your ult + q + e + ignite does more damage than most people are expecting, allowing you in lane kills as well as picking off a retreating squishy. This spell, especially with flash WILL score you kills, flash pop q and ignite will be a surprise to an enemy who had assumed they had gotten away successfully.

The use of these two spells makes you as effective offensively as defensively and and offensive tank is exactly the kind that dominates in 3v3.

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1) Start with a dorans sheild for the hp5, armor and hp - this combined with masteries and runes will make you regen both mana and health proficiently while farming
2) Boots 1 and pots depending on the level of harassment being dealt to you, this should be the only time you buy potions the whole game.
3) Ruby Crystal - so your 10% passive does more while your regen is OP, this will make it very hard to actually do any effective harassment and you'll lol while the enemy AP carry OOMs trying to harass
4) Merc Treads - you wreck ad carries as malph, so grab a little mres and the invaluable tenacity this item provides
5) Warden's Armor - more hp5 and armor, at this point you have a moderate amount of mres and armor, and between your q and the effect on warden's have become virtually unchaseable, allowing you to begin baiting and hit and running for kills.
6) Catalyst - by now you're realizing you OOM too fast, here's the solution! allows you to now virtually lane as long as you want until a team fight breaks out, you're now a harassing machine and should be accumulating kills as you bring the enemies down slowly then ult on their faces with your team for kill after kill.
7) Randuins - more armor, hp, and the activation effect allows for another effect like your e which which nerf all ad carries and make you a chasing/retreating machine
8) Banshees - more mres and the best passive in the game, you're now hp heavy, armor heavy, and impossible to kill with a caster between banshees, mercs, and your hp.
9) Sunfire - more hp, more armor = win. Plus the damage effect never hurts
10) Warmogs - hella hp, you're now the ultimate tank

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Team Work

Laning Phase:
Harass as often as mana allows with q, making sure to stay at an appropriate amount and letting your regen work, can gank top with flash and slow usually netting a kill early.
When you get your ult, harass the easiest kill as much as possible, tell your team to rush, ult up and burst him down with ignite for a free kill.

Lead your team around always, and setup team-fights as you're an op bastard with your ultimate once multiple enemies are stacking, allowing your teammates to burn at least one of their carries between your ult and your teammates cc/exhaust. At this point in the game, float with your team each time your ult is up and prevent the opponents from laneing and farm gold off kills with your team.

As the game progresses, the best way to ace in a teamfight is to have your team setup in a bush, then you bait them, even let them down you to half and use q and randuins to escape and get them as close to your team as you can, then ult up and watch the hilarity as their free kill on you turns into an ace for your team.

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I'm aware this guide isn't the most extensive, but I had a little time and I figured I'd show you how I turn a relatively weak damage dealer into a 3s winning machine. If you're in randoms, ask one teammate to pick an ad carry, and another to have an aoe ult to really unlock the op-ness of malph. Now go and have fun owning playing malphite as an overly offensive animal.