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Malphite Build Guide by HiroSagaru

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author HiroSagaru

Malphite- From Heart of Gold to Heart of a Fighter

HiroSagaru Last updated on November 3, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Hi, This is my first mobafire build so I hope you like it. I play with Tanks, Spellcasters, and Support mostly, but I've been wanting to address something that has struck me as a problem. Why is there no AD build for Malphite?! Since no one has stepped up, I've tried a method and gotten real good results as of lately in Summoner's Rift. The point of this build is to be not only a tank, but a gank, a minion farmer, and a great turret diver.

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With this build you will go from a pain in the neck to kill, to a pain in the neck to get away from. AD characters will hate to fight you alone, and AP mages and Ranges will not take you on without catching you off-guard first. You will not only be a great 1v1 match against just about any champion, but the very thing that makes the difference between a win and a loss. It won't be an easy road at first, but once you get in the groove of the character and the build as one, you will find yourself on everyone's friend list. Once you've hit level 18 your enemies will never get away without flash (unless you use Unstoppable force like a flash). You'll be doing up 900-1100 critical strikes with a 1.5 attack speed once your last item is purchased.

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Starting Items-With Stats

Summoner's Rift Starting Item- Doran's Shield
Current Stats at level 1
Defence- 36
Magic Resist- 39
Health- 600+
Health Regeneration- 2/sec (10/5sec)
Granite Shield- 60+
Dodge- 3%
Dominion Starting Items- Doran's Shield and Ninja Tabi

Current Stats at Level 3- TBD

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Fighting Style/ Pros n' Cons

Pros-Fighter's Courage

Early Game Troll- You will go bot, preferably with an ad partner who has a skill shot, if not than someone that can do damage to scare one or both agressive champions. My recommended partner champions are, Olaf, Tryndamere, Miss Fortune, Lee Sin, Pantheon, etc. You will be slowing enemies with Seismic Shard so the ad champions or ranged ad can get in quick pings while the enemies running to turret.

Regeneration King- Ten seconds out of battle means 30% to 50% health. Be sure to have at least 3 health potions at a time to make this statement true early on. Encourage enemies to waste abilities on you by keeping your health below 80% but above 40%.

Regulate Minion Health for Friends- Grand slam in the middle of enemies to get yourself and friends some easy Gold.

Stay Hidden-The grass is your best friend when playing defensive, because you can stay hidden from enemies but not out of experience range while building towards your granite shield and regerating lots of health.

Call ganks, Force retreats, hell of it, go crazy! (Level 6+)- You now have Unstoppable Force which as its name implies makes u a force to be reckoned with. Use it to get easy kills, take out the minion trash, and force an enemy champion retreat (if he/she gets away with their lives) in order to take turret.

A True Friend- Save allies by knocking up multiple enemies with Unstoppable Force. Don't if there are more than 3 cause you can exhaust 1 and steal speed from another if available if exhaust is on cooldown not than 2. Be sure to say you're welcome even if they don't thank you.

Cons that are manageable-

Greedy Ally?- If need be teach them not to ks you by making your grand slam kill all minions. Simply ask them not to ks your minion kills if they don't want it to happen again. Be sure to share some as well. You depend on your allies damage output early on so you want them on your side but not ultimately hurting your growth.

Out of mana?- Try not to get your mana below 250 unless you have no choice. Nothing says I mean business better than a good rock slap with armor penetration. Philosopher's stone will help but not ultimately fix the problem. Until you have Glacial Shroud be sure to manage mana properly before doing anything stupid(genius if you succeed).

Stay Away from River until You reach Level 6- Unless you or your friendly champion have placed wards, don't fight near the river. Easy ambush if MIAs aren't called and in some cases u could even get thrown towrds enemy territory which will make a harder escape if you even escape.

No time for Rest- If you find yourself waiting for enemy champions to defeat your minions and at full health, than swing by and visit the golems for a good 60 gold as soon as u get ground slam(2) (Level 5+) and ninja tabi.

Stay Away from FiddleSticks or any other gankers- This champion is the only one I've known to best Malphite in a 1v1 battle simply cause you're not gonna do enough damage to force him to stop draining you and if he's a smart little fiddle, he won't be alone very long. Be sure to get Eleisa's Miracle to reduce time feared. If need be use Unstoppable Force for a quick retreat from him or any other mage trying to catch you off guard

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When and what to buy

1st purchase- 475 gold-Doran's Shield
2nd purchase- 475+gold- Boots of Speed (350), Health Potion x3
3rd purchase- 750+gold- Ninja Tabi, Rejuvenation Bead (Health Potions if any extra gold but no more than 3 at a time)
4th purchase- 870+gold- Philosopher's Stone (800), Health Potion x2
5th purchase- 825+gold- Heart of Gold(825)
6th purchase- 1100+gold- Warden's Mail
7th purchase- 1195+gold- Zeal (Movement Speed)
8th purchase- 1300+gold- Sell Doran's Shield (237), Glacial Shroud (1525)
9th purchase- 1650+gold- Phantom Dancer
10th purchase-1700+gold- Randuin's Omin (900), Eleisa's Miracle (500), Cloth Armor (300)
11th purchase-2600+gold- Frozen Heart (950), B.F. Sword (1650)
12th purchase-2215+gold- Sell Eleisa's Miracle (650) Black Cleaver (1215), B.F. Sword (1650)
Final Purchase-2150+gold- Infinity Edge

Btw: If you die in between 11th purchase and 12th feel free to get what u can on the list at that point. Also if you prefer mana over attack speed feel free to get the glacial shroud first.

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Example Q: Why not get more Brutal Strikes Early on?

Example A: It's initial begins at 20% and only increases 5% each level. The boost isn't much at first so the only reason to use it is to boost Ground Slam Bonus Damage and for farming forest more easily with splash damage so only if you intend to farm forest should you get more brutal strikes. Most likely you won't even touch red buff til you have Zeal.

Please submit any questions you may have, I'll answer the appropriate ones.