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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Desty4Ever

Malphite is a great tank

Desty4Ever Last updated on August 19, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hey guys!
This is my first guide and i want to say that i know it is not perfect but it works great for me. So please don't rate it that bad please!

-Awesome survivability
-Deals great damage although he has not much attack damage
-Can tank up to 3 people at a time without diing so fast
-Is a great supporter too because of his slow skill and the frozen mallet
-CAN win a 1on1 with a DPSfor example: Udyr and Gangplank
-In my opinion the best initiator with his ult
-And last but not least: Probably the coolest champion in League of Legends

-Olaf = Anti-Malphite champion
-very bad solo champ
-Mages are dangerous

Lane phase:
Early game:
Malphite is very strong even in early games because of the Regrowth Pendant.
He can stay on his lane very long but he has got a problem with his mana pool.
I start off with a Regrowth Pendant. It is the best choice for any tank because tanks need items fast so they can tank enemy champions while the DPS kills them. On your first trip back you should buy a Giant's Belt for the 400 health bonus.

Mid Game:
Buy the Warmog's Armor and your Ninja tabis.
Now you should have at least one kill although you are a tank. Never ever lane solo because if you are the only one that have not died yet(you should not have died) they will try to get you.
Buy you Glacial Shroud to increase your mana pool and the damage of your third skill.
Your next item will be the Thornmail. With that item it is funny to tank the enemy's DPS because he takes a lot of damage through Thornmails passive.

Late Game:
You should now rush for a Frozen Heart and a Frozen Mallet.
The Frozen Heart gives you a lot of Armor and the Frozen Mallet an additional Health plus the passive. Your last item will be the Guardian Angel. It gives you Magic Resist and Armor plus the great passive. But the game should have ended when you got the Frozen Mallet. You should never leave anyone alone from your team if he need help. Try to get the enemy with your ult and then just kill him.

His Abilities:
Granite Shield(passive)
Not the best passive around but this is still a very good one. It grants Malphite a way to jungle, assists in tanking, and helps him hold his own very well against early harassment. Even late game this is fairly useful. It is very important you utilize this. When combat starts this passive often can be what, in the end, gives you an advantage. Anytime this shield is removed from you try to back off from combat and let it recharge during the laning phase. By keeping this up this will make you very hard to harass and keep you up a long time. It will helps a lot to provide you with a strong laning presence.

Seismic Shard
Malphite's harassment skill in early game if he is laning. Care when spamming this however as it will eat your energy very quickly. Its fairly good damage and steals speed from your opponent. The stolen speed makes a big difference for Malphite at times but it is somewhat circumstantial. It offers him a method of escape even if his opponent pops ghost to chase him down. I will mention though that this is not to be depended upon as an escape skill; that is simply an added bonus that may save you from time to time. It also doubles as an ability to chase for short distances when his low speed would otherwise prevent him.

It's especially helpful when your opponent has some sort of speed skill up. For example if a Rammus used Powerball to catch up to you and you use your Seismic Shard on him you will actually shoot up in speed enough so that he cannot catch you even while in Powerball. The same stands for characters that use Ghost to catch you.

Brutal Strikes
This is last on your priority list. It helps with taking down towers and farming. I however always take one rank of this skill in early game. It's very easy to spam with its low energy cost (Plus, you look really cool when it's on! ^_^) Late game this skill helps to ravage towers/inhibitors.

I will mention that I have tried numerous critical damage item builds and when combined with this I hit really hard; but, I also found with those builds I died just as much as I killed. Extended games will usually end badly for a Malphite that focused on damage to maximize use of this skill if there is no survivability items to keep him up. It's a great skill but should be used more passively then as a skill to base an entire build on.

Ground Slam
Ground Slam is probably my favorite skill on Malphite. Works very well in conjunction with Unstoppable Force. This give him very good ganking potential during fairly early game. At level 6 if your jungling this is nearly always going to net you a kill as the attack will probably be unexpected and you should be level 6 by the time your opponents are levels 4 or 5. It also allows Malphite an effective way to farm, jungle, or beat other physical attacking champions thanks to the decent area damage and the attack speed reduction it grants.

This skill is what will at least help give you the edge over other physical dps attackers. When facing a physical attacker you should come out on top thanks to mild armor and hit point investment and the reduction of their attack speed thanks to this skill.

Note: If you're fighting a Shaco this ability can be used to differentiate between Shaco and his clone. If this hits both you'll notice that the clone will take more damage than the real one. I advise you to always mark a Shaco when you see him. The reason for this is that if he uses his Hallucinate the real Shaco will have a target symbol above his head.

Unstoppable Force(Ultimate)
A well placed Unstoppable Force can change outcomes of games. It could be the sole cause your team scores an ace or the sole cause your team gets aced. A premature detonation of [text_skill=Unstoppable Force] is so very damaging but with great risk comes great reward. If you work well with your team this is by far one of the deadliest skills in the game. Great initiating skill and really applies pressure on the enemy team during group fights. Like I always say player psychology is important. Even if you don't have this skill up your opponents will be weary of it and be hesitant.

Because it allows you to jump right into the middle of your enemies it often attracts a lot of attention on you; which is good if your a tank...but your not. This is a big reason why some survivability is fairly necessary on Malphite.

One complaint I have against it is actually how it works being its name is UNSTOPPABLE FORCE because it's not at all unstoppable. Any kind of effect that knocks a character up or back will actually cancel this ability. For example if you use Unstoppable Force against a Cho'gath and he has his Rupture proc under Malphite while he is jumping for his ult then Malphite is knocked up and the Ultimate is canceled. Janna for example can stop Malphites Unstoppable Force with either Monsoon or Howling Gale. I think riot needs to change this.

Another complaint is that its cooldown needs a rework. It's to long in my opinion. This is one reason I like to jungle on Malphite when doing this build because the Golem buff helps alot to reduce the cooldown.


Your Ground Slam late game will make farming very easy but earlier on takes a bit more work. Early on Ground Slam shouldn't even really be used to farm creeps as you'll need your mana to harass your opponents with Seismic Shard. Try to kill at least three creeps per wave - this isn't critical but helps a lot. With the coming of late game you shouldn't have any trouble killing all creeps in a wave with the simultaneous use of Ground Slam and the passive damage of Brutal Strikes. Also, to farm easiest, do not attack the minion your minions are attacking they have a nasty habit of taking your kill/gold. I usually attack the caster minions in the back first. Also, a lot of players actually let the minions do all the work on an enemy creep and they just last hit it. I am too impatient for this. =P Do what feels right to you.

Malphite is a great early game champion because of his passive. Try to harras enemies with your Seismic Shard and get the golem buff whenever you can.
I think Malphite can be played on AP and i will try to create a Malphite AP build for everyone who wants to try that.
I will upload it as soon as i have found out how to play him that way.
Enjoy playing Malphite and always slain your enemies