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League of Legends Build Guide Author Lolanon

Malphite - Let's Rock!

Lolanon Last updated on August 29, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Lately I've been facerolling even at level 30 games with this underplayed and very underestimated piece of rock called Malphite. Many people on my team have raged and que-dodged me after I locked in but most of them praised me as I won quite a few games from my teammates with the most assists, least deaths and a high amount of solo and hopefully non-killstealing team kills. I fell in love with this puppy as time progressed and now I'm proud to present you this amazing champion with my preferred item, rune and skill build.

Summoner Spells

I took Flash for one as it is very useful in Escaping, giving malphite another extremely useful escape ability. It also lets me position my ultimate better and let's me catch up to escaping enemies. I would reccommend this in all your games with Malphite.

Ghost I took as another chasing/escape ability that helps you save teammates a lot of times and juke enemies better. You can replace this with a few abilities but most of the time this is the preferred summoner spell.

As Malphite is very good at pushing with his R and E AND W, Teleport can be massively useful in getting around the map/pushing and helping out in teamfights. Another reccommended summoner spell.

To be honest I wouldn't reccommend anything else as it doesn't help you nearly as much as Flash/Ghost or Flash/Teleport. (Cleanse and Exhaust isn't bad though.)


My runes are pretty straightforward, as malphite isn't a health tank, flat-HP quintessences are not needed at all. The 20 permanent armor is extremely useful and so is the dodge with stacks really well with your Ninja Tabi and the CDR reduction which is very helpful.


My skill build focuses on maxing Q for harassment purposes and chasing. It is very useful for catching up to any fleeing hero and slowing them down for your teammates or for escaping. The damage is rather nice too.
Leveling up E is also very good as it let's you deal some nice damage once you have a lot of armor and the 50% slow along with your armor and later Frozen Heart pretty much makes enemy meelee champions useless against you. It is also an invaluable farming tool!
W is good for increasing damage and armor late game and I get 1 level quite early on for better pushing as it makes you deal AOE.
R is an amazing initiating/chasing skill that should be leveled up without a doubt. The damage is quite negligible but the 2 second knock-up, which is effectively a stun, it provides late game is basically a ranged Amumu ultimate with a little bit less range. Save it for teamfights or for acing teams and chasing down fed people.


My items focus on armor while giving you other useful bonuses such as Dodge, some Health, Immolation from Sunfire Cape for farming and some okay damage. Randuin Omen's amazing AOE slow designed to even further mess up enemy teams. Guardian Angel's unkillable passive-active and later the amazing 25% reduction from Frozen Heart which nicely stacks with E. Banshee's Veil can be put in before any item if facing disable and spellcaster heavy teams. If it is ultimately necessary, another magic resistance item (Force of Nature works really well, substitute for Sunfire Cape.) can be added in order to boost your survivability VS AP-damage reliant teams. Also, be sure to sell your ever-useful Doran's Shield later as you are going to need inventory space.

I am a huge fan of using Health and Mana potions and I always stock up on them before leaving base so don't forget to buy them. If I have money and item space I usually buy 2/2/ and this let's me stay in action for longer periods of time.

Mastery Trees

I use a very uncommon build for this one, as Malphite is obviously a tank he needs Defense, but at the same time utility can really benefit him in order to increase his overall mana regeneration and skills. I went as many points as allowed in the defense tree once I filled in all the Meditation points. Nimbleness is amazing with dodge/Ninja Tabi and additionally the Greed is a nice addition, if you don't want it it can go either in Arbor, Strenght of Spirit, or Willpower if you are going to pick up cleanse, or Cripple for Exhaust.

To be continued...

(Strategy/other things go here.)