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League of Legends Build Guide Author kasza87

Malphite - Nuke bomber

kasza87 Last updated on November 16, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Malphite - nuke bomber

First of all i should explain a few things:
1. English isn't my native language and i haven't learned it at school (I know it from games and movies) so i make lots of mistakes.
2. You may ask why i'm using armor penetration runes... answer is easy: I have started playing Malphite just recently and I don't have sufficient IP to buy runes especialy for him so I'm using runes bought for my carry champions

Summoner Spells

1.- this spell is most nessesary for my build becouse Malphite needs a lot of mana and i'm not using any mana related items, at early game it helps a lot to use skills for harrasing or even killing enemy champions.

2.- I'm using this spell just becouse i love it... it hepls you chase enemys, it helps you run away if nessesary and most of all it helps you to get fast to your team or even flank enemy goup and create an oppening for your team to chatch up and kill them all.


1. At beggining i'm buyingDoran's Shield andHealth Potion

Those two items gives you everything thats nessesary to survive early game

2. NextNinja Tabi

This item give nice armor boost, movement speed and contributes to your overall dodge chance, so now you are even harder to kill.

3. Now i'm trying to get 1110 gold to buyGiant's Belt and change it toSunfire Cape as soon as possible.

Now you have high amount of HP so it's harder to kill you and killing minions becomes much easier.

4. Now depending on enemy team you want to getGuardian Angel or anotherSunfire Cape

- If you are facing a mixed team that can deal lot of magic damange or have 2 or more stunners you want to getGuardian Angel becouse it will save your life most of cases and it also give nice defense for psyhical and magical damange

- But if enemy team is composed of 4 or 5 carry champions then you are sure to die even withGuardian Angel (you will die twice and that is really annoying), thats why i reccomend to get anotherSunfire Cape becouse of it's health boost and additional damange for surrounding enemy champions (now you can farm just by walking around - it's nice for lazy players like me)

5. Now game should be ending, but if it's still going on you should buySunfire Cape ( orGuardian Angel if you really want and havent buyed it before )

6. And another oneSunfire Cape

7. If your game haven't ended yet i reccomend to sellDoran's Shield and buy anotherSunfire Cape

So at game end you should have 5xSunfire Cape and 1xNinja Tabi


4xSunfire Cape, 1xNinja Tabi andGuardian Angel

Now i should explain why so many sunfire cape are in my build... it's becouse players mentality: players tend to just ignore malphite in most of team fights becouse he have lots of hp, even more defense and and cannot do much after using his ultimate[R] and ground slam[E] and here comes my build... with 3 or more sunfire cape you have lots of hp and lots of defense so it takes some time to kill you, your ground slam makes quite high dmg (it should be more than your ultimate) and you are dealing constant damange to everything that is arround you making your breaks between ground slam less irrating ( yes i mean "irrating" becouse i'm used to champions like master yi and tristana and watching as your champion is hiting enemys with regular hits that make nearly no damange to enemy champion becouse his skills are on cool down can really get me angry)

Skills and how to use them

Seismic Shard[Q] - not only it deals a lot of damange early game but also slows your target and make you run faster. You should level up this skill as soon as possible becouse it's your bread and butter for most of game, but you should remmember a few things:
1.Allways have enough of mana for 1 use of this skill becouse in fights 1vs1 and 2vs2 there is allways someone that is trying to run away becouse of low health:
- if it's you use this skill to run away from champions that are chasing you
- if it's your lane partner use this skill on enemy chasing him (and also runs away becouse early game your dmg output is too low to take on 2 champions at once)
- if it's enemy (most of cases) use it on him to allow you and your partner to catch up to him or even kill him by using this skill.
2.Dont tend to use this skill whenever it's avaliable becouse it eats mana like crazy and you are destined to need it later (unless your clarity spell is ready to use).

Ground Slam[E] - Level up this skill right after Seismic Shard and use it whenever you can, not only it deals lot of AOE damange that scale with your armor but also slows enemys atack speed and that allways is extremly annoying for mele enemys, but dont tend to use too much for killing minions becouse it's better to have some mana left to fight enemy champions.

Brutal Strikes[W] - this skill is a bit tricky... i recommend to get one point in it at lvl 4 to help you kill minions and dont max it until there is no other choice and why to do so ?
1. its passive allows you to get a little splash damange but becouse of my build it is usefull only for killing minions ( you will deal too little damange to champions with mele attacks to waste points in this skill)
2. its active increase your dmg and armor by 20 - 40% and it's too little to feel significant difference early game, but it's a whole other story late game (nothing is better that increase defence for tank type champion)

Unstoppable Force[R] - Malphite ultimate skill that can turn whole fight upside down. First of all there are 2 cases when you should use it:

1. to initiate a fight and allowing your teamates to start killing.
2. if your teamates are already fighting and you are delayed by some reason wait with this skill till some of enemys start to run away and use this skill to stop them from doing it.

[Q] - skill mostly used for harrasing and preventing enemy escapes (occasionaly allowing your escapes) but also used to dealing dmg on squishy or nearly dead champions (dont even try to use it on tank with full hp unlessy you have lot of mana)
[W] - skill used mostly late game in team fights right before Ground slam to increase its damange but if you are innitiating a fight with many enemy champions by using unstoppable force they will focus on you in most cases thats why it's better to use it after ground slam to increase your defense for a bit longer.
[E] - skill that you will spam like crazy in team fights (I mean using it whenever it's ready) becouse of it's damange and atack speed debuff on nenemy champions
[R] - skill used to initiate fights (in most cases) or stopping enemys that are running

How to Play

Early Game

In most cases you will be on top or bottom lane ( Malphite isn't bad at mid lane but there is almost allways someone better suited for it in your team) and your role will be harrasing, harrasing and harrasing (even blackmailing if you are cappable of doing it :) ) in other words keeping enemy champions on low health for as long as possible waiting for a chance to kill them and best way to do it is by using your [Q] skill.

Mid Game

There comes whole fun of playing maphite... by this time lane period should be ending and your team starting to gank enemys. From this point on you will be using Ground Slam[E] and unstoppable force[R] in most cases.

Allways be where are enemys ( the more the better) and be in frontline... becouse of your passive you should be abble to ignore enemy harrasing and when you think that your team is ready to fight initiate a fight with [R]followed by [E] (this should deal some hight damange to enemy team) right after that use [Q] on enemy with lowest health or most squishy (he will propably try to run and your skill will prevent it). When in fight allways try to stay near as many enemys as you can and spam [E] this skill with addition of yours sunfire cape items should do considerable damange to enemy team and if you see someone running use [Q] on him.

So your skill combo should look like that [R] > [E] > [Q]

Late Game

Late game is basicly the same as mid game but there is a little difference becouse enemy champions are stronger and have more hp so you need to start using [W] skill and that your skill combo will look a bit different:

- if you are initiating a fight with team with lot of squishy champions like Ashe, Annie ect use [W] > [R] > [E] > [Q] to maximize your first impact damange

- but if you are facing thought champions like Garen, Mordekaiser ect use combo like this
[R] > [E] > [Q] > [W] this will give you a little higher chance to survive and let you take heavy beating for longer.

Hope my guide will allow someone to like Malphite even more than he is right now :)