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League of Legends Build Guide Author LetsMakeThisFun

Malphite: "Rock Solid"

LetsMakeThisFun Last updated on March 25, 2011
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For a long time I have been searching for a Malphite build that has the defense to make Malphite a tank, and the ability power to fuel all of the attacks Malphite has (which all use magic damage). So I decided to make up my own combination of items to get defense and attack. And I believe I have found the answer. ATTACK WITH YOUR DEFENSE

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Starting off with my masteries page. I have a simple tree based on defense with a little utility. You have your basic armor, health, magic resist. For utility I added in a little boost for your ghost skill and Clarity skill, and then left some over for more experience and less time spent dead. With these masteries you will be able to survive and tank a lot of damage from those annoying beginning game harassers.

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Skill Sequence

On to my skill sequence. I love Seismic Shard so I get that 1st, in case you need to slow and chase for a kill, or slow to get away from being killed. I get Ground Slam next to do some moderate damage and it makes a good combo when used with Seismic Shard, also it will help with minion farming. Ground Slam won't do that much damage early on, but with 70% of your armor being added to its damage you will be able to deal some heavy blows mid game to end. I get Brutal Strikes next mainly because of the minor effect to enemies around your target, this will aid you in minions farming as well, hit a minion a couple times and then Ground Slam will finish off others around it. Brutal Strikes will also help as you will be around the time of attacking turrets, and everyone could use a bit more damage. I like to get Seismic Shard and Ground Slam up to lvl 3 before your ult, just to increase your damage and minion farming. And of course get Unstoppable Force whenever possible.

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My rune build is a simple defensive build. Magic resist, armor, and health. This build will help tremendously at the beginning of games to tank enemy spells and attacks. You can change up your quintessences to make all 3 boost a certain trait. For instance having all quintessences health, or magic resist, or armor. But I decided to level it all out in my build.

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For my item build I get Boots of Swiftness, because let's face it... Malphite is slower than Helen Keller finding a needle in a haystack. This will help to catch up to retreating opponents in order to hit them with Ground Slam. I then get Raylai's Crystal Scepter. This will give you a great advantage beginning game, because it gives you a good amount of health to survive whatever the enemy throws at you and it gives you some ability power to give your skills more of an impact, this item should hold you over for a little until you get Frozen Heart. I like to get Frozen Heart because of the nice armor boost which will thus increase the effectiveness of Ground Slam. Also it gives extra mana, this is helpful because it allows you to harass with Seismic Shard because Malphite's attacks don't take much mana. Also everyone who plays Malphite absolutely hates the cooldown time on Unstoppable Force. Frozen Heart will take some of that cooldown away, giving you more chances to kill enemy champions. Next i get Sunfire Cape for the obvious health and armor. The 40 dps to nearby enemies allows for extremely effective minion farming. Next i get thornmail, mainly for the 100 armor bonus which will cause your Ground Slam to really hit opponents hard. Also the 30% damage return is a nice bonus for any champion. The last item is Zhonya's Hourglass. This is a perfect item for Malphite, you get the 100 ability power to boost your Seismic Shard, and Unstoppable Force. and you get a little bonus armor to give a little extra to your Ground Slam. Therefore you are using all stats of the item and getting the full value of it. The two extra items I've added, Ninja Tabi, and Force of Nature depend on your opponents. I've found that if i need more defense in magic resist (If casters/ nukes are really kicking your butt). I suggest you sacrifice your Boots of Swiftness for the little extra armor and dodge of Ninja Tabi. And sacrifice the armor and effect of Thornmail and replace it with Force of Nature. Force of Nature has the movement speed increase to make up for the previous Boots of Speed. Force of Nature will also give you that useful magic resist to take care of casters and a good health regeneration effect. The only problem will be sacrificing the armor (which converts to Ground Slam damage) into your magic resist. Generally you would be sacrificing Ground Slam damage for magic resist. But this item build is a good balance of defense and offense which is crucial for a successful Malphite. Overall endgame your core will be Boots of Swiftness, Rylai's Crystal Scepter, Frozen Heart, Sunfire Cape, Thornmail, Zhonya's Hourglass.

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Summoner Spells

I decided Clarity and ghost for Malphite so that you can take care of those speedy and sneeky champions that try to run. I chose Clarity to give you the advantage of mana replenishment so you can harass with Seismic Shard, also Malphite's mana drains quickly early game with his low mana and the mana cost of his skills. I chose ghost for when you need that extra movement speed for a kill or for an escape early game, and whenever you might need it later in the game. I put points in my mastery tree to increase the effect of both of these skills to give equal mana replenishment to surrounding allies with clarity, and for extra speed and duration for ghost.

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Gold Farming

I really wanted to just make a point on minion and neutral monster gold farming techniques. Minions farming is huge for Malphite, this build is definitely not cheap and you will need the gold for the items necessary. This is why I try to buy Sunfire Cape early. While gold farming on Malphite you need balance. You have to be generally in the middle of a minion wave but focusing your attacks towards the larger group in which you stand in the middle of. This is to have the passive on your Brutal Strikes hit the majority of the minion wave to get more gold. While stand in the middle you will be damaging nearby minions periodically with Sunfire Cape and any minions that attack you with Thornmail. after a couple seconds with Sunfire Cape you can quickly, easily, and effectively dispatch enemies and get the gold with one Ground Slam. This farming technique is crucial for Malphite especially when you get near purchasing the Needlessly Large rod near end game. With this amount of income it will also be much easier for Malphite to achieve and complete the item build, which is rare for 3v3 and sometimes even in 5v5. And completing your build will give you a large advantage over your enemies who struggle with completing heir builds.

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Through this build I believe I have created a great balance between offense and defense. Thanks for using this build (if you even did lol) I hope it works for you guys as well as it does for me. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is what I mean by ATTACK WITH YOUR DEFENSE

Good luck and Have fun.

PS- please comment and give me your opinions, thanks :)