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Build Guide by BlowJoe

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League of Legends Build Guide Author BlowJoe

Malphite - Stand Against

BlowJoe Last updated on October 29, 2010
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A Malphite Guide

by BlowJoe

Early Game:

In this Phase you just have to hold your opponetns in distance with your [Q] and your [E].
Also you can very good farm with your [E] and its dont cost very much for that reason I'm leveling it up first. For good farm and if an opponent comes to near hit [E] one time hit your opponent and throw your Shard but be carefull with your Shard DO NOT Skill it in Level 2 to 6 beacuse it costs too much Mana and you dont have much of it!

After getting your Ult you can go for a little nice Gang i think Kennen and Malphite are a very good Team. Beacuse if your opponents group up run with your Ult in them hit [E] hit [W] and when your running into them Kennen have to run into them or your Lainmate. Beacuse your opponents have you as their target they dont will attack only you and your Lainmate can do his Dmg without getting some Damage!

Mid Game:

Dont forget to FARM! also for Tanks farm is very important beacuse they need their Equip to Absorb massive Dmg! Also Try to never go out of the main Pushed Lain to protect your allied. Every time an Allied is attacked from another player throw a Shard on him run to him and hit [E] and [W] and only Autoattack him. If other Players are coming to help him run into the biggest Crowd with your Ult and hit [E] and [W] if an opponent trys to run away just throw your Shard he will be come back :D

Tower Killing:

Every time you have time to hit an Tower sereval times hit your [W] beacuse it increase your Atk-Dmg the Tower will go down in some seconds with some allied Champs.


In every Teamfight your main role is to Tank the enemys. Ever you see that they group up or they just going to attack one Teammate just run intothem with your Ult and hit [E] to make some AoE (Area of Effect) Dmg and slow their Atk-Speed and hit [W] to make nice Dmg with your Autoattacks in AoE.
When an opponent trys to run away just throw your Shard!
Every time hite the Dps-Champs with low health or with only little HP.
If you get Stunned hit your Cleans and just go on Spamming [E] and as ofen as possible [W]!


I get first a Rejuvenation Bead just for some nice HP reg. it is very usefull beacuse if you got some Dmg just wait for your shield and your life will regenerate very fast!
I also get Faerie Charm for nice Mana reg. Beacuse your Spellst cost very much Mana especially [Q] and it is just usefull to have every time full Mana.
The Health-Potion i get only for emergencys.

When you just Farmed a bit go back to buy Long Sword and Boots of Speed.
And when you have enough Gold go back to finish your Tiamant and your Boots. (It is very important to buy the right boots in a Hard Caster and CC Enemy Team buy Mercury'S Threads and against Carrys like Master Yi or Ashe buy Ninja Tabi!)
The Tiamant is just for Farming and havin some little HP and MP reg. You can sell it if you have enough money to fill up your Item build. But i advice you to let it as long as possible in your Build beacuse it also increase your AoE-Dmg and incerase your Normal-Dmg!

Now i normaly going to build an Guardian Angel beacuse it gives some Magic res. and some Armor and this nice litllte evect. I swear when i have Guardian your opponets will have respect of you and in an gang they will focus you down beacuse they want to kill you with your Guardian :D so i think its an perfect Tank Item!

After that finsh you Item Build with some HP and many resistans.
I know Malphites Passive but i think to Stack Wamorgs on him is the badest Idea who you can have! Your Opponents buy one Madrets Bloodrazer and your death in some seconds!
buy some HP only to look like a Tank and give your opponents some Respect and then Stack res. Aganst an Caster Team build more Magic res. and against and team with more Carry buy Armor.

If the other team is very balanced first buy some Armor beacuse Casters need more Farm to make massive Dmg. and they are better in End Game. But also Buy Magic Res. it is also very Important! in Mid or Early Game!

At First This Was My Malphite Guide Thanks For All Wathers And Comments!
I'm Very Sorry For My Bad English But I Hope You Understood Everything And Got Some Knowledge About Malphite.

Gl & Hf in your Games see you "On The Filds Of Justice!" :D