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Malphite Build Guide by SirAlaric

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League of Legends Build Guide Author SirAlaric

Malphite - Tanking on GOD MODE

SirAlaric Last updated on February 15, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Build Notes 2/15/12

This build has been EXTREMELY SUCCESSFUL. You can solo top with it, duo bot, jungle or even mid if you follow it. (Just grab smite if you jungle). The only reason I've taken a loss while following it has been due to team mates. I have over 30 characters and have played every role this game offers and as those who play the role of tank know...if you lost while playing the tank it's because you failed as a tank or they failed you. A pro tank is nothing without a semi-competent team to back him up. Just as a pro team is a failure behind a noob tank. ;)

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Item Build

The items and the order may make complete sense to a lot of Malphite players but even still I'm sure there are questions out there about it. Let's start with the choice of the first few items. Why do you go for the philosopher's stone? Simple, it enables you to harass with your shard ability. A good tank harsses them to the point they get frustrated enough to overextend as they pursue you. Meanwhile, your team mate and possibly your jungle smash em and you get out scott free thanks to your armor and health regen ;).

Speaking of armor...why is the first main item Thornmail? Well yes a nub would ask this question but possibly other Malph players as well. Thornmail gives 100 armor for only 2k gold. That alone is good enough, nevermind the damage return which eventually becomes OP as their team's carries deal more damage. Armor is the main thing a tank needs and Malphite even does more damage the MORE ARMOR HE GETS. You rush this...all of a sudden you've become nearly invincible to the AD opponents you face at your current level. Oddly though, they will still attack you, giving you the perfect chance to stomp on em ;).

Naturally you then think, "AP chars can quickly take you down though right?" They would if you didn't go for the Force of Nature next. Now...if you face an AP character when you solo top...rushing Thornmail is pointless. Simply rush the Force of Nature and you'll still be a threat. Also, it shouldn't have to be said but in case it don't have to pickup the Force of Nature if their AP is doing horrible or if they have none. Simply skip to the next item in the build and proceed forward. :)

Last preemptive question I consider you would ask is..."Why do you get the boots of mobility?" This build treats Malphite as the team's Main tank who will solo top if you have a jungle or go bot with a carry/support. Shouldn't he get Merc treds or the Ninja Tabi. If you buy Thornmail...the Ninja Tabi is a waste since you WANT people to hit you and take damage. But Mercury Treds? Yes they are great on tanks they really are and you are free to go for them or sell the Boots of Mobility late game and pick up Merc Treds for that all important last team fight. That said, I highly recommend using the Boots of Mobility. It GREATLY ENHANCES YOUR ROAMING ABILITY. You aren't Shen and can't insta-port to his team mates. have teleport but most likely it will be on cooldown the moment you actually need to use it for a situation like that. The Boots of Mobility + Ghost or even without Ghost allow you to be EVERYWHERE to tank pretty much EVERY FIGHT and GANK AT WILL. As everyone knows...position in this game means everything. If Malph can get in to position more often than not because he has the speed to get to where he is needed you will become your teams greatest asset. Remember...what good is that extra cc reduction and mresist if you can't ever get to the fight on time because you move too slow? This is also one more reason to consider always buying the Force of Nature because of the movement speed it grants in addition to the regen and mresist.

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Last Item

There are a lot of great items that Malphite can benefit from. I highly suggest picking an HP or cc protection related item. If it's cc I suggest the Quicksilver Sash. You could get the Banshee's Veil...but I find the Sash seems to be better since you can pick and choose what and when you want to clear ALL...not one, cc effects. If you need HP, go with Warmogs. Just keep in mind that you'll need to build it up ;)

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Skill Order

First question on a lot of people's minds might be...uh why in the heck are you rushing to lvl Seismic Shard?! Simple, it's your main skill! Once it hits level 2 you should spam harass with it. It massively drains squishes and is only hindered by champs with high health regen. With your philosopher's stone, you can spam to your hearts content! If they are dumb enough to get close to you, beat on them with brutal strikes. Once you hit level 6...simply drain them via shard spamming until they have a quarter health left. Then ult, brutal strike, ground slam and shard and they will die 1v1, 2v2, 2v1, 3v2 every time. Heck you can tower dive them with ease if you have drained their health down and get away laughing.

The shard is perfect for roaming and easily allows you to join/initiate ganks especially when you have the boots of mobility as well. Honestly, they may as well fight you because they won't be able to run away from shard + ult.

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The only question you should really have is...why do you use movement speed runes? A lot of people see the reason why but I'll enlighten you. Malph doesn't get Phantom Dancers or many movement speed increasing items. But he NEEDS to be able to chase people down. Take these puppies early game and your all important shard skill just got even better ;)