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Malphite Build Guide by Last_Legion

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Last_Legion

Malphite the Originator of Tanks

Last_Legion Last updated on November 26, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Offense: 9

Honor Guard

Defense: 0


Utility: 21

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This is my guide on how to Gank and be overall a great player with Malphite. This will contain detailed description on why the masteries page has been set-up conjuction with the Runes page. As well as how to use Malphite, with the skills unlocked and farming XP and Team Ganking.

I apologize now for any errors in spelling or grammar however this is my first guide ive done and published. So i hope this helps with your new attained champion - Malphite

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Masteries Page

Right so we got a basic 9 offensive 0 defence 21 utility, this is due to the demand on the players presence in the lanes. The offensive mastery tree is merely to improve the effectivness in combat increasing overall ability power and attack speed with a combonation of cooldown reduction, the result is major increase on Malphite's ability to attack offensivly and not needing to worry about his HP due to his abilities (i will discuss this later on).

The Utility is a major part of the succession of this build due to its high XP farm due to 3 main "sections" which are: Awareness; Intelligence; Mastermind and Perseverance. The 3 first sections help increase the cooldown reduction of Malphite's abilities meaning he can strike more and more of the same ability for most effectiveness. The only one level on Perseverance ensure's you to stay in the lane longer than usual because the small 3 Mana and Regen you gain stacks to be a massive game helper in the earlier rounds, leading Malphite to stay in the lane for a longer duration gaining the maximum gold necessary to gain items needed later.

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The runes are set there for a reason, this is because most people set out with 3 stones used 9x for "maximum" effect gaining the best advantages However, this isn't the case all the time. I have tried 9x of 3 main runes which does help alot, however damping out 2x runes for another section helps you massively in return. The 7x Greater Mark of Insight, allows Malphite's "Q" ability to hit with great effect (not maximum due to lack of 9x) however, this will not matter by the end of the build since your items will help buff you up making this unnecessary for you, therefore i proposed a 2x of Greater Mark of Potency, this is because the added on Ability Power balances out the lack of 9x by increasing your damage of your ability powers.

Now the 9x Greater seal of Resilience is needed, i couldn't void this for any other rune, this helps you be a tank almost takign more damage than usual helping you greatly by staying in your lane, which is key for overall success for Malphite, due to the need of gold and XP to be able to rack up quick kills and help finish team ganks.

Now with 7 & 2 Glyph's, this has been chosen again the same reason with the Marks, this allows you to get a massive booster with your Magic penetration helping your succession in kills and team ganks but the added 2x Vitality help you stay in your lane longer and sustain more damage in a team vs team brawl in a potential lane.

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The way to push forward

Malphite's main strength is his passive ability which i will talk about later in the guide, this passive plays a major play in his ability to take damage in his lane. The way to keep your lane sustained or pushed is simply to stay "back" behind your minions getting the last hits farming your gold and XP, while doing this you will be needing to keep spamming your "Q" spell on the enemy champion this will cause a minor damage and minor drain of speed (currently) however the cooldown reduction on your ability at first will be low enabling you to "spam" your opponent and be a massive nusense in your lane.

When going for the kill you want to time everything right, you can start killing from level 2 (if skilled enough) however i recommend from level 6 when you gain your ULT. The way to work this out is simple, spam your opponent with your "Q" spell, to half or under half health, when you feel comfortable with timing you want to activate your "R" spell to hit mass damage and stun them, when you do this hit your "E" spell when your opponent near lands to hit a combo attack from this spam with your "Q" and finish with your ignite spell to confirm the kill.

When ganking pay attention to your jungler or any team mates reporting a lack of enemy champions in there lane, this may mean they are going to kill the epic monster, if so check it out. (DO NOT ENTER THROUGH THE RIVER OTHERWISE YOU MAY GET KILLED) instead stay on the opposite side of the Epic monster (5v5) in the jungle area this allows you to see if it's getting attacked, if so make sure there is 3 of you to ambush your opponent with a Gank. To initiate the Gank, all Flash and use each others ULT and Combo's to kill off the enemies (this is pretty simple with a talking team).

This is the basic way i play and succeed with Malphite however when attack play to your style however it may not be the best style with Malphite's abilities.

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Skill Sequence

The skill sequence i use is similar to one of "Master-Yi" due to the "Q" and "E" spell rotation however adding the "W" at level 5, this is because the "Q" ability is for me the best ganking and best tool to anoy the enemy champion in your lane, this is because the "Q" spell allows you to deal a nice amount of damage with Decrease in speed on the enemy champion allowing you to keep spamming them with it (with the low cooldown reduction from runes) this technique is pretty similar to the one used with "Ashe" and her "frost Shot" slowing your enemy down till you confirm the kill.

The "W" spell has a passive and an active. The passive allows you to "splash" your damage to near by enemy unit's making this a nice tool to get the final hit on a minion and a potential low HP minion next to it. The Active use is to increase your Attack Damage and Armour, allowing you to be a 5 second tank when going into battle, however this is a nice little ability for the Passive since it gives you that potential to kill a nearby minion gaining you extra Gold for one attack.

Now the "E" spell is a nice spell to have, this lets you get final hits on champions, farm XP, deal mass damage in combo's. This spell is an AoE (Area of Effect) Spell which originates from where you are standing, the way to use this for Farming XP/Gold is to stand in the middle of a group of minions on low HP and active, this should instantly kill ALL minions on a Low HP and nearly killing the rest, the weakened ones can be easily picked off with the passive of the "W" spell. In a duel with another champion this ability is Key when using it in a combo since, it is used after the "R" spell (ultimate) for a devestating combo dealing heavy heavy damage.

Lastly the "R" spell is a spell which allows you to charge at your targeted area, when hitting the enemy champion or targeted it deals a mass damage and throwing them up in the air stunning them for a short period of time, with this time it allows yout to activate youe "E" spell for a mass combo damage and then to finish with the "Q" spell upon death.

Tips - The "R" spell is a massively important spell and don't just use it as an offensive weapon, the "R" spell can also be used to interupt enemy champions charged abilities such as "Nunu's" "R" Spell (ULT) making them waste mana and dealing no damage!

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the items are self-explanatory, the stacked sunfire capes allow you to just be a general beast and just stay in the lane longer and killing...killing...killing did i mention Killing? the enemy champions massively. (suggestion one of these can be changed for a trinity force). The other items what i consider must for most champions such as the banshee's viel for that Mana needed.

the 2 capes are necessary but one can be traded for a trinity force however for full effect, grab 3 capes, one banshee's viel, one mercury's boots and one force of nature.

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Team Work

Team work is essential for any champion and team to allow them the victory, Malphite is pure power enabling to take the top lane by himself with small amount of difficulty however this is easily over come by the experianced players of LoL. If you are soloing top this allows one of your team members the ability to jungle and help in team ganks on ANY of the lanes since they don't need to worry about any since they are all covered.

Now how to take an enemy out with a team member if your taking a lane together, this all comes down to the champion with since, it opens different chance's and "combo's" to kill and finish the target. Lets first go down with how you want to get it started and have a high chance of successfull killing.

The first thing is obviously to weaken your enemy champion to a comfortable HP where you know you should have a massive chance of succession, in order to do this you can do either two things, BOTH of your champions attack and delibratly push there champion back allowing one of you to hide in the bush ready for when they come back, OR allow your ally champion to do all the attacking only if they are a character such as Veigar, Morgana or Ashe (Ranged/Mage) this is because they will have a high mana resource and depending on them they will have mana restore items and potentially clarity meaning they can instantly grab there mana back.

From here you would of talked on who's your target initiate the kill, firstly have one of you in the long grass/bush to stay hidden, when ready, this is where Malphite's power are essential. Target that champion with the "G" key to let them knwo its going to start, firstly hit your Q ability to weaken them down and then give them that extra decrase in speed, from here attempt to use ignite to confirm the kill, when this is happening your ally champion should join straight away since the enemy champion has a decrease in speed making it easier for them to finish, if your playing with morgana, let ehr use her "Q" spell to either kill or mass damage the enemy champion and stunning them, then allow Malphite to use his "Q" spell to kill or weaken them down, this type of combo is very nice and easy to do and has a high success rate due to Malphites "Q" ability (mainly decreasing speed) this is what allows him to gain mass kills.

When going into a battle with Malphite in a scenario such as 3v5 (to them) be conscience with your ULT ("R" spell) since yes it is an amazing offensive weapon but in the correct scenario's the perfect defensive weapon too, Malphite's ULT can also be used to disrupt enemie's abilities which contain a charge up, such as Nunu's ULT. Using Malphite's ULT at this time disrupting the enemy champion can be the decider in either losing one man or losing all your men, this little disruption is massively important and i recommend doing it in most circumstance's.

The final part of the team work section is letting your team tell you position's of the enemy champion's, you NEED to know this infomation since it can help you grab an easy kill if they are going to a monster to grab an ability power-up. The best way to do this is to stay hidden in the grass (if they are attacking one)and wait till the creature is on very LOW HP then initiate your ULT to steal the kill and gaining the ability power-up and also massively hitting your enemy, then use the Combo earlier i talked about (ULT > W+E (splash damage) > Q) and chase for the kill if didn't suceed in killing but! dont chase too far since they may lead you to a gank so make sure you can use Flash for a quick escape, however your team will tell you if there is a champion missing letting you know to get ready and leave there.

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Overall Summary

Sorry the items isn't upto scratch as the other sections however i will be able to edit this later for detailed description however for now this is what you need to know -

- Longer time in your lane = more XP and gold for the necessary items
- Co-ordinate team ganksfor maximum gold intake
- use Ignite to get that last hit on the enemy to grab the kill
- overall...combo..combo..combo COMBO!!!! and you get those kills!

thanks for looking at this guide, its my first and i enjoyed doing it