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League of Legends Build Guide Author cZ Intense

Malphite the real tank v.1

cZ Intense Last updated on October 13, 2010
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This is a very simple build but takes alot to master. If you are the type of player that likes to help the team and you dont worry about kills this is a great Champion for you.

Your items are ment to keep you alive and take damage for your team while they kill everything.

First 15min of game - Stay in lane the entire time, there is no reason to go back you are a tank and have armor that regrows so you dont take damage. Start with a ruby crystal it will give you the hp needed to stay in the lane the first 15min. Also it gives your armor a boost, as your armor is as strong as 10% or your hp. When you go back for the first time you should pick up a heart of gold (for hp and extra cash) and your ninja tabi(movement speed and some extra dodge.) If you have some cash left over grab a mana pot or two and a ward. Always remember you are in the game to get your DPS champs some much needed kills. Now head back to the lane and either put the ward on dragon or if your team is aggressive throw it on the opposing sides blue golem buff.

Mid game 15min-25min - Start assisting your team with ganks, that is one of the main reasons for your teleport it an easy way to get your team kills, let a lane push and tp in for your ult ensure that you let your teammates know that your headed there way so that they can bait a little bit. Farm when you dont have your ult up and as soon as its back up head to a team fight and initiate and tank the dmg. Your items when you go back should go as follows pick up a giant belt (you need the hp) then finish your sunfire cape (hp and some added dmg when the others are attacking you) Next work on your force of nature but this depends on the other team, if they are hitting you with some great AP then get the force of nature if not opt for the frozen heart first (if your going the force of nature route then grab a negatron cloak first then finish off when you get the cash. If you a going for the frozen heart first pick up a glacial shroud first for the cooldown reduc, then finish off the frozen heart. By this time you will be headed into late game

Late game 25min-till end - Alright by now things are getting intresting and most fights are team fights, so you are the key to the battles. You must initiate the fights and tank as much as the dmg as possible. When ever you head back to heal up start building either your Guardian or finish your Randuins Omen. The end item build will have you tanking an amazing amount of dmg and you will have the speed to catch those who flee your team fights.

Your stats build is as you like it and to suit your team get shard if you can help get kills early or slam if you can farm. I hope this helps for those you like to play tanks this is my first time on mobafire so let me know what you think.

Club Zealous - Inspired by Intense Enthusiasim!