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Malphite Build Guide by kasuma

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author kasuma

MALPHITE the rock :)

kasuma Last updated on April 5, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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This is my malphite guid for ranked matches.. I started playing him when i realised how mighty he is..I hope u will try my build and enjoy playing it my way :)

There is a world of perfect harmony, where all are part of the whole. The Monolith is the essence of all creation, and its denizens are but singular pieces of it. It is beautiful in its symmetry, and in its almost complete lack of uncertainty. The rocky beings that live there know their place and work to fulfill their duties to the fullest extent, functioning almost as a superorganism or hive. Malphite has always strived to live up to his full potential, as his own personal part of the whole, serving the role of a distinguished creature questing to enforce his people's flawless vision of order.

One day, without warning, a dimensional rift opened, and he was summoned across the cosmos to the world of Runeterra. The transition was painful and terrifying for him, as he was cut off from the song of his people and the Monolith - things that had been ever-present in him since the day he was born. He raged, trapped in the Summoning Circle, as those who had called him made their plea. Runeterra was a world that had nearly been consumed by its disharmony. It was a world that needed champions to bring order out of chaos. It was to that end that the rock-creature was summoned, so that he could aid them in this quest. Looking past his own fear and apprehension, Malphite could see that this was a respectable goal, and one in which he could participate - perhaps uniquely so. Today, as part of the League of Legends, he hammers those who would seek to upset Valoran's movement toward order, especially turning his attention to those that wield chaotic magic. Unfortunately, Malphite has also begun to change, as he has been forced to face his own profound loneliness among the world's vibrant individuality.

Beware, minions of chaos! The Shard of the Monolith has come.

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Runes are typical tanky..i combine armor and magic resist so i can reduce enough damage coming to me at the beginning of the game and harass better enemy champ's :D

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I have tank masteries .. because i play tank malphite cause of his passive ability to create shield..because I'm not easy to kill champ...

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I like to start with Doran's ring because it gives me 100 hp.. 15 ap and mana regen.. so that I can in beginning harass enemies with my Seismic Shard and Ground slam ..

next item is boots that give me dodge chance and armor...simply because i need armor and dodge is good because of masterie that gives me bonus movement speed after i dodge an attack..

next item is Randuin's Omen... reason to go for that item is that it haves 350 hp 75 armor and 25 hp regen per 5 sec..also it has cool passive and active ability passive gives me 5% Cooldown Reduction and 20% chance on being hit to slow the attacker's movement and attack speeds by 35% for 3 seconds which helps me to escape if I'm being chased and also cd reduction is good for my ulti..Active skill gives me and my team great chance to kill them all after i cast my ulti..because it Slows movement speeds and attack speeds of surrounding units by 35% for 2 seconds + 0.5 seconds for each 100 Armor and Magic they can't escape from me and cd on it is only 60 sec.

Next item i go for is Shurelya's is a great item that gives me 330 Health +30 Health Regen per 5 sec +15 Mana Regen per 5 sec and it also haves passive and active ability..passive gives me 15% cd reduction and active is great on chasing enemies because it gives me AND nearby champions gain 40% movement speed for 3 seconds..also cd on this item is 60 sec..

My next item is Banshee's Veil beacouse it gives me +375 Health +375 Mana +50 Magic Resist which is always helpful and it haves passive to block i negative spell every 45 seconds..which helps me when i dive in a teamfight with my ulti.

Following item is Guardian angel.. it provides me with 68 armor and 38 magic resist ... and it also haves passive ability that Revives my Champion upon death, restoring 750 Health and 375 Mana and it's cd is 5 is helpful in my defence and revive is always good if i can't survive..

My last but not useless item is Frozen heart ..That item gives me almost 100 armor and 500 extra mana so i dont worry will I ran out of it .. it also haves passive ability of 20% cd reduction and it decreases attack speed of enemys near me by 20%

As u can see my item are for disabling enemys when i cast my ulti so they cant run and they halp me to survive(endure)fights and easily lead my team to victory

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Skill Sequence

I like to start with SEISMIC SHARD cause it deals damage and slows enemy champ's..i also lvl up Grand slam after it to make a lvl is seismic shard deal even more damage...but then i dont lvl 2 Grand Slam..instead of that i lvl up Brutal i can farm minions easily..after that i lvl up Seismic shard and Grand Slam and unstoppable force and Brutal strikes i lvl up only when it is must lvl up skill..

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Summoner Spells

I took flash..because it is a great spell to use if u are chasing some1 or running from some1 because with it i easily jump over a wall..clairvoyance is spell i use to know where my enemies are so me and my team can gank them in bush..near dragon..or near baron nashor.. u can also take ghost/teleport instead of cv..if your team needs help to come faster and provide them secure run away or chase a enemy hero

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Team Work

malphite is an excellent team player.. he can slow enemys with Seismic shard..he is a great teamfight starter..he just jumps in with his ulti..and knocks everybody in the air so his team can kill them while they are in panic..also with my item build u can slow their movement and attack speed and help even more.. MALPHITE is a great champion for everyone who can stand killsteals from his teammates ;)

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Sum up

to sum up...this is just a perfect champion with no mistakes