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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author WaVe

Malphite, The unbreakable rock. Which you cannot move.

WaVe Last updated on November 2, 2010
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Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


Brute Force
Improved Rally

Offense: 0

Veteran's Scars

Defense: 21

Expanded Mind
Blink of an Eye
Mystical Vision
Presence of the Master

Utility: 9

Malphite, Shard of the Monolith
There is a world of perfect harmony, where all are part of the whole. The Monolith is the essence of all and its denizens are but singular pieces of the whole. Malphite has always strived to live up to his full potential as his own personal part of the whole, a distinguished creature questing to enforce the flawless vision of order. Then one day the dimensional rift opened and he was summoned across the cosmos to the world of Runeterra. At first outraged to be taken from the Monolith, Malphite quickly learned of this world's disharmony. There were those who sought to bring order out of chaos and it is they that summoned the rock-creature to aid them in this quest. It was a goal that Malphite could respect and one in which he could participate. Today he hammers those who would seek to upset Valoran's movement towards order, especially those that wield chaotic magic.

Malphite is a creature of rock, hard-hitting and extremely difficult to destroy. His hardened skin greatly reduces the effectiveness of enemy attacks. Malphite is a not a quick or agile creature, though woe betide those to whom he catches in his rocky grasp.

Beware, minions of chaos! The Shard of the Monolith has come.

Granite Shield

Not the best passive around but this is still a very good one. It grants Malphite a way to jungle, assists in tanking, and helps him hold his own very well against early harassment. Even late game this is fairly useful. It is very important you utilize this. When combat starts this passive often can be what, in the end, gives you an advantage. Anytime this shield is removed from you try to back off from combat and let it recharge during the laning phase. By keeping this up this will make you very hard to harass and keep you up a long time. It will helps a lot to provide you with a strong laning presence.
Seismic Shard

Malphite's harassment skill in early game if he is laning. Care when spamming this however as it will eat your energy very quickly. Its fairly good damage and steals speed from your opponent. The stolen speed makes a big difference for Malphite at times but it is somewhat circumstantial. It offers him a method of escape even if his opponent pops ghost to chase him down. I will mention though that this is not to be depended upon as an escape skill; that is simply an added bonus that may save you from time to time. It also doubles as an ability to chase for short distances when his low speed would otherwise prevent him.

It's especially helpful when your opponent has some sort of speed skill up. For example if a Rammus used Powerball to catch up to you and you use your Seismic Shard on him you will actually shoot up in speed enough so that he cannot catch you even while in Powerball. The same stands for characters that use Ghost to catch you.
Brutal Strikes

This is last on your priority list. It helps with taking down towers and farming. I however always take one rank of this skill in early game. It's very easy to spam with its low energy cost (Plus, you look really cool when it's on! ^_^) Late game this skill helps to ravage towers/inhibitors.

I will mention that I have tried numerous critical damage item builds and when combined with this I hit really hard; but, I also found with those builds I died just as much as I killed. Extended games will usually end badly for a Malphite that focused on damage to maximize use of this skill if there is no survivability items to keep him up. It's a great skill but should be used more passively then as a skill to base an entire build on.
Ground Slam

Ground Slam is probably my favorite skill on Malphite. Works very well in conjunction with Unstoppable Force. This give him very good ganking potential during fairly early game. At level 6 if your jungling this is nearly always going to net you a kill as the attack will probably be unexpected and you should be level 6 by the time your opponents are levels 4 or 5. It also allows Malphite an effective way to farm, jungle, or beat other physical attacking champions thanks to the decent area damage and the attack speed reduction it grants.

This skill is what will at least help give you the edge over other physical dps attackers. When facing a physical attacker you should come out on top thanks to mild armor and hit point investment and the reduction of their attack speed thanks to this skill.

Note: If you're fighting a Shaco this ability can be used to differentiate between Shaco and his clone. If this hits both you'll notice that the clone will take more damage than the real one. I advise you to always mark a Shaco when you see him. The reason for this is that if he uses his Hallucinate the real Shaco will have a target symbol above his head.
Unstoppable Force

A well placed Unstoppable Force can change outcomes of games. It could be the sole cause your team scores an ace or the sole cause your team gets aced. A premature detonation of Unstoppable Force is so very damaging but with great risk comes great reward. If you work well with your team this is by far one of the deadliest skills in the game. Great initiating skill and really applies pressure on the enemy team during group fights. Like I always say player psychology is important. Even if you don't have this skill up your opponents will be weary of it and be hesitant.

Because it allows you to jump right into the middle of your enemies it often attracts a lot of attention on you; which is good if your a tank...but your not. This is a big reason why some survivability is fairly necessary on Malphite.

One complaint I have against it is actually how it works being its name is UNSTOPPABLE FORCE because it's not at all unstoppable. Any kind of effect that knocks a character up or back will actually cancel this ability. For example if you use Unstoppable Force against a Cho'gath and he has his Rupture proc under Malphite while he is jumping for his ult then Malphite is knocked up and the Ultimate is canceled. Janna for example can stop Malphites Unstoppable Force with either Monsoon or Howling Gale. I think riot needs to change this.

Another complaint is that its cooldown needs a rework. It's to long in my opinion. This is one reason I like to jungle on Malphite when doing this build because the Golem buff helps alot to reduce the cooldown.


- The sole owner of the absolute best initiation skill in the game, Unstoppable Force. Perfect for a tank.
- Malphite has a really great passive (Granite Shield) when used effectively.
- Great farmer.
- Capable of jungling.
- Good early harass skill with Seismic Shard.
- Great armor per level ratio.
- Probably the coolest champion in League of Legends. ^_^

- His skills depend on varied stats which limits him to only really utilize two effectively.
- His speed could be a little bit better but isn't abysmally bad.
- Pretty much stuck playing a tank or a physical dps character; AP is just not worth it on him.
- Malphite doesn't exactly have a plethora of energy to play around with which makes his great harassing abilities limited if not managed correctly.
- He also starts with fairly low energy.
- Can be an effective tank or dps but is still outclassed by many other characters for either role.


All games are different and so item builds should adapt to the environment they are going to have to fit into. No one build will work in all situations. I am simply offering you a way to do at least moderately well in all situations. I now repeat, I seek to simply help your understanding of the game and your ability to see the bigger picture.

Note: If you wish to skip the explanation and see what I build without knowing why I built it that way then scroll to the bottom of this section to find my lists.

How to build your tank:

Often I see people offering Doran's Shield and + 1 Health Potion as starting items. I would suggest that Doran's Shield is not a good buy. If you are new to the game and are playing at much lower elo then Doran's Shield is a good item to use until you understand how the game works. It will help you have a better start but it loses its effectiveness as the match goes on. I personally feel that by buying this item you give your opponents advantage by setting yourself back from getting better items sooner.

Meki Pendant + 2 Health Potion is a viable option if you plan on upgrading to Chalice of Harmony. I would only suggest this if your packing the summoner spell Cleanse because the Chalice will probably be substituting for Clarity, or for the jungler the Golem buff. The Chalice is a possible substitute as far as magic resistance is concerned for Mercury's Treads but you'll still have to buy boots at some point and I the passive offered by Mercury's Treads outshines the Chalice of Harmony passive. I haven't found the Chalice is always worth the trouble. I will however mention that when I had first started playing malphite; back when I was like 11, I found the Chalice of Harmony a huge help. As my skills increased however I cannot say it finds a slot in my items anymore.

When we already have a jungler and I am forced to lane I have found that Doran's Ring + Health Potion have been pretty effective starting items. At half the cost of the Chalice and with almost as much staying power granted by the Doran's Shield it gives you enough mana regen to keep you in the lane and often harass enough to possibly net a kill with Ignite.

Another thing I see bought rather often is Heart of Gold. They give armor and HP for cheap and they pay for themselves pretty quick when they are sold back. I've tried this and I found it wasn't for me. I felt weaker each game I'd tried it although I can see how its a viable strategy. I do recognize the benefit of this strategy and don't suggest it, however, to each their own I suppose. Its definently worth a try and if it works for you do it. It is most effective when used against all physical attackers and from time to time I do buy spam Heart of Gold but it is very rare I do this. I prefer sticking to what is comfortable for me. I don't like to monitor the time to know when to sell them.

Boots of Speed + 3 Health Potion is my first choice pretty much every game that I do not jungle. Everyone needs boots at some point and on Malphite its quite important to get Mercury's Treads as soon as you can. Malphite needs a lot of Magic Resistance to tank and the +25 MR Mercury's Treads offers are welcome; but the real gold behind it is the 40% resistance to snares. Its like a ****py cleanse without a cooldown. I rarely bring Cleanse despite its usefulness. Plus, the Movement 2 gives Malphite a respectable movement speed of 370. See the Creep Jungling section of the guide for the item choices for a jungling Malphite.

Once you have Mercury's Treads your faced with a decision. You should begin working on your Guardian Angel/ Banshee's Veil/[item_text=Thorn Mail]. This depends on who your fighting. If you're laned against two casters grab the Negatron Cloak first and work your way up to Banshee's Veil, if two melee combatants oppose you take Chain Vest first and work your way up to [item_text=Thorn Mail] or Frozen Heart, if mixed grab a Chain Vest or Null-Magic Mantle and work up to a Guardian Angel. At this stage you still have to take into account the opposing team as a whole. Look at their items and what characters have them. Making educated decisions are a big part of being a tank.

If your wondering at what point you should begin investing in hit points rather than armor. I suggest you hit at least 150 armor or magic resistance, obviously depending on whomever your opponents are playing. The best items to consider for additional hit points will be Sunfire Cape, Banshee's Veil, and Frozen Mallet. Generally, this will be about your third item. I will usually continue getting items that grant additional hit points afterward as well.

Warmog's Armor is going to provide you with more hit points then any of the other items but all it really offers you is flat hit points. Since you are getting it as your third item and it is so expensive the odds are you will not even benefit from its full effect before the game ends. Hence, I feel the other items are a bit better and here is why. I like the Frozen Mallet simply because it allows me to ruin escapes. It doesn't grant me much of an offensive option but it does give a hefty slow that can be used by your carries to ensure that certain targets go down. Still, I don't particularly like it for the fact that it is still just flat hit points. I feel like these items build me into a big stick of butter if I rush them first and if I get them later I still feel softer then if I had gotten Sunfire Cape or Banshee's Veil.

Once you get to the point that your HP bar is just a big solid black line you get quite scary. This I feel helps to make me a bit of a psychological horror. As a tank you want this. The more cooldowns you absorb from your opponents the less your team takes. I like the Frozen Mallet just because of its disruptive effect (its slow) which often can change the outcome of team battles. But I feel that the Sunfire Cape's are better in that they provide me with much needed damage as well as some helpful armor on top of the HP. Occasionally, its passive damage will even allow me to get kills I really didn't even deserve. This isn't really good. It's not good because those kills are better given to the carry to set up but still its better that you get the kill then to have them escape. If they have a lot of casters make sure you rush Banshee's Veil as your third item. I feel that it is the most effective defensive item in the game.

When fighting multiple casters magic resistance is very important. Mercury's Treads, Guardian Angel, Banshee's Veil, and Force of Nature are the main choices for this role as a tank. I generally start every match with Mercury's Treads or Ninja Tabi, usually Mercury's Treads, which is decided by what my enemies are playing. The only time I get Ninja Tabi is when I am faced against all physical attackers. This rarely happens so I generally always have Mercury's Treads.

Guardian Angel is a great safe way to get magic resistance if your not sure you need it. Occasionally, I do find myself stumped on what to get and little time to decide. Especially against mixed teams with both casters and high dps physical attackers. So I work on a Guardian Angel because its magic resistance combined with Mercury's Treads is enough to give you a fair amount of staying power against casters and its armor combined with your natural armor is enough to give you fair staying power against the physical dps characters.

When deciding between Banshee's Veil and Force of Nature you need to really consider what kind of caster is being set up. If your fighting some sort of disabler like a Ryze, Fiddlesticks, or even fear a stun from something like Annie I find its better to grab the Banshee's Veil. This is because they often begin their spikes with a disable and this could very well shut down their entire chain. I find this especially true when fighting against a Ryze. The Veil also grands additional Hit Points as well as Mana Points; which, can be very helpful even against physical attackers.

Force of Nature grants higher magic resistance, a speed boost, and a fairly helpful healing factor. Generally, Banshee's Veil is the better choice against ganks and in team battles. However, in the defense of Force of Nature I have noticed my ability to stay out much longer had improved thanks to its healing; I have even had several games in which I out healed the tower's that I tanked for my team. The speed boost also really helps when you seek to escape a gank. The decision on which to get really depends on the play-style of yourself and your opponents. It is generally better when you have breached 3k hit points. I suggest you experiment with both of these until you get a feel for how they can be used as I had. I might also add that when I go for the Force of Nature its generally not until very late in the game. I will usually buy Negatron Cloak first and sit on the cloak while I set up the rest of my build before I getForce of Nature. The cloak gives me a respectable 48 magic resistance for very cheap.

Often for my second item I will get some sort of armor item which include things like Sunfire Cape, Thornmail, Frozen Heart, and Guardian Angel. Each one has its uses. I used to not suggest Sunfire Cape because I felt that it is to expensive for its effect. This is no longer the case. A while back the price was reduced. (That was my favorite patch. ^_^) I however do not get this first. I often gravitate towards Thornmail now. Here is why...

Thornmail is super powerful against auto attacking physical dps champions. It grants 100 armor for a moderate cost and gives a great passive. I used to suggest buying Frozen Heart as a second item but over time I realized I was being ineffective. I knew I needed some sort of high armor item and I had chosen that for Malphite because of the cooldown reduction for Malphites ult. It also slowed attack speeds in the area which worked well with Malphites Ground Slam. I first realized this was ineffective as a second item because one day I sat considering how I could increase my dps as a tank. I found old builds lacked damage in late game despite the fact they may have served well during early and late game.

Thornmail came to mind. It provided a fairly inexpensive way of getting my 100 armor and provided me with damage that can actually tear up fleshy auto attackers late game. Just Thornmail alone has enough damage to kill off soft high dps auto attackers late game. I feel now that it has earned an irreplacable place on my line-up during any game that there are auto attackers like Master Yi, Warwick, Ashe, or whatever else.

Frozen Heart is a great item but it does cost a good amount. Its got very respectful stats and the cooldown reduction it offers is very welcome for your super which at times can seem to have an abysmally long recharge time. I honestly love this item but I don't generally get it very early during any game because it is quite expensive. I no longer think its stats make up for its cost. I now believe its slot has been taken by Thornmail or even Sunfire Cape's.

Something I didn't mention regarding armor or magic resistance is Aegis of the Legion. It is actually quite a good item early game. It does however somewhat lose its luster late game. The problem with it now is after a recent update its aura effect offers both less armor and less magic resist. It is still a viable option as the bonuses it grants the owner stacks with its aura so its still not a bad item on you and as an added bonus it makes your allies just a bit tougher as well. I just feel like it isn't worth the money anymore for a tank. It is better and more geared toward someone that is a support character not the designated tank. Their are better more focused items that would be of better use to a tank.

I know this is a lot of information. It's ok if it doesn't sink in yet. Just give it time. This is all stuff you will learn on your own with time. Use your judgment. You'll be OK.

What I generally do:

Mixed Opponents Build:
Mercury's Treads
Guardian Angel
Banshee's Veil (GetNegatron Cloak first for the cheap 48 MR.)
Sunfire Cape
Sunfire Cape
Thornmail orForce of Nature

All Physical Opponents Build:
Mercury's Treads orNinja Tabi
Sunfire Cape
Sunfire Cape
Guardian Angel
Frozen Heart or anotherSunfire Cape

All Caster Opponents Build:
Mercury's Treads
Banshee's Veil (GetNegatron Cloak first for the cheap 48 MR.)
Guardian Angel
Frozen Mallet orSunfire Cape
Force of Nature (Again, getNegatron Cloak first.)
Sunfire Cape

Note: Depending on what opponent is getting set up fastest or who your laned against your going to need to edit the order you purchase your items on each build.

Masteries + Runes


Quintessences:Greater Quintessence of Fortitude x 3

Seals:Greater Seal of Resilience x9

Glyphs:Greater Glyph of Warding x9

Marks:Greater Mark of Warding x 9

I am aware that the Rune's that give per level benefits outclass these particular runes. However, early game these runes allow you a lot more staying power and with my current item choices additional magic resistance and armor aren't really necessary when you reach the higher levels.


Full Defensive Tanking Build:
Defense: 21 Points / Utility: 9 Points

3/3 Resistance
3/3 Hardiness
3/3 Strength of Spirit
2/2 Defensive Mastery
3/3 Harden Skin
4/4 Veteran's Scars
1/1 Willpower (optional,if you use cleanse)
2/4 Evasion
1/1 Tenacity

3/3 Perseverance
1/1 Haste (if you use ghost)
4/4 Awareness
1/1 Insight

This is the build I use. The extra 60 hp and 6 Armor and MR are quite useful for early game; especially in combination with your runes. If you use Cleanse then I suggest you lose a rank in Evasion and replace it in Willpower. Likewise, I use Clarity rather often in my clan so I use Insight from the Utility tree. If you do not like Clarity then replace that rank in something else. Their are other builds for masteries on Malphite and many change according to play style, this is mine. Also, I might mention that many players suggest you take two ranks in Utility Master if your jungling for the lengthened neutral monster buffs. I, however, have never felt the need for it. I find the buffs last long enough already; but to each their own. It's up to your play style or preference.

Summoner Abilities


Your two best options are eitherGhost/Cleanse orGhost/Ignite.

Skill choice really depends on your lane partner. My friend and I have set teams and I generally jungle or play with a very aggressive Ryze. When I lane with him I often bring clarity because it allows me to be excessively aggressive keeping my enemies health down by haphazardly casting my Seismic Shard skill. This often allows my partner to set up rather quickly and we often snowball the other team. Before you try this learn to abuse your passive ability because it is actually rather important. Often I am counter harassed but my passive will generally block the first skill thrown at me allowing me to cast my shard and back out. I now find Clarity to be to situational to be used as it often becomes fairly useless late game.

Cleanse suffered a nasty nerf and no longer removes poisons/ignites. If you are solo queing then you should probably grab Cleanse and again learn to use it effectively. I'm sure some people don't agree with using Ghost as opposed to Flash but I find I escape more often by using ghost as a tank. It is much better for chasing as well. I feel Flash is better used on softer characters. Also, your super isn't blocked by all terrain and may be used for an escape over certain terrain, although its generally better to save your super.


Ghost / Smite or Flash / Smite: this is only used if you are jungling. See the creep jungling section for details. I have had success with both.

Flash / Ghost: great for escaping deathly situations; although its generally believed only one escape skill is necessary.

Ghost / Clarity or Flash / Clarity - mentioned above why I bring this. I prefer Ghost over Flash for Malphite as I find Ghost is better suited for tanks. Flash is better suited to softer characters or characters with higher burst dps.

Flash or Ghost / Cleanse - This will allow you to get out of very sticky situations much to the frustrations of your enemies. Most often suggested by other players for a tank.

Heal / Ghost - ONLY use this if your new and have no other options. Its a poor combination but allows for some survivability. You should definitely change these out once you're high enough in level.

I wouldn't suggest using the other summoner spells but everyone has their own play style. If you find a spell that works better for you then by all means go for it. I would suggest however that you always have at least 1 escape spell, either Ghost or Flash. Teleport is a very viable option but I don't recall that often or die so I have little use for it outside of helping my team in ganks. But, like I said everyone has their own play style. If your friends are hard gankers then maybe you should grab it. Once you find your own style tanking will come easy.

Creep Jungling

Not often will you see a jungling Malphite but he is quite capable of it. This is a brief mini-guide on how to jungle with Malphite should you like your team to gain levels on your enemies. I have actually had a lot of success as a jungle Malphite. Hopefully, you will too.
Here is my mini-guide for jungling. I am aware I posted a mini-jungling guide in my tank guide but I am hoping to make this one a bit more in depth.

The Pros/Cons of Jungling

Before I get started here I will mention that jungle Malphite can be a bit rough at times. To jungle with Malphite it's imperative that you hold the Golem buffs. If you don't you will not have the energy to jungle properly. Another downside is enemy teams will often ward their side of the jungle near the Golem/Lizard so that they might gank you. Also you must always be wary of a gank at level one before you even start jungling.

This is especially true when playing against an enemy Shaco/Warwick. Shaco's often drop Jack In The Box to kill the Golem at level 1. A little trick is to go on the opposite side of the trees so he can't see you and to smite the Golem before he finishes so you steal his buff. Generally, at least in my experience, when facing another jungler I find that 1 on 1 combat I will generally come out on top of with the exception of Warwick or when I am dumb enough to follow a Shaco into his Jack In The Box trap he has set up. Despite this do not be hesitant to run. Better to be sure you do not net them a kill then to possibly get one yourself. Situations like that are simply judgment calls. The final problem with jungle Malphite is that its harder to solo dragon then it is for many other champions. It is necessary to have the buffs to do it and usually at slightly higher levels. I usually just have someone from bottom lane help me. Careful when doing this however as Dragon is a very common place for opponents to ward and without flash you're very easy to trap there.

Some bonus's to jungling is that you will likely make more money jungling than you would have found yourself making in a lane, its much easier to gank, and it allows your team to get a level advantage. I personally feel like the pros outweigh the cons when deciding if I should jungle or not. Honestly, I very rarely lane anymore with Malphite; despite the fact that he has a respectable laning presence. I've found this strategy to work well for me.

The Basics

Recommended Summoner Spells:

Spell Slot 1: Choose a damaging spell to make jungling easier.

Option 1: Smite - Great damage against Golem/Lizard makes Jungling very easy. However, it loses use as the game progresses. You can basically use it against super minions at high levels. Another bad thing about it is that it is a definite red flag that your jungling and may very well cause you to be ganked.

Note: When using smite keep in mind that the jungle creeps heal even while you attack them. This means it may take a while to kill off the Golem, Lizard or Dragon. If your fighting a team with another jungler then it is sometimes a good idea to save your smite until you can instant kill the creeps in the chance that the buff may be taken from you by the other jungler. Also, if your facing another jungler its fun to steal their buffs using smite. Utilize the fact that its a high damage finisher on jungle creeps.

Now, don't save it every game. If your not fighting another jungler then use smite early to restart the cooldown. I hear the argument that using an early smite is a bad idea because the creeps heal and it will take longer to kill them. This isn't the case. The damage has to come from somewhere and if your auto-attacking the creeps it will take just as long as they will heal damage from the auto attack. All you really do is reset your cooldown sooner when you smite early.

Option 2: Ignite - When players see Smite your enemies will often assume that you're in the jungle and will attempt to gank you. If you have ignite they surprisingly often assume your AFK (away from keyboard) at your base. This allows you better ganks at start. Its also great for post level 9 when you pretty much stop jungling or don't need smite anymore to do it. Unfortunately, its kind of a hindrance prior. You NEED a damage spell to finish Golem/Lizard at level one and this can serve the purpose but its not as powerful against Golem/Lizard so your going to take a lot of extra damage. It also has a longer cooldown then Smite which is actually a problem. I still strongly suggest Smite.

Spell Slot 2: Choose an escape skill.

Option 1: Ghost- Ghost can fulfill this role as well as help you chase down enemies but you lose the ability to flash through terrain which is very helpful in the jungle.

Flash- If used correctly this can be a pain for your opponents. If they set up a gank in the jungle flash through the trees and flee to safety. Flash is an all around great skill. If your opponent also flashes through the trees make use of Seismic Shard to slow them and cover your escape. Hopefully, that will be enough.

Recommended Skill Selection:

Take Ground Slam at level 1 because of its effect. If added up the damage would be more then had you taken Brutal Strikes first or about the same as your shard would have dealt anyway. Ground Slam first is so important because it slows the rate of attack from the jungle creeps. Take your first rank of Brutal Strikes at level 2. For level 3 and further prioritize Ground Slam followed by Seismic Shard. Of course take Unstoppable Force as soon as you can as well - it is your top priority.

The reason you only take one rank in Brutal Strikes is because it has a very low mana cost which will help you jungle and can be used effectively against enemy champions and towers even at its low rank. Seismic Shard will hit champions with no magic resist investment fairly hard and is good for a spike when combined with Malphites Unstoppable Force and Ground Slam.

Items of Choice:

Note: I suggest you to have at least 40-60 armor at level 1 when jungling.

Starting Items:
1x Cloth Armor
5x Health Potion

After this just set up the usual build.

Basic Jungle Procedure:

Head toward a Golem first. Before you get to close to it hide in nearby grass. Once at least 4 opponents are seen on the minimap then you can commence jungling. If you don't wait there is a good chance that you're going to be ganked. Before the game starts enemy teams often set up ganks near the Golems because they are the most common place to start jungling. Try to move around every game when you hide. This way it won't become common from enemies to start checking the most used hiding spots.

Spam Ground Slam each time it cool-downs and keep your hit points up. That's why you got the potions. I start healing when I see about 5% off my life; or basically when Granite Shield breaks off and you receive your first bit of damage. Brutal Strikes is useful when you have the mana; so make sure you grab it at level two to make jungling easier. A very important part of jungling is remembering to keep up your passive Granite Shield as much as you can. Simply waiting on your Granite Shield can save you a lot of headache and trips back to heal. It should be up before any creep camp you kill off.

Your going to want to jungle until about level 6-7. At this point your going to want to gank by rushing in with Unstoppable Force and hitting R,E,Q,W on 1 or 2 opponents then letting your teammates clean up the mess if you didn't finish the kills.

Note: If you are having trouble holding the Golem buff then take a Chalice of Harmony so that you can help keep your mana up.

Working in the team

If your not jungling then at the match's start you want to stay in a lane as long as possible, usually around lv 6-7 its acceptable to go back to heal/buy items. It's best to attempt to lane with a disabler of some sort. I've had a lot of success playing with a Ryze. I often help set him up rather quickly. Any high damage ally as well will work well with Malphite be it Annie, Shaco, or whatever. Just avoid laning with other tanks. (You probably shouldn't be playing a tank Malphite if there is another tank anyway.)Also, when fighting against one or two stealthies get vision wards; your carry/lanemate shouldn't slow his item progression if he doesn't have to. Your a tank and supporting the team. When placing the wards its usually best to place them in a nearby patch of grass. This is because the ward allows you to see nearby stealth characters or anyone that attempts to gank you by sitting in the grass; its also less likely the opponents will notice you dropped the ward in the first place.

Around lv 6 you will find many opponents going MIA (missing in action)they are likely killing Golems, Lizard, or Dragon in the forest to get the buffs they offer or they are going to attempt gank you or your team. Be wary.

When whole teams start ganking around level 10 this is your chance to really upset the balance. Not all situations are the same and this may not always be the case but if the teams are having a standoff break away and farm a lane. I know leaving your team may seem like defeating the purpose of being a tank but you need to understand something. If you gain 2 levels on your enemies its a bigger deal then many people realize and it shouldn't take very long to attain this. Be very careful however as being a solitary figure during this stage of the game is VERY dangerous. You especially gain a lot of attention if you take down a tower so be on your guard. After one tower I suggest switching lanes. Actually, I suggest switching lanes after you kill off about two creep waves.

I generally meet up with my team for a short time, break off for two creep waves, return to the group; then again hit a new lane for two creep waves. This will allow you to farm a little bit of money, as your not going to get all to much by kills, and help you level quick.

Late game your a juggernaut. Act like it. Player psychology is important. I'm not saying throw your life away; you're still mortal but it will take at least 2 opponents to take you down. Your purpose as a tank is to absorb as much damage as possible and this is the most critical part of the game. If you have several teammates with you and no enemies around don't be afraid to have them help you rush a tower without creeps for meat shields. If your above half life you'll be fine to tank the towers; just be prepared to escape when the other team inevitably rushes to the tower to stop you. Teamwork is very important in this game. Utilize it. Be the aggressor. If you fail to initiate group fights your enemies will interpret this as a sign of intimidation or weakness.


Your Ground Slam late game will make farming very easy but earlier on takes a bit more work. Early on Ground Slam shouldn't even really be used to farm creeps as you'll need your mana to harass your opponents with Seismic Shard. Try to kill at least three creeps per wave - this isn't critical but helps a lot. With the coming of late game you shouldn't have any trouble killing all creeps in a wave with the simultaneous use of Ground Slam and the passive damage of Brutal Strikes. Also, to farm easiest, do not attack the minion your minions are attacking they have a nasty habit of taking your kill/gold. I usually attack the caster minions in the back first. Also, a lot of players actually let the minions do all the work on an enemy creep and they just last hit it. I am to impatient for this. =P Do what feels right to you.

That is all i got for now, i hope you enjoyed it..
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