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Malphite Build Guide by soc1e7y

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author soc1e7y

Malphite : Top Solo Juggernaut

soc1e7y Last updated on November 28, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Introduction :

Well, first things first, Malphite is a very very STRONG laner, despite his previous nerfing and stuff. His strong passive gives you geat survivability in the lane : wether your in a 2v1 situation or your normal solo on solo TOP lane. His line-up of abilities provide a practically invincibile, zone master, farming machine, that can catch any body and get out of every situation safley when played correctly.

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Pro's and Con's


- Literally a rock, Great survivability
- Great chaser
- Can CC with ULT
- Reasonable zone control/harrass
- Hard to gank, unless over extended
- People naturally fear you


Early game isn't great 2v1
Farm and Item dependent
Mana usage
Slow, and really CDR dependent in fights

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Greater Mark of Fortitude x 9

Greater Seal of Resilience x 9

Greater Glyph of Focus x 9

Greater Quintessence of Fortitude x 3

It's what I use, and it works for me.

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These are the masteries I use, I honestly dont care much to explain in-depth why i chose what slots I did, it's all self explainitory, either it works for you or it doesn't but im still open for suggestions and edits.

0/22/8 .

Synopsis :

Defence from minions : This + Passive, helps me zone control and play really aggressive. but it's optional

Health : The more the better, duh.

Armor : ''Rock Solid'' NOMNOMNOM

Defense from abilities : Survavability, theres no explaination needed. For the harrassing type

Movement Speed : [Q] + Speed = WIN. After a wheel, and later on Force of Nature, bein out run by people will be a thing of the past. This factor alone, makes you scary to deal with and over extend agaist.

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Starter Items
1 on 1 :

Dorans Sheild

2 on 1 : Carry/Heavy

Cloth Armor + 5 Health Potions
Cloth Armor + 2 Health Potions 1 Mana Potion

Early Game Items
Boots of Speed + Ward (Helps those over aggressive players fear extending creeps for you, and keeps you safe)

Regrowth Pendant (Helps you sustain and keep that passive up when playing a passive style, Mainly 2v1)

Cloth Armor + Potions ( For those annoying AD fighters, Armor adds to your spell dmg, keeps you ''rock solid'' and potions keep you up andhelp you out last/lane your player )

Mid - Late Game

Mercury's Thread's ( For AP )

Ninja Tabi ( For AD )

Sorcer's Boots ( Bring the Pain , My personal pick)

Ionian Boots of Lucidity ( Not Recommended, but for you CDR trolls )

Force of Nature ( Trouble some AP tank? 2v1 giving you absolute hell? Dominating your lane CS and having trouble isolating zone control? The AP caster abolishisher? I call this bad-*** little item, my problem solver. It provides plenty HR and gives you great sustain.)

Frozen Heart ( Shut down aggressive AD players, keeps you alive all mid game in a 2v1 or ganks, Provides effcient mana to help malphite outlast the best of fights, and CDR is your best friend, another solid chaser item, combined with FoN your god, almost a crucial item agaist AD)

Atmas Impaler (a MUST have for any tank thats Health heavy and could use a boost in DMG/Crit and hey you get some more armor, Mals auto-attack will not feel good AFTER THIS)

Sunfire Cape ( This item practically turns you into a Farming master, you'll stomp thru gold like butter, and the added armor provides us the ultimate bonus of protection and damage, and when ever in a conflict, people will soon regret your presence close by.)

Guardians Angel ( Whats more annoying then a guy that takes forever to kill, hard to escape from, and gives u problems all around ???? One that revives and leaves me OOM, Spell or Ability depleted,and will beable to possibly walk away from it. Armor, Magic Resist and revival, im done explaining)

Noted Items of worth

Thornmail ( HUGE defence/damage boost from the armor on your spell and your AD problem solver, for those AD heavy teams that need to be counterd successfully

Warmogs Armor ( Many will argue this is a must have, but the only time i stack this is when im dealing with way to much CC and need survavibility, a personal note : ALWAYS STACK WITH ATMAS IMPALER, cuz it just works.)

Shurelya's Reverie ( I almsot always get one of these when im having a good game, or i just wanna be a chasing troll who wants to eat you and babies. Just do me a favor and stand still, running is simply no longer an option.)


WARDS WARDS WARDS WARDS WARDS. If theres anything to be a must have, it's this. Why? Map control wins games, nuff said.

Always Elixir when feeling greedy or ''ahead'', I dont use them much till END GAME

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Skill Sequence

I put a point in Q every time I can.
I max E second.
I get one point in W at lvl 4 so that I can Tank ganks and Tower bash. I max w last.

Of course get R every time its up also.

Mal, doesn't hurt enuff till he gets his items. Your passive will allow you to be aggressive and roll out the rocks, providing you zone control and some form of painful range to make people think twice about pushing you.

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1 on 1

The best way to play Malphite is to zone control as much as possible, use your [Q] to push them back, and last hit every time u get a chance. Watch that mana as he isn't friendly to this early on. Play passive until the time is right. If your opponent starts getting aggressive pay close attention to his map position around creeps, if he's in reasonable range to have them help you out, jump on him ASAP, unlike you, he doesn't have a sheilding passive and the damage traded between you two will be worth it. This will be essential for you when your mana starts to give you issues, USE THOSE BUSHES after you sneak in those few hits and get those creeps off of you.

2 on 1

Because Malphite is item dependent, your going to go FULL PASSIVE style, why? the 2v1 situation wont matter as the levels pan out, You'll have the jump on gaining XP from minions getting mowed down by your tower, and most of the time, it's a peice of cake to lure in a tower dive, just toss out that slowing wheel, stomp, and watch them head for the hills, rinse and repeat and you'll be ok. CHIP THEM AWAY! it's key. If you play right, you'll be able to stay alive till lvl 6, your ult can now be used, Dont be afraid to use this to save your tower or even setup a solid tower/jungler team gank.

both setup have a very very important key : CREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEPS ARE OP. =)

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Team fights.

Mal is a solid initiator but, I prefer to have some other team members CC before i ULT, why? this will help cut someone out the picture and help me focus another player/area, but it buys me time to catch ANYBODY I see trying to jump on my squishies! Not only do I need to be taking all the damage, I need to be sure the proper people are kept safe, so my team ends up walking away from the battle. Use your [Q] to slow anybody chasing those low on health, and stomp non stomp, your the last person people want to be standing next to, malphite creates the ultimate problem that few can solve.

Chase only when feasable, the more you ward, the more you can chase =).

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Tips and Forgotten Common sense

#1 rule of all : WARD WARD WARD Map control wins, cant say it enough.

Dont be afraid to use your ult for escaping nasty situations or over extending

Use your ult to steal baron, Use it to safe players who are going to die and only an absolute stun will safe them.

Grab pots/exlixrs when possible, the extra edge really helps.

If your ahead and dominating your lane, ROAM. They must learn to fear the rock

Blue or Red buffs just make you OP, Blue really only smart for early game,

Build to your situation : If your playing AD build agaist it, same for AP. Recognize who's causing you the msot problems and build for them, then the rest of the team.



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Teleport = Saves your lane when being out pushed, keeps you ahead, helps safe those situations where your teamates or towers are in trouble. Creates an advantage on recalling at the right time.

Dash = Initiator, Gap closer, Escape tool.

Flash = Initiator, Gap closer, Escape tool. Steal Baron. Since it's range nerf, I just dash

Cleanse = Heavy CC team, problem solver, but rarley a pick.

Ignite = A nice little top-off ender for those who get out of reach, great last hitting tool in teamfights, stacks great with our chase.

Fortify = a handicap when you suck at laning =)

honestly I dont use anything else, so im done typing.

Teleport / Dash = Top solo win.

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Closing thoughts

Thank you for reading my Malphite guide, I hope that even the most ''noob'' of players can learn to really enjoy a tank/solo top and that my guide proves useful to you. If you like the guide and approve of my build, feel free to hit the Like button. I know this guide isn't a 60 picture included no-lifer guide, but i feel it covers the bases needed. Feel free to see other guides, and definently watch some youtube videos if your having trouble.

Always down for feedback, so leave comments, questions or suggestions below. Dish out criticism, as long as it's constructive.

If you've read the guide and dislike it, please note why. Or provide some very good alternatives

Good luck to you all, and may the rock be with you!